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As the leader of the Golf Instructor team here at Tell Me More Golf, I’m going to do my best at getting you the Best Senior Ladies Golf Clubs from our review list!

These expert review guidelines are used by Tell Me More Golf’s review team in order to complete our findings:

  • Weight
  • Shaft
  • Forgiveness

#1. TaylorMade SIM 2 MAX Driver – Best Senior Ladies Driver

TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Driver Women's Right Hand Graphite Ladies 12 Degree

Female golfers typically need a driver that is lighter weight, with a flexible shaft and a clubhead with enough forgiveness to consistently get the ball airborne. Callaway has good options for ladies’ drivers, but the best on the market is the TaylorMade Six 2 Max.

With a light, ladies flex, graphite shaft, this helps get the clubhead back to the ball while keeping the clubface more square to help eliminate a slice. Senior women also typically need a club that is very stable allowing for a more confident swing. Buying the SIM 2 Max as a high-lofted driver over 11 degrees of loft will also help with distance and control.

The Benefits:

TaylorMade is a trusted name and well-known for being an innovative club company. It’s not a surprise that they were able to engineer a driver that would allow ladies to develop consistency and add some distance to their game. The stock shaft is a little long so it may be worth getting fitted or choking down on the club.


  • Trusted brand
  • Consistent
  • Distance


  • Has a pretty long shaft, so may need some modification.

#2. Cobra LTDx Combo Iron Set – Best Senior Ladies Iron Set

Cobra Golf 2022 LTDX Combo Iron Set Gloss Satin Chrome-Elderberry (Women's, Right Hand, KBS PGI 55, Ladies Flex, 5-SW), Black-Elderberry

Women’s senior golf clubs should be a mixed set of hybrids and irons. The best golf clubs for senior ladies have a weight that allows for enough clubhead speed to get the ball in the air.

The Cobra LTDx Combo has 5 and 6 hybrids with the remainder of this women’s golf set being forgiving game improvement irons. This is the new ladies’ complete golf set because it offers more consistency than having a complete set with long irons in the golf bag. These clubs come with a high-quality lightweight shaft that helps with control. In the clubheads, the center of gravity is lower which creates a higher launch.

The Benefits:

Cobra Golf is a well-respected brand name and this is a quality set for senior ladies with slower swing speeds and slower ball speeds.

The hybrid set is great for women golfers because it offers more distance on mishits. Using these hybrids instead of long irons may take some getting used to but women golfers will be more consistent with them.


  • Lightweight
  • Low Center of Gravity
  • Perimeter weighting


  • The hybrids in the set may take a little getting used to if you have been using long irons till now. But, senior ladies will see improvement in their game ultimately.

#3. Cleveland Smart Sole 4.0 G – Best Wedges for Senior Ladies

Smart Sole 4.0 C BKS 42 GR RH

Senior golfers, especially ladies, need a wedge that provides forgiveness and has a low center of gravity to help the ball get airborne easier. Because ladies have a slower average clubhead speed, it helps to put a trusted club like Cleveland’s Smart Sole in their set of golf clubs.

This wedge has a large sweet spot and a lightweight graphite shaft, and both allow for control and feel in a senior ladies’ wedge.

The Benefits:

Most golfers do not consider ball flight when they are choosing a wedge. However, this club will help give more control over the golf ball.

Of all golf clubs for senior women, it is the wedge and putter that should get the most attention, because they will use them the most. If a female golfer is used to a standard sand wedge, the weight of this club will take some getting used to, but it will pay off.


  • Lightweight
  • Forgiving head
  • Gain more control


  • Weight difference takes getting used to


#4. Tour Edge Lady Set – Best Senior Women’s Golf Clubs

Tour Edge 2020 Lady Edge Full Set Violet Grey White, Violet/Grey/White, One Size (LWSRGL11.BR)

This golf club set comes with game-changing technology perfect for senior women. This package set features everything you need to improve your game from tee to green. It includes a golf driver, 3 and 5 fairway woods, 6 and 7 Hybrids, 8 and 9 Irons, a pitching wedge and sand wedge, and a putter. It does also include headcovers.

Tour Edge is a brand trusted by many players on the Senior PGA Tour because they have quality graphite shafts, and heads engineered for aerodynamics which combines for greater clubhead and ball speed.

The Benefits:

Having a set that is designed specifically for your age and skill level is like having a customized set with a cart bag for half the price.

This 10-piece set offers everything that a senior female golfer will need to play their best. From the driver to the mallet putter, these clubs are engineered for ladies. Golfers may need to have the clubs adjusted, especially if they are petite females.


  • Built specifically for senior ladies
  • Full set
  • Lightweight graphite shafts


  • May need adjusted and only comes in the right-hand option

#5. TaylorMade Spider GT SB – Best Unisex Putter

taylormade spider gt silver sb putter

TaylorMade has taken one of its most popular putters and tailored a model for ladies. Stability is one of the key performance features of a good putter and the Spider GT does not disappoint.

Senior women golfers would benefit from this larger head because it helps to keep the club going through the ball while putting, and it stays square. The weighting also helps with mishits much better than a traditional blade putter. The insert in the head of the putter helps to get the ball rolling on its intended line.

The Benefits:

The putter is an often overlooked piece of golf equipment. However, it is the most used club in your golf bag so it is important to get it right. The stability created by the technology in this putter makes it an ideal choice for senior female golfers.

They will see consistency with the speed of their putts, and it is easier to keep the ball rolling toward the hole with the PureRoll insert. If a golfer has been playing for a long time, it may be a different feeling when using a mallet, but the results are worth it.


  • Consistent speed
  • Weighting for senior ladies
  • PureRoll soft insert


  • The clubhead is more oversized than most putters

How to Choose The Best Senior Ladies Golf Clubs – Buyer’s Guide

One of the most important aspects of playing good golf as a senior lady is to have clubs that are designed to your specifications. Keep in mind a few of these tips when buying your next set of clubs.

Swing Speed

If you belong to a golf club, it is likely that one of the teaching or fitting professionals can help you measure your clubhead speed with various clubs. In order to get the correct shaft flex, have your driver and 7-iron swing speed measured. The average driver speed for women over 60 years old is 73.5 MPH. If you are within 3 MPH of this number, you should be in the standard shaft. If your swing speed is closer to 80 MPH, you should be in a stiffer shaft. And, if your swing speed is closer to 70 MPH, you should be in a more flexible shaft.


Depending on your handicap, you may want to make some adjustments to your set. If your handicap is less than 15, you may want to consider clubs with a little longer and stiffer shaft, as you could gain distance without losing much control. If your handicap is above 15, you will want clubs that help you get the ball airborne from any lie. This means you will want a higher lofted driver, and more flexible shafts to help in getting the club under and through the ball.

Handicap is an important thing to understand when choosing your golf club.


The weighting of your clubs should be as light as possible while you are still able to control the ball. This will allow for more clubhead speed and distance. If you are struggling with accuracy, consider trying a light shaft that is stiffer before you try one that is heavier. Ideally your clubs would get progressively heavier as you move through your bag. For example, the driver should be the lightest club and the putter or sand wedge should be the heaviest.


The standard length for women’s drivers is 43.5 inches. This is about 2 inches shorter than a typical men’s driver. The best and most simple way to tell if a club is too long or short is to use a card trick. To do this, have another person with you. Take your driver stance as if you are going to hit. Have this person put a piece of paper, dollar bill, or playing card underneath the toe of the driver, and push towards the heel until it stops. The paper should stop at the halfway point between the toe and the heel. If it goes to far, the club is likely too long. If the paper stops short of halfway, the club is likely too short. This is a simple, yet effective way to help determine club length.


The best women’s golf clubs are those that are custom-made for the individual. Tell Me More Golf has brought this list of clubs that are already made ideal for senior female golfers. With so much information available to club companies, they are now able to use that data to better create golf equipment, with specific demographics in mind. The population of senior women golfers will continue to grow as golf becomes more popular. Tell Me More Golf brings the advice that golfers need to find the equipment that will help them play their best golf.


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