Best Golf Grips for Drivers — (The Golf Instructor’s Buying Guide)

Best Golf Grips For Drivers from tell me more golf instructor advice

As part of the Golf Instructor team here at Tell Me More Golf, I want to help you make an informed buying decision; by getting you the Best Golf Grips for Drivers from our review list!

Our expert review guidelines are used by Tell Me More Golf’s review team in order to complete our findings:

  • Grip size
  • Durability
  • Feel and Comfort

#1. Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 – Best All-Around Grip

Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Golf Grip, Standard, White/Black

When we recommend golf grips for your golf clubs, we keep some simple criteria in mind.  Tell Me More Golf researchers have tested most of the grips on the market today. We suggest you focus on grip size, durability, and feel. Grip size should focus on how well your hands cover the grip.

If your fingers are touching your palm the grip is too small. If your fingertips are more than a quarter inch from your palm, the grip is too big.

For most golfers that play between 50-100 rounds per year, a durable grip should last for a full season. If you play more, consider a mid-season regrip with a grip that is durable for the weather you experience in your area. Feel is individual but try to notice if the grip is not too smooth or too rough in your hands. 

Keep these criteria in mind when searching for your next grip and you will see your shot consistency improve.

The most popular golf grips on the tour have stood the test of time and weather.

The Tour Velvet (and Tour Velvet Cord) from Golf Pride has a medium to softer feel (hence the “velvet”) and is tacky enough to keep your hands from slipping but soft enough to avoid developing blisters on your hands.

Most avid golfers will tell you that the Tour Velvet can last through a full season of golf as they are so dependably durable. The Tour Velvet can seem a little thin in your hands. If so, you can add a wrap or two of tape to customize the feel.

The Benefits:

Golf Pride is the most trusted name in golf, both in the professional and amateur ranks. The Tour Velvet is universally loved because of its simple yet lasting design. A good club fitter can help you dial in the right size when you regrip with this trusted brand.


  • Soft yet tacky
  • Comes in all grip sizes
  • Suitable for any golfer


  • Can feel thin, but additional tape layers can be added as needed

#2. Lamkin SONAR – Best Technology

Best Technology
Lamkin Sonar Tour Standard Golf Grip, Grey

The Lamkin Sonar is a new grip with a soft feel and excellent shock absorption for off-center strikes. This is a popular tour grip that holds up in any weather conditions.

The Sonar has a new technology called Genesis, which is a combination of materials designed to provide golfers with more feel and durability. Its design also makes it simple to align the club head and clubface at the address position.

The Benefits:

The surface texture promotes lighter grip pressure which helps players release the club head. All of that new technology can be more than is needed, however, the potential distance and accuracy gains make it worth a try.


  • Different grip models to choose from
  • Can help increase swing speed
  • Comes in all sizes from undersize to jumbo grips


  • Newer technology, but has major upside potential

#3. Winn Dri-Tac – Best Grip for Women’s Drivers

Best for Women
Winn Dri-Tac Ladies Gray - 9 Piece Golf Grip Bundle

Winn Dri-Tac is one of the best and most popular driver grips for females. Because ladies’ hands tend to be smaller, a grip that is undersized and has more cushion is going to be a good fit. That is what you get with the Winn Dri-Tac.

The Benefits:

This is a great grip because of the polymer material that it is made of. It allows the grip to be durable and provides a consistent feel in all weather conditions. Its non-slip qualities help the golf swing remain stable in humidity and rain. The markings on the grip also promote consistent hand placement for better results.


  • Consistent placement with the upper and lower hand
  • Tacky feel even with sweaty hands
  • Slightly ribbed to reduce slipping


  • Markings may not be exact for your swing but are a good guide


#4. MCC Plus 4 – Best Grip for Men’s Drivers

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip, Midsize, Gray

The Golf Pride MCC line of grips has been a big step in grip innovation. Because these grips have the same thickness from top to bottom, they promote a softer grip on the lower hand.

For men, this means that they are going to be able to release the club properly and help reduce or even eliminate a slice.

For a long time, golfers assumed that thicker grips mean it was harder to close the club face on the downswing but that is false. Golf club grips should allow you to have a soft grip on the club.

The Benefits:

The MCC Plus 4 makes it that much easier to have proper grip pressure.

The downside to these grips is they do require some adjustment at first because most golfers are not used to the consistent thickness. Once they acclimate, it can make a world of difference.


  • Best golf driver grip to fix a slice
  • Promotes consistent grip pressure
  • Weather performance is what you would expect from Golf Pride


  • Takes getting used to the feel of a thicker all-round grip

#5. Lamkin Crossline – Best Driver Grip for Beginners

Lamkin Crossline Standard Grip (New Logo), 0.580-Inch

The Lamkin Crossline is the competitor to the Tour Velvet but with some slight variation. The feel of a Lamkin grip is a little thicker which helps reduce the vibration of off-center hits. Companies like Taylormade make this the standard grip on most of their grips.

The Benefits:

Most PGA professionals are going to recommend Lamkin or Golf Pride grips to golfers starting out because of the consistent feel and quality.

These come in sizes from standard and midsize grips to oversize grips meaning there is an option for every player. While these grips are durable, the Lamkin Crossline can wear quicker with beginners because they tend to grip the club much tighter when starting to play golf.


  • Great for golfers just learning the game
  • Thicker for a good feel
  • Consistent performance


  • Less durable when gripped too tight

Our Buyer Guide: Best Golf Grips for Drivers

Best Golf Grips For Drivers buyer guide from our golf instructor experts and professional golfers

Grips are meant to provide protection between your hands and the club, while also giving feedback on the strike of a golf shot. Choose your grips based on their performance and feel.

Durability is important as well because you do not want the added expense of regripping your clubs more than once or twice a year. 

The right grip is out there for everyone as companies have been able to create new technologies that produce more consistency. When choosing the right golf grip size make sure your fingers are not overlapping too much when you wrap them on the club.

Your fingertips should just barely be touching one another. Tell Me More Golf is here to bring you the most up-to-date recommendations on the latest technology. Reach out to us with any questions as we obsess over everything golf to bring you the most accurate data.


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