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As the head of the Golf Instructor team here at Tell Me More Golf, I’m going to help you find the Best Best Golf Grips for Seniors from our list!

These expert review guidelines are used by Tell Me More Golf’s review team:

  • Tacky
  • Soft
  • Comfortable

#1. Winn Excel 5715W Golf Grip – Our Top Pick

Winn Excel Wrap Standard Soft Black Golf Grip | Extremely Cushioned & Ultra Comfortable, Ultra-Tacky Feel & Shock Absorption, 65% More Shock Absorbing Than Rubber, Hailed by Arthritic & Hand Fatigue Sufferers, Good for Dry Weather Play

To find the best golf grips for seniors, we mainly looked at how tacky, soft and comfortable they are. All these features are necessary for a grip that doesn’t cause pain and fatigue while still allowing excellent performance.

The Benefits:

The Winn Excel 5715W grips look and perform as wraps but are actually easily installed in a single piece. These grips were the tackiest out of all grips we’ve tried over the years, and that, combined with being super soft means that you’ll comfortably use a very light golf grip. A lighter grip puts less stress on your hands, which the low shock absorption also helps with less stress on your hands. 

However, very tacky grips do have a downside if you grip them too tightly, as they will deteriorate and need replacement rather quickly.


  • Incredibly tacky 
  • Super soft and comfortable 
  • Low shock-absorption


  • Doesn’t last long if used incorrectly

#2. Golf Pride MCC MultiCompound Grip – Best Feel

Golf Pride MCC New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip, Midsize, Red/Black

Comfortable grips are a must for all golfers, but seniors in particular. This is the case since a more comfortable grip that is soft and tacky allows you to grip the club in a way that doesn’t cause fatigue and makes it harder to get injured.

The Benefits:

The high-quality Golf Pride MCC MultiCompound grips are also great for senior golfers, since they use a wide range of materials that make them very shock-absorbing and not slippery. These qualities and the cord-style texture enable a light grip that allows you to play an entire round of golf with virtually zero hand fatigue. 

The only drawback we could find with these grips was the price tag, which definitely fits in the premium range.


  • Mixture of materials makes them very shock-absorbing
  • Cord style grips 
  • Comfortable, soft, and tacky


  • Premium price tag

#3. Majek Jumbo Golf Grips – Best Budget Option

13 Piece Senior Men's Majek Jumbo OverSize Tour Pro Velvet Golf Grips +1/8' Thicker than standard Perfect for Large Hands or Arthritic Fingers

Plenty of golf gear manufacturers produce awesome equipment, but sometimes the brand name prices can feel a little steep. Companies like Majek make golf grips that offer excellent quality and performance at an affordable price. 

The Benefits:

The Majek Jumbo golf grips use a rubber blend that creates a non-slip and comfortable grip. This, combined with the larger size, lets the golfer use even less hand pressure, which helps reduce fatigue and can sometimes increase clubhead speed. Jumbo-size grips also allow you not to bend your wrists as much, which we found really comfortable. 

Many senior golfers will benefit from jumbo grips such as these, but it’s crucial to measure your hands in advance to ensure they’ll fit.


  • Jumbo size is comfortable and lets you use a light grip 
  • Not slippery  
  • High-quality at an affordable price


  • Jumbo grips don’t fit everyone


#4. Lamkin Sonar+ Golf Grips

Lamkin Sonar+ Wrap Golf Grips, Swinging Grips, with Lamkin's Fingerprint and Genesis Technology, Black/Blue

Having proper alignment is one of the fundamental parts of playing good golf. Your golf gear can help you with this through different alignment aids, such as the ones featured on the Lamkin Sonar+ Grips.

The Benefits:

The Lamkin Sonar+ grips are among the most popular in golf and are also great for senior golfers. This is largely thanks to them being super tacky and soft, which enables you to grip the club less firmly and have more control of your golf shot. These Lamkin grips also have an alignment strip underneath that we found really helpful

Despite Lamkin’s super high quality and fantastic golf grips, the Sonar+ grips come in slightly fewer color options than we would have liked.


  • Super tacky and soft 
  • Extremely comfortable 
  • Alignment strip helps you hit targets more often


  • Somewhat few color options are available

#5. SuperStroke Cross Comfort Grip

SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Club Grip, Black/Gray (Oversized) | Soft & Tacky Polyurethane That Boosts Traction | X-Style Surface & Non-Slip

Soft and tacky grips allow you to grip the golf club efficiently, giving optimal performance without fatiguing your hands. We primarily looked at how tacky they were to find the grips that allowed the lightest and most comfortable grip possible.

The Benefits:

The SuperStroke Cross Comfort grips are another excellent option for all golfers, including seniors. These grips are also affordable while also delivering outstanding performance due to the light grip they allow because of the tacky and soft design. On top of that, the Cross Comforts use unique patterns, which makes it very difficult for the hands to move as you swing. 

The Cross Comfort grips are on the smaller size on the bottom half of the grip, which is great for smaller hands, but not for everyone.


  • Tacky and soft design
  • Allows a light grip 
  • Special patterns keep the hands in place


  • Bottom half of the grip is on the smaller end

How to Find the Best Grips for Seniors – Our Buyer’s Guide

Key Traits to Look for in Grips for Seniors

  • Tacky 

Tacky grips are great as they let you grip the golf club lighter while retaining the feeling of control. A lighter grip puts less stress on your hands and gives you better control of the golf club. In some cases, it also gives your swing more lag, which increases the clubhead speed

  • Soft 

Soft grips are another part of enabling a light-pressure grip. Hard grips seem like they need to be held onto harder to retain control of the golf club, which can definitely be the case. Softer grips are also generally more comfortable to use, which combined with the decreased hand fatigue, makes this trait absolutely crucial.

  • Shock-Absorbant 

For seniors in particular, shock-absorbing grips are another key part of a good grip. Each golf shot puts much stress on your hands and wrists as there is such a large energy transfer between the club and the golf ball. The impact with the ground can also feel uncomfortable, especially in dry or cold conditions. Shock-absorbing grips help with all of this. 

  • Durability

Durability is a must in a long-lasting golf grip, as you will otherwise have to regrip it quite often. High durability is even more critical if you’re a frequent golfer with high swing speed, as that makes the grips deteriorate quicker. 

How to Choose a Grip as a Senior Golfer 

  • Size

There are many golf grip sizes to choose when buying grips, usually ranging from a standard grip to midsize and oversize. Midsize grips are for those with slightly above-average hands or just looking for a larger grip. Oversize grips are for golfers who either have large hands or really want to grip the golf club as softly as possible. 

  • Material

Materials differ significantly when it comes to golf grips. Some manufacturers use special combinations, while some just use regular rubber. To find the best grip material for your situation, we recommend getting a custom grip fitting or looking at the qualities of the material, such as it being very tacky.

Why the Grip Matters as a Senior Golfer 

When you’re a senior golfer, paying attention to both the grip itself and how you grip the golf club is extra important. It’s crucial not to grip the golf club too firmly, as there’s a great likelihood of you getting injured. A soft and tacky high-quality grip enables you to keep a light grip pressure and have a more relaxing time out on the range or golf course. – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best grip for senior golfers?

Through extensive testing and by looking at our main criteria, we found that the best grips for senior golfers are the Winn Excel 5715Ws. These grips offer a perfect combination of being tacky and soft – allowing a light-pressure grip

Should senior golfers use larger grips?

In many cases, a larger grip can enable the golfer to hold the club lighter, which is great for senior golfers as less stress will be put on your hands. Just make sure to measure your hands, so you don’t end up with a too large grip. A grip too large can cause a golfer to not properly rotate their hands, causing a push.

Which golf grips are best for arthritic hands?

We believe the best golf grips for seniors with arthritis are the Golf Pride MCC MultiCompound grips in a large size. These as they are extremely tacky and soft which will be softer on your hands.


In this article, we’ve covered the best golf club grips for seniors and why a proper grip is a must – especially for senior golfers. There are plenty of terrific senior golf grips to choose from, and hopefully you now have a better idea of what to look for.


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