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Best Hybrid Shafts from Tell Me More Golf Instructors and Coaches Gives You the Research

As the leader of the Golf Instructor team here at Tell Me More Golf, I’m going to help you research the Best Hybrid Shafts from our equipment review list!

Our editorial guidelines feature these 3 characteristics when recommending hybrid shafts:

  • Feel
  • Forgiveness
  • Apex
  • Control

#1. Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue Hybrid Graphite Shaft – Our Top Pick

Mitsubishi Tensei AV RAW Blue Hybrid 65 Graphite Shaft (Choose Flex) (Regular)

The right shaft plays a significant part in a club’s performance, and to find the best hybrid golf shafts, our review team mainly looked at feel, forgiveness, apex, and control.


The Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue Hybrid Graphite Shaft is our top pick, mainly because of the fantastic feel and forgiveness. The advanced technology creates a smooth and responsive feel that helps you maintain control and accuracy on shots. 

The shaft’s design allows for a high apex with low spin, enabling golfers of all levels to achieve a more consistent, high-flying trajectory with great distance. Overall, the Tensei AV Blue Hybrid Graphite Shaft is a top-performing choice for golfers looking to improve their control and distance with their hybrid clubs.

However, the shaft was almost too soft sometimes, so consider going up a flex if that’s something that might not work for you.


  • Smooth and responsive feel
  • Great control and tight dispersion 
  • High apex with impressive distances


  • The shaft is on the softer side

#2. UST ProForce V2 Hybrid Graphite Shaft – Longest Hitting

UST ProForce V2 Hybrid Graphite Shaft (Choose Flex) (Stiff - F4)

Hybrids are meant to hit the ball a long way, but the distance you will experience depends on the shaft. When searching for the longest hitting shafts, we hit multiple shots and averaged out the results.

The Benefits:

The UST ProForce V2 Hybrid Graphite Shaft was the longest hitting shaft during our tests. It was also very comfortable, and gave a soft and responsive feeling. The ball flight was on the lower end of the spectrum, but we still found the club very forgiving, and thanks to the low flight, the ball rolled out quite far, resulting in an impressive total distance. 

The color of this shaft is quite distinct featuring vibrant colors, which looks great, but some golfers may like something more discrete.


  • Longest hitting shaft 
  • Very comfortable 
  • Lower flight increases total distance


  • Stylish but not discrete shaft color

#3. Graphite Design Tour AD DI Hybrid Shaft – Highest Quality

Graphite Design New Tour AD DI Hybrid 75 Regular Flex Shaft

Golf shafts must withstand a lot of pressure due to the force being applied to them at impact with the golf ball. That’s why your shafts need to be of high quality.

The Benefits:

The Graphite Design Tour AD DI Hybrid Shaft has what we believe to be the highest quality of all available hybrid shafts. The brand making this shaft specializes in just that, but also delivers great forgiveness, control, and distance, which all total up to a very enjoyable hitting experience. 

This shaft is definitely a premium one, which comes with a relatively steep price tag. However, if you want the best equipment to help you out on the golf course, this shaft is worth it.


  • Highest quality golf shaft available 
  • Excellent control, forgiveness, and distance
  • Great feel


  • Premium shaft means a premium price


#4. Fujikura New Fuel 85 Graphite Hybrid Shaft

Fujikura New Fuel 85 Graphite Hybrid Iron Shaft, 85HB .370 Tip (Regular)

The right hybrid shaft allows you to minimize your dispersion and gain a couple of extra yards of distance. To do all of this, the shaft needs to provide an optimal apex, which all shafts on this list have.

The Benefits:

The Fujikura New Fuel 85 Graphite Hybrid Shaft is one of the most popular shafts from the famous Fujikura brand. The reason for that is the overall excellent forgiveness combined with accuracy and length. This shaft offers a rewarding and responsive feeling, which increases your confidence when hitting the otherwise somewhat challenging hybrid golf club.

The shaft flex is great, but it’s on the stiffer side. So if you’re between a regular and a stiff, we recommend going for the regular option.


  • Outstanding forgiveness
  • Great accuracy and length 
  • Rewarding and responsive feeling increases confidence


  • On the stiffer side

#5. Project X EvenFlow Riptide Graphite Hybrid Shaft

Project X EvenFlow Riptide Hybrid Shafts - Graphite - 85g - 370 PT 5.5 Flex

Perhaps the most important aspect of a great hybrid shaft is the feel. The feel of a shaft should be soft and comfortable while also delivering a responsive feeling that lets you know where you’ve struck your shot.

The Benefits:

The Project X EvenFlow Riptide Graphite Hybrid Shaft uses the EvenFlow technology, which limits the dispersion and increases the apex, making the club more forgiving. This high launch hybrid shaft has a satisfying yet very responsive feeling, which together with the great control makes it one of the best options for golfers seeking a high-performing and high launch shaft for their hybrid.

The higher launch featured on this shaft results in greater distance and more forgiveness for many beginner golfers. However, higher swing speeds might benefit from something less forgiving to maximize their performance.


  • EvenFlow technology creates a tight dispersion 
  • High apex, making it very forgiving 
  • Satisfying and responsive feeling


  • Higher launch is not always ideal for high-level players

Finding the Best Hybrid Shafts – Our Buyer’s Guide

Finding the Best Hybrid Shafts from Tell Me More Golf Coaches Advice and Research

The Essential Parts of the Best Hybrid Shafts 

  • Feel 

Hybrid shafts should be more soft and enjoyable than iron shafts. Almost all hybrid shafts are graphite, which is why they’re so forgiving and comfortable. There should be a significant difference in the feel of your long irons and hybrids, with the hybrids giving you the most confidence on the golf course.

  • Forgiveness

Hybrids are meant to be more forgiving than your long irons, and your shaft plays a part in this. Generally speaking, lower flex shafts will be more forgiving for most amateur golfers. The forgiveness of a shaft also depends on the technology used. However, you still need to get the clubhead to the golf ball correctly, which ultimately the shaft can’t help you with. 

  • Apex

The apex is the height of the golf shot, and since a higher apex club is often easier to hit for mid-level golfers, your hybrid shaft should help with that. Hybrids will normally have a noticeably higher apex than long irons, which for beginner and intermediate golfers can mean a longer carry distance, making a high apex shaft desirable.

  • Control

Hybrids do have less control than their iron counterparts, but the right shaft can still enable you to shape and control your hybrids. The path of your golf swing plays the biggest role in shaping shots, but great shafts like our top pick Mitsubishi Tensei AV BLUE, facilitate the shaping. 

Choosing the Best Hybrid Shaft for You 

When it comes to choosing the best hybrid shaft for your unique golf swing, the most important factor to consider is your swing speeds. Slower swing speeds, which most beginner and intermediate golfers have, should go for regular flex shafts with a high apex and plenty of forgiveness.

On the other hand, higher swing speeds might want to opt for the more challenging but more rewarding lower flighted shafts. 

Why the Right Shaft on Hybrids Is Crucial

Hybrids are designed to cover the distance gaps of your fairway woods and the longest irons you’re comfortable hitting. Your hybrid should be a comfortable club that you have high confidence with, and for it to be that, it needs much forgiveness and performance.

The shaft you choose impacts all parts of the golf shots you produce, so choose it carefully for yourself or with a professional fitter. – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best shaft for hybrids?

Through our hybrid shafts reviews, we’ve concluded that the Mitsubishi Tensei AV BLUE shaft offers the overall best performance for hybrids. 

Should I get a hybrid with steel shaft?  

Golf clubs with steel shafts offer more control but are more challenging to hit. Most golfers play with graphite hybrids, which are easier to hit and produce a longer distance for most players. 

Does the shaft on hybrid golf clubs matter? 

The shaft on your hybrids makes a big difference, and you can fit a custom shaft that suits your unique swing to any hybrid available, whether it’s a Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, or any other club.


In this article, we’ve covered the best shafts for hybrids that suit a wide range of golfers with different needs and budgets.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what the differences are between hybrid shafts and which one suits your game the best. Thank you for reading this article from


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