Best Center Shafted Putters — (Golf Coach's Advice)

Best Center Shafted Putters Reviewed by Tell Me More Golf Coaches and Instructors

As the leader of the Golf Instructor team here at Tell Me More Golf, I’m going to help you research the Best Center Shafted Putters from our equipment review list!

Our editorial guidelines feature these 3 characteristics when recommending center shafted putters:

  • Look and feel
  • Alignment
  • Distance control

#1. SeeMore Mini Giant Black Blade Putter – Best All-Around

SeeMore Mini Giant Deep Flange DF Black Blade Putter, Right Hand (Choose Length) (Right, 33)

Made famous by the late Payne Stewart and more recently Zach Johnson, this putter is probably the most well-known center-shafted putter.

Many golfers, including myself, have tried this putter over the years with tremendous success. The engineering in this putter allows your putting stroke to naturally move back and through because of this center shafted putter’s ideal weighting.

This leads to consistent speed and distance control.


SeeMore putters are part of history as the club held by Payne Stewart in the pose he held when he won the US Open.

With its soft feel and unique alignment aid in the putter head, you will quickly see why this putter is a lasting favorite among avid golfers. The putter head alignment aid does take some practice and can be distracting when you first use it.

But, when you do get used to it, you can sink more putts.


  • Consistent speed control
  • Alignment aid
  • Good for most players


  • The club head can take some adjustments in using the alignment aid

#2. Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft -Best Aesthetics

HB Soft #10.5 CntrShft 35' OS

The clubface of this putter is CNC milled to increase friction and create a pure roll. Cleveland Golf putters are underrated for head design and provide forgiveness with the more giant mallet head. This model has a simple look and feel to it, which allows for a consistent roll.

With this putter, the golf ball will get started on the intended line and roll end over end helping it stay on its line.

The Benefits:

This putter is good for beginners, avid golfers, and even PGA Tour players. Its clean, simple look and milled face offer performance and forgiveness to lower your scores by just putting it in the bag.

The milled face takes practice to control distance if you’ve never used a putter with a clubhead like that.


  • Clean look and feel
  • Proven face technology
  • Good for all skill levels


  • The milled face requires more of a hit

#3. TaylorMade Truss Center Shaft Putter – Best for Low Handicaps

TaylorMade Truss Center Shaft Putter, Right Hand, 35 Inch Shaft

TaylorMade has not always been known for its putters. The technology behind them continues to improve and now the new Truss Center Shaft Putter brings a fresh approach to being more precise on the greens.

This putter is center shafted with a bridge or “truss” connecting the shaft to the head. This promotes stability through impact and can help guide a smooth putting stroke. Whether you take it straight back or on an arc, this putter is ideal.

The Benefits:

The biggest gain with this putter is going to be the stability you get regardless of the type of stroke you make.

The face insert provides a soft feel while getting the ball rolling with topspin. You will see better distance control through the combination of features offered on the TaylorMade Truss putter.

I was able to test this putter and after some time getting used to the look, I noticed performance benefits and put one of the models in my bag permanently.


  • Stability through multiple connection points
  • Heavy steel shaft
  • Adjustable head weight


  • Optics take some getting used to


#4. Odyssey Eleven Men’s Putter – Best Center Shafted Mallet Putter

Odyssey Men's Right Putter Eleven Tour Lined Center Shaft, Mallet Type, 34 Inch, Stroke LAB Shaft, Men's

This Odyssey Stroke Lab putter combines the mallet design with a balanced center shaft. The sightlines and white hot insert promote better alignment and a soft feel.

A shallow center of gravity design with almost 80% of the head weight on the face side gives golfers the confidence and forgiveness to be a more consistent putter.

The Benefits:

The type of putter that you choose should depend on its feel, look, and performance. A center-shafted mallet is going to be the most accommodating to most golfers, especially this Odyssey Putter. With the aid of the insert, you will have your speed optimized.

The overall combined weighting of the shaft and head provides a very balanced feel. In testing, it was easy to give it a little too much speed because of the mallet and forgiveness in the head.


  • Forgiveness
  • Soft feel
  • Improved alignment


  • Easy to hit it too hard as its very forgiving

#5. Tour Edge Exotics Wingman 700 Series Putter – Best New Technology

Tour Edge Exotics Wingman 700 Series Putter (34', 706 High MOI Mini-Mallet)

This new putter from the Tour Edge Exotics series features brand-new designs that offer improved MOI, and are engineered for stability and improved roll.

The three innovative designs provide optimized alignment with their new Lock-On technology alignment aid, as well as a softer feel from the TPU face insert.

The Benefits:

While Tour Edge is not well known for putters, their Wingman Series can hold up against many of the well-known name brands.

This is another mallet style with an abundance of forgiveness. In testing, the weights needed to be adjusted and customized. But once you find the ideal weight for your stroke, this putter is a game changer.


  • Higher MOI
  • Improved stability
  • Forgiving


  • May take some customization in the weighting

How to Choose The Best Center Shafted Putter – Buyer’s Guide

When you are in the market for a new putter, consider a center-shafted option. They tend to promote a more straight back stroke. Most local golf stores have some options to try in person. There are a few characteristics to consider while trying them out.

Look and Feel

As much as we need performance from a putter, we are never going to feel comfortable unless we like the aesthetics of the golf club. So, give several a try and first narrow them down based on how comfortable you feel standing over a putt. A putter is the only club that is used on every hole, so make sure it has a solid look.


Your putter needs to be lined up, simple as that. The alignment aid on your putter must promote consistent aim. Center-shafted putters are a great option because most models have proven technology to help get the ball rolling on line.

Distance Control

Perhaps the most important measure of a putter is the ability to control speed and distance. The putter shaft length can also affect speed and distance so be sure to work with an expert if you are unsure how long the shaft should be. – Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the best center shafted putters?

The best center-shafted putter is the one that gives you consistency on the greens. In terms of what brand is best, TellMeMoreGolf is slightly partial to TaylorMade because of the performance that we saw in testing.

Center shafted face balanced putters are best for what putter stroke?

Straight back and straight through strokes should consider face-balanced putters.


While it may not be quite as fun to test out a putter compared to other golf clubs, golfers do need to take their time when choosing a new putter.

The five options we have laid out here will give you more consistency on the greens. Tell Me More Golf tests out these putters so that we can bring you experience-based evidence of what will work for our readers. Follow our simple guide and lower your scores with a new putter.


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