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Best Hybrid For High Handicappers from tell me more golf instructors providing advice to you

As the leader of the Golf Instructor team here at Tell Me More Golf, I’m going to do my best to get you the Best Hybrid for High Handicappers from our review list!

These expert review guidelines are used by Tell Me More Golf’s review team in order to complete our findings:

  • Consistency/Forgiveness
  • Easy to Hit
  • High Launch Trajectory

#1. TaylorMade Stealth Rescue – Easiest Hybrid to Hit

Taylormade Stealth Rescue Righthanded

The TaylorMade Stealth Rescue club received high marks from our testers for how easy it was to hit from the rough and how consistent it was on mishits.

The Benefits:

The TaylorMade Stealth Rescue has a V Steel sole design that helps it cut through the rough and promotes an excellent, high trajectory, even on mishits. It also has a Twist Face made of high-strength C300 steel that allows shots to fly straight and far

The flexible Thru-Slot Speed Pocket provides added forgiveness, even on shots hit low on the clubface.

Like many hybrids, the Stealth Rescue has a draw bias that some of our testers didn’t like.


  • V Steel Sole Provides Excellent Turf Interaction
  • Twist Face and Speed Pocket Are Forgiving on Mishits
  • Consistent High Launch from Any Lie


  • It Has a Natural Draw Bias Some Testers Didn’t Like

#2. Callaway Golf Mavrik 22 Hybrid – Most Forgiving Hybrid

Callaway Golf Mavrik 22 Hybrid

To a person, our testers loved how easy and forgiving the Mavrik 22 Hybrid was to hit from any lie.

The Benefits:

The Mavrik 22 Hybrid combines Flash Face and Jailbreak technology, giving it a low center of gravity and a high MOI, making it extremely forgiving on mishits. In addition, the mid-sized clubhead makes it easy to swing from the rough or the fairway. 

A Face Cup SS20 face made from high-strength steel also launches high, with less spin, for outstanding distance.

Several of our testers noted that the club seemed to have a tall face, more like an iron than a fairway wood.


  • Jailbreak Technology is Very Forgiving
  • Mid-Sized Head is Easy to Swing
  • High-Launch and Low-Spin for Excellent Distance


  • Looks More Like a Long-Iron Than Fairway Wood at Address

#3. Cleveland Launcher XL Halo – Best Hybrid For High Handicap


The Tell Me More Golf club testers commented on the high launch angle of the Cleveland Launcher XL Hybrid and how easily it swung through even the thickest rough.

The Benefits:

The more oversized clubhead of the Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Hybrid gives it a high MOI with consistent distance and forgiveness. In addition, the Gliderails on the club’s sole help it slide easily through the rough and helps to keep the clubface straight through impact.

The Hibore Crown Step lowers the center of gravity for an extremely high lunch.

Some of our testers didn’t care for the alignment aid on the top of the club. They found it to be distracting when addressing the ball.


  • Low Center of Gravity for Extremely High Launch
  • Easy To Swing in Heavy Rough
  • Larger Club Head Forgiving on Mishits


  • Alignment Aid on Top of the Club Can Be Distracting


#4. Cobra Golf Air X Men’s Hybrid – Best Hybrid For Beginners

Cobra Golf 2022 Air X Men's Hybrid

Our testers commented on the lighter weight and the offset of the Cobra Golf 2022 Air X Hybrid and how easy it was to swing and make consistent contact.

The Benefits:

The 20% more offset and back-heel weighting make the Cobra 2022 Air X Men’s Hybrid the perfect choice for any high-handicap golfer who struggles with slicing the ball. 

Its thinner steel face and weighting also help to create a more dynamic loft for a higher launch, even on off-center strikes making it quite forgiving. The light weight of the club also makes it easy to swing for golfers with slower swing speeds.

Our testers with higher swing speeds found the anti-slice bias of the club to be too extreme and had a hard time not turning the clubface over and pulling shots.


  • Lightweight and Easy to Swing
  • Strong Draw Bias Perfect for High Handicap Golfers Trying to Fight Consistent Slice
  • High Launching and Very Forgiving


  • Strong Draw Bias Might Be Too Much For Some Golfers

#5. PXG 0317 X GEN4 Hybrid

Our testers were torn on the distinctive look of the PXG 0317 X GEN4 Hybrid. However, they all agreed on how consistently straight and long it was.

The Benefits:

The PXG 0317 X GEN4 Hybrid stands out from the crowd with its contrasting silver and black aluminum vapor crown. Our testers were impressed with how forgiving the club was on mishits, thanks to its hybrid crown construction and high MOI. 

It has a high-speed stainless steel clubface made from HT1770 stainless steel, producing a high launch with excellent ball speeds. In addition, the square face of the club made hitting shots from the rough easy and kept them consistently online.

The contrasting top drew mixed reviews from our golf testers. While some loved how it looked and thought it helped aim at set-up, others found it distracting.


  • High Launch With Excellent Distance
  • Straight and Forgiving on Mishits
  • Easy to Hit From The Rough


  • Contrasting Silver-Black Crown Distracting to Some Testers

Other Notable Hybrids for High Handicappers

The testers at Tell Me More Golf tried many different hybrids when looking for the best ones for high-handicap golfers. Here are some of the hybrids they liked but didn’t quite make the cut for our best-of list.

  • TaylorMade SIM MAX Hybrid
  • Ping Golf G425 Hybrid
  • Wilson Golf- Staff D9 Hybrid
  • Callaway Big Bertha B21 Hybrid
  • Srixon Golf ZX Hybrid

What’s Better for a High Handicap Golfer: Hybrids or Fairway Woods? – The Tell Me More Golf Buying Guide

One of the first things beginners have to figure out when playing golf is finding the right golf clubs. Since you can only put 14 clubs into your bag, one common question high-handicap golfers have is whether they should put hybrids or fairway woods in their golf bag.

Let’s start by looking at the pros and cons of both clubs.

Hybrid Clubs for High Handicappers

A hybrid club combines a typical golf iron and a fairway wood. There’s a lot for high-handicap golfers to like about hybrid golf clubs, but perhaps the best things are how easy they are to hit and their versatility.

They have smaller clubheads than fairway woods but are chunkier than irons. This design feature gives hybrids a lower center of gravity than irons which helps to hit the ball higher. In addition, a higher MOI makes them more forgiving on mishits.

Most hybrids have graphite shafts; some come with adjustable weight and hosel settings. Hybrids also have a slimmer head shape that helps them hit the ball more easily from difficult lies in the rough.

You can find hybrid clubs with loft options from around your typical 3-wood to as high as a 7-iron. This versatility gives high-handicap players the ability to replace their fairway woods and low and mid irons with hybrids.

Hybrids won’t be as long as fairway woods. Many hybrids also have a natural draw bias to help high-handicap golfers who tend to slice the ball. This bias can sometimes cause golfers to pull shots with hybrids.

Pros of Hybrids

  • Are Easier to Hit From Fairway and Rough
  • A Low Center of Gravity Helps With Higher Launch
  • Higher MOI Makes them More Forgiving
  • Versatility in Loft Options

Cons of Hybrids

  • Not as Long as Fairway Woods
  • Many Have a Draw Bias

Fairway Woods for High Handicappers

Golfers can use fairway woods from the tee box, the fairway, and sometimes the rough. They have a larger clubhead, a longer shaft, and less loft than most hybrid clubs. 

These factors give fairway woods extra distance over hybrids but make them more challenging to hit. However, they are easier to hit than the driver and make a good drive replacement club.

Fairway woods have a higher center of gravity than hybrids, so they hit the ball with a lower trajectory, making them better to hit in windy conditions.

Pros of Fairway Woods

  • Have More Distance Than Hybrids
  • Lower Launch Angle Better in Windy Conditions
  • Can Be a Good Substitute for the Driver

Cons of Fairway Woods

  • Are Not as Forgiving as Hybrids
  • Not as Good to Hit from Difficult Lies

The Tell Me More Golf Verdict: Hybrids are Better For High Handicap Golfers

Both hybrids and fairway woods have their advantages and disadvantages. However, the design of hybrids makes them easier to hit and promotes a higher ball flight, two factors that most high-handicap golfers struggle with on the golf course. 

Another bonus is that many hybrids have a natural draw bias that can help high-handicap golfers who tend to slice the ball.

Hybrid clubs also come in a wide range of loft options. So high-handicap golfers can use them to replace golf clubs that are traditionally difficult to hit, like fairway woods and long irons. In addition, their slimmer head shape makes them easier to hit out of challenging lies.


The best hybrid golf clubs for high handicappers will help a high handicap golfer hit the golf ball better, much like game improvement irons.

Hybrid golf clubs have low centers of gravity to help launch the ball into the air and a higher MOI for maximum forgiveness while producing high ball speeds. In addition, many hybrids have a natural draw bias that can help high-handicappers defeat the dreaded slice.

Hybrid golf clubs also come in a wide range of lofts. So they can replace the clubs that traditionally give high handicap players the most problems: fairway woods and long irons.

Hybrid clubs come with graphite shafts that can be custom fitted to golfers with any clubhead speed. PGA, especially Champions Tour players, are also starting to put hybrids in their golf bags.

If you’re a beginner, or a high handicap golfer, when you’re looking at golf clubs, don’t hesitate to put as many of them into your bag as possible. They will help you hit the ball better, and you’ll enjoy the game more.

And, as your game improves, you can always look to replace them down the road.

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