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In this article, I will look at the first-rate world of Japanese golf club brands.

I am a professional golf coach with over 50 years of golf experience, and I’m eager to share some advice with you!

For decades, a number of Japanese golfing brands have been known for the ability to make top-range golf clubs, many of which end up being used by American golfers, both amateur and professional. 

What Japanese golf club brands are there? How expensive are Japanese golf brands? What makes Japanese golf brands popular? We answer these questions and more below. 

Best Japanese Golf Brands

Top quality and Japanese golf brands go hand in hand, so it’s hardly a surprise that selecting the best isn’t the simplest task. 

If we are talking about the best of the best, then the following three brands are hard to beat: 


In Japan, Miura is the choice of the purist, as this is a brand that is incredibly traditional in its club-making process. We’re also talking about very high quality, so much so that the golfer looking to get their hands on the most authentic and beautifully crafted Japanese golf clubs will choose Miura, a company that has been producing prestigious clubs for many decades. 

The interesting thing about Miura is that they believe so strongly in being masters of a craft that they only focus on what they know.

This is why they make just irons and putters.

Mexican golfer Abraham Ancer recently became the first PGA Tour player to get Miura clubs in the bag. 

Back in 2019, I was lucky enough to test some irons produced by Miura, and I was struck not only by how they feel when striking the ball, but how impressive they look. Miura somehow manages to produce golf clubs that have an understated look but at the same time are stunningly eye-catching. 


Honma is another top-of-the-line Japanese golf brand. They make high-end golf clubs such as the Honma Beres series of clubs, which are very expensive.

Even the cheapest set of Beres clubs from Honma will cost you around $3,000.

They also produce 5-star versions of the Beres clubs, which are decorated in gold and can cost up to $50,000. 

Another popular set of clubs from Honma is the Tour World Series, which has been endorsed by major winner and PGA Tour golfer Justin Rose. These are still high in quality but are more affordable at around £1100. 


Certainly one of the most known Japanese golf brands in America, Mizuno is also one of the best Japanese golf brands. They’re the largest manufacturer of golf clubs in Japan, while they are also the most popular Japanese golf brand in terms of professional representation.

On the PGA Tour, players such as Lucas Glover, Cameron Smith, Adam Scott, Paul Casey and Keith Mitchell all wield Mizuno clubs. 

Many amateur players, especially those looking for high-end products, use Mizuno Irons and wedges, though they’re not cheap, typically costing between $2,000 and $3,000 for a set, depending on your choice. Mizuno drivers and fairway woods, such as three woods, five woods and seven woods are often cheaper than the big-name brands in America, simply because they’re yet to establish themselves as key players in this area of the game. 


Reliable Asian Golf Brands

  • Miura
  • Honma
  • Srixon
  • Mizuno
  • Vega
  • Yonex

If you’re looking for reliability in terms of quality of product and craftsmanship, then these Asian golf brands make par.

There are a number of reliable golf brands in Asia, many of which come from Japan, such as Mizuno, which is perhaps the most known and most popular Japanese golf brand on American soil. 

Now, some of these brands are perhaps considered to be more prestigious than others.

For example, Miura and Honma are both very expensive and less commercial than say Mizuno, which is more commercial and slightly more affordable in general.

All of the above brands have been in action for a long time and are known for producing great golf gear. 

I myself have used the JPX 921 Forged Irons from Mizuno and have found them to be excellent, both in terms of what they look like and how they feel when hitting shots. 


How Expensive Are Japanese Golf Clubs?

Japanese golf clubs are known for being high in quality, which also means that they’re rather high in price. Not all Japanese clubs are created equal in terms of price, some are cheaper than others, but if you want to purchase a great set of Japanese golf clubs, then you’re going to need to reach relatively deep into your pockets. 

Of course, it depends what you’re looking for. If you want a great set of irons, a set that your buddies won’t have and will almost certainly be envious of, then you can’t go wrong with the Miura CB 301’s. These beautifully crafted cavity back irons are stunning both in terms of quality and looks, but they’re not cheap, and will cost around $2,500. 

You could go down the cheaper route and still get a very solid set of Mizuno’s, such as the JPX 919’s, for which you’ll pay around $500. For a very nice set of irons, that’s not too bad at all. However, that’s just for an iron-set, if you want a Mizuno driver as well, you’d be looking at another $500 for something like the ST-Z 230. 

Mizuno is a brand that offers a range of golf clubs to suit a variety of golfers. The irons mentioned above, though not cheap, are competitive. Something like the MP-20 Muscle Backs are far more expensive, costing around $1,200. 

Srixon is another Japanese brand that offers quality clubs, and while they’re not top of the line in terms of price, they’re far from cheap, costing around $1,100 for a set of irons and wedges. 

If you want to go down the premium route, as you would if you chose Miura clubs, Honma offers some excellent clubs, but again, you better be prepared to pay. A set of Honma irons can easily cost you $3,000. 

Realistically, Japanese golf clubs are expensive. There are some less expensive options, but even then you’ll be paying more than just a few hundred dollars. 


Japanese Golf Company History

Japan is a country with a rich golf club history. Not only do the Japanese manufacturers know how to put together a stunning set of golf clubs, but they’re excellent creators of a whole host of other golfing equipment, such as golf balls, golf gloves, golf shoes, golf clothing, golfing accessories, oh and they make great putters too.  

Golf club production has been happening in Japan for many, many decades. Well known producer of golf equipment Mizuno opened its doors in 1906, when the Mizuno brothers started selling sporting clothing. The pair then decided to focus their attention on golf in 1933. This means that Mizuno has been producing golf clubs and golfing equipment for the last 90 years. 

Miura is one of the elite Japanese golf brands, and as such has perfected its golf-club making technique over a long period. The company was founded by Katsuhiro Miura, in the Himeji area, first known for Samurai sword making. Known for its unique approach to hand finishing each and every club, Miura began manufacturing golf clubs back in 1957. It’s now one of the top golf-club makers in not just Japan but the world. 

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What is the best golf club brand in Japan?

Honma is one of the biggest golf club brands in Japan. They have been making golf clubs for a long time and are considered to be of the highest quality. Mizuno is another huge Japanese golf brand, and is perhaps the Japanese golf brand that is best known outside of Japan. Speak to anybody who is not a native about Japanese golf brands and they’ll surely mention Mizuno. 

Does Japan make good golf clubs?

Japanese golfing brands are well known for their dedication to producing some superb golf clubs. Their forging techniques allow them to make some outstanding irons and wedges in particular. Not only do the golf clubs made in Japan, by brands such as Honma, Mizuno and Miura, look stunning, but offer optimum performance too. 

What are the most expensive golf clubs in Japan?

If you’re looking for expensive golf clubs, then Japan has plenty to offer. The Japanese are known for crafting some high-quality and thus high-price pieces, but the most expensive of all are the Miura MB-101 Forged Blades. A set of these beautiful irons will set you back around $3,000. 

Is Srixon a Japanese brand?

One of most recognizable golf brands on the planet, Srixon is indeed a golfing brand that was founded in Japan. The vast majority of Srixon golf clubs are still made in Japan, while the company is operated by sports equipment manufacturer, SRI Sports Limited, which in turn is part of Sumitomo Rubber Industries. 

What are the best selling golf clubs in Japan?

In terms of golf clubs, Honma is considered to be the most popular golf club brand. They have been hand crafting golf products for decades and are massively popular.


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