Best High MOI Putters — (Golf Instructor's Advice)

Best High Moi Putters by Tell Me More Golf Instructors and Coaches Talk About how To Find the Best Putter

As the leader of the Golf Instructor team at Tell Me More Golf, I am making sure you make an informed buying decision; getting you the Best High MOI Putters we can.

These expert review guidelines are used by Tell Me More Golf’s review team for criteria on these putters:

  • Forgiveness
  • Feel
  • Aesthetics
  • Alignment

#1. TaylorMade Spider Tour Putter – Best High MOI Putter

TaylorMade Spider Tour Black Putter #3, Right Hand, 34 IN

High MOI putters are designed to make golfers better at putting by providing the most forgiveness and consistency possible. To find the best high MOI putter, our review team looked at forgiveness, feel, aesthetics, and alignment.

The Benefits:

The TaylorMade Spider Tour Putter uses high MOI technology that moves the center of gravity back and prevents twisting of the clubface. This means that your putting stroke becomes more consistent, and gives you a greater possibility of making more putts. 

The feel is excellent with a great combination of a comfortable weight and a satisfying sound. The aesthetics are on the larger side, but provide a confidence-inspiring look. The ample white line also helps a lot with alignment.

As with most high MOI putters, the Spider Tour has a large mallet style putter head design, which can take some time to get used to when coming from a blade.


  • High MOI makes it very forgiving 
  • Fantastic feel 
  • The line helps with alignment


  • The prominent design can take some time to get used to

#2. Odyssey Eleven Putter – Most Forgiving

Odyssey 2022 Eleven Putter (Triple Track, Right Hand, 34' Shaft, Slantneck Hosel, Pistol Grip)

For amateur golfers in particular, forgiveness is crucial in a putter, since you won’t always have a perfect putting stroke.

High MOI putters are the most forgiving out there, and to find the most forgiving, we looked for the ones with the least clubface rotation.

The Benefits:

The Odyssey Eleven Putter is one of the most popular high MOI putters available due to its high forgiveness combined with superb feel. The design is very stable with forward weight that makes the golf ball smoothly roll off the face, which can decrease the likelihood of a “stabbing” putting stroke. The Eleven Putter also has a sleek and modern look with a white line that helps with lining up your putts. 

The design can be seen as slightly dull, but the oversized look is undoubtedly confidence-inspiring.


  • Most forgiving high MOI putter 
  • Forward weight creates a great feel 
  • Sleek and confidence-inspiring aesthetics


  • The design might be a bit boring for some

#3. Scotty Cameron Phantom X12 Putter – Best Feel

Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12 2022 Putter

Great putting requires both skill and confidence, as you need the proper mindset in order to pull off the putt with your intended line and speed.

Our review team believes that the best feeling putters are related to consistent performance.

The Benefits:

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X12 is a premium putter with what we found to be the most confidence-inspiring looks. They distributed the weight to the edges of the putter, which increases the stability and makes the putter very forgiving and easy to use.

There’s a white line that helps with alignment, and the all-metal face design creates a satisfying feel and sound.

As with all Scotty Cameron putters, the Phantom X12 is definitely on the premium side of the spectrum with a higher price tag. However, if you want the best quality out there, they can be worth it.


  • Most confidence-inspiring looks
  • High MOI makes it extremely forgiving 
  • Premium all-metal design looks, sounds, and feels great


  • Premium putters come with a premium price tag


#4. Evnroll ER11v Putter

Evnroll ER11v MOI Mallet Putter RH Short Slant 35 TourTac Black

The feel of a putter is often overlooked, but creates a significant impact on your putting stroke. The right feel allows you to control speed much better, and make more challenging puts in return.

The Benefits:

The Evnroll ER11v Putter uses the Evnroll Sweet Face design, which makes it very stable on off-center hits and produces putts with less dispersion and speed differences. The putter’s feel is fantastic and provides a smooth roll across most of the face. The double lines on top of the head help you with alignment, and the looks are overall stylish and confidence-inspiring.

The sound of the putter is a little distinct, which may not be to everyone’s liking. However, it’s definitely unique and gives you feedback on where the putt was struck.


  • Evnroll Sweet Face design creates a high MOI 
  • Fantastic feel
  • Great alignment aids


  • The sound is distinct and may not be to everyone’s liking

#5. Odyssey Golf Tri-Hot 5K Blade Putter

Odyssey Golf Tri-Hot 5K Putter (Left Hand, 35', Double Wide Crank Hosel)

Most high MOI putters use mallet designs which are very forgiving, but not always ideal for fast greens. Blade putters are known for enabling the golfer to have a more precise touch, which is sometimes a must.

The Benefits:

The Odyssey Golf Tri-Hot 5k is a high MOI blade putter. By using advanced technologies, Odyssey was able to create this very forgiving and stable putter that still has a great and delicate feel. The design is very confidence-inspiring for a slimmer blade design putter, and the white line helps a lot with aligning your putts correctly.

Because this is a blade putter, the MOI is lower than the other mallet designs on this list. However, if you’re searching for much forgiveness while still taking advantage of the blade design, there are few options better than this.


  • High MOI for a blade putter 
  • Delicate and satisfying feel 
  • Great design with alignment aids


  • Lower MOI than the mallet putters on this list

What to Look for in the Best High MOI Putters – Our Buyer’s Guide

best high moi putters from tell me more golf coaches talk about the key traits for buying a putter

How a High MOI Putter Can Change Your Game

MOI stands for Moment Of Inertia, which is a way of measuring how much the putter twists during a miss-hit. Golf putters with a high MOI are less prone to twisting, which gives you more consistency and better overall distance control. The best MOI putters are usually mallet-style putters, but there are also blade and mid-mallet designs with a high MOI. 

The Key Traits of the Best High MOI Putters

  • Forgiveness

The main reason for investing in a new high MOI putter is the increased forgiveness. The higher the MOI, the more forgiving the putter is. All putters presented in this list have really high MOIs with different technologies to maximize the forgiveness on all types of strikes.

  • Feel

Because most high MOI putters use mallet designs, they must have a great feel so you can control the speed well. On fast greens in particular, you need to have a delicate touch to make all types of putts, which a soft feel with a pure roll helps with. 

  • Aesthetics 

Putting is not only about skill, but also confidence and mindset. It doesn’t matter if you can perfectly read the green’s break and speed if you don’t have the confidence to pull the putt off. Confidence-inspiring aesthetics, which can simply mean being large, can help you with this.

  • Alignment

Many golfers struggle with aligning their putts correctly, which is a crucial thing to do for shaving strokes off your scorecard. Alignment lines help with this by showing where you’re aiming the clubhead.

Finding the Best High MOI Putter for You 

Which high MOI putter you should go for is mostly up to your personal preference. In this article, we’ve shown some of the best putters that all have a high MOI and are highly forgiving. The design is important to pay attention to, since you want a putter that gives you the most confidence possible. 

Feel is also essential in a great putter, and it once again boils down to your personal preferences. However, we recommend opting for putters with a soft and smooth feel that allows you to make shorter and more delicate putts.

Tell Me More Golf – Frequently Asked Questions

MOI Meaning

MOI stands for Moment Of Inertia, and is a way to measure the putter’s resistance to twisting when a putt isn’t hit on the sweet spot. A higher MOI means that the putter head will twist less on poorer putts, which results in less of a miss. 

What is the best high MOI putter? 

Through our tests, we’ve found that the TaylorMade Spider Tour is the best high MOI putter because of the overall excellent performance combined with a very fair price. 

What is the best high MOI blade putter? 

Blade putters typically aren’t known for having a high MOI, but Odyssey has created a high MOI blade putter with their Odyssey Golf Tri-Hot 5k. This putter is both forgiving and great for fast greens where a delicate touch is necessary. 


This article has covered the highest MOI putters that suit a wide range of golfers, and especially high handicappers and beginners.

Hopefully, you now know what putter MOI is, how it could change your putting game, and which high MOI putter suits you the best. Thank you for reading this article from 

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