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Best 60 Degree Wedges from Tell Me More Golf Coaches and Instructors Helping You with Titleist and Callaway Experts

As the leader of the Golf Instructor team at Tell Me More Golf, I’m making sure you make the most informed buying decision. You’re on your way to choosing the Best 60 Degree Wedges!

These expert review guidelines are used by Tell Me More Golf’s review team:

  • spin
  • control
  • feel
  • forgiveness

#1. Titleist Vokey SM9 60 Degree Wedge – Our Top Pick

Titleist Vokey Sm9 Brushed Steel K Grind Wedge

The 60 degree wedge is a golf club that needs to perform at a high level. To find the best 60 degree wedges, our review team mainly focused on spin, control, feel, and forgiveness.

The Benefits:

The Vokey Wedge 60 Degree from Titleist is one of the most popular wedges in golf, and that’s for many reasons. This wedge delivers excellent spin rates with a soft feel and plenty of control, making it great around the greens.

60 degree wedges can be somewhat unforgiving, and Titleist has helped combat this by offering a wide range of bounce and grind options for all golfers out there. With the SM9s, they’ve also made the leading edge more straight, which makes alignment much easier on full shots.

The only negative we could find with this wedge is the somewhat limited gains over its predecessor, the SM8.


  • Excellent spin
  • Many bounce and grind options 
  • Improved alignment on full swings


  • Not worth the upgrade if you have the SM8s

#2. Cleveland RTX ZipCore Black 60 Degree Wedge – Most Forgiving

Cleveland Golf RTX ZipcoreBKS 60 Mid RH, Black (11202928)

The looks of golf clubs are undoubtedly important. For wedges, the aesthetic differences can make an even bigger impact, since the need for confidence when standing over the golf ball is so much higher.

The Benefits:

The Cleveland RTX ZipCore 60 Degree is a muscle-back wedge designed for maximum ease of use. To do this, they’ve distributed weight away from the hosel, increasing the MOI of the wedge.

This Cleveland 60 degree wedge also features fantastic spin rates and plenty of control both on and off the green. The feel is on the heavier side, but we felt that this made the club even softer and more stable through impact. 

This particular option is a black edition, which we really enjoyed since it means that you won’t be distracted by the sun. However, some may prefer a more traditional look.


  • High MOI wedge 
  • Great spin 
  • Feel is a little heavy but very nice


  • Black edition may not be to everyone’s liking

#3. Callaway Jaws MD5 60 Degree Wedge – Best Feel

Callaway Golf MD5 Jaws Wedge (Chrome (2022),' 60 Degree (Right Hand),' S Grind, 10* Bounce,' Steel Shaft)

Feel is crucial in wedges as you need to be delicate when hitting short shots around the greens. We believe that the best feeling wedges should be soft and very responsive.

The Benefits:

The Callaway Jaws MD5 60 Degree Wedge offers great spin rates combined with fantastic feel. In fact, we found this wedge to have the best feel out of all the 60 degree wedges we’ve reviewed. The feel is buttery soft on both full shots and chip shots, making the club very enjoyable to use. 

This Callaway 60 degree wedge features the new Offset Groove-In-Groove technology, which has made the spin performance better than ever. Lastly, the control and forgiveness were top-of-the-line. 

Compared to the Vokey SM9, this wedge has a more rounded leading edge. This is more traditional and often better on short chips, but alignment is more difficult on longer shots.


  • Best feeling 60 degree wedge 
  • High spin rates 
  • Great control and forgiveness


  • Rounded leading edge makes alignment more challenging


#4. Ping Glide Forged Pro 60 Degree Wedge

Ping Glide Forged Pro S Grind Wedge

High spin rates are a must in a good wedge. High spin allows you to stop the golf ball close to where you’ve hit it, which is essential for approach shots, pitch shots, and short chips. To find the highest spinning wedges, we hit multiple shots and averaged out the results.

The Benefits:

The Glide Forged Pro 60 Degree Ping Wedge uses Ping’s Emery Face Blast technology to create maximum spin. This technology also lowers the launch, which makes it easier to control the golf ball on pitches and approach shots. The feel was also very soft and comfortable. 

The design is very sleek, and it feels like the clubhead is slightly smaller than traditional wedges. Some golfers will definitely enjoy these looks, but it’s not the most confidence-inspiring. Nevertheless, we saw no loss of forgiveness.


  • Tons of spin 
  • Lower launch 
  • Sleek design


  • Smaller design not for everyone

#5. TaylorMade Hi-Toe 3 60 Degree Wedge

TaylorMade Hi-Toe 3 Wedge Copper Standard Bounce, 60.10, Right Hand, Stiff Flex

Forgiveness is another key part of a good wedge. The 60 degree can be quite challenging to hit, and when bad strikes happen, which they will, you need a wedge that combats the severity of the miss.

The Benefits:

The TaylorMade Hi-Toe 3 60 Degree Wedge is made of a striking copper design. This wedge features a full face of grooves, making it very forgiving on off-center strikes. TaylorMade has placed raised micro-ribs in between the grooves, which creates high and consistent spin rates with shots that are easy to control.  

We really enjoyed the soft feel of this club, which together with the new design created a premium experience.

The copper design from TaylorMade is definitely unique, and while we think it looks great, some golfers may prefer a more traditional design.


  • Beautiful copper design  
  • Very forgiving 
  • High spin


  • Unique color isn’t for everyone

Finding the Best 60 Degree Wedge – Our Buyer’s Guide

The Key Traits of the Best 60 Degree Wedge

All great 60 degree wedges should excel in the following areas: spin, control, feel, and forgiveness.

  • Spin

A 60 degree wedge should deliver very high spin rates. These are needed so you can stop the golf ball close to the hole and have a short putt. In tricky situations, it’s crucial for your wedge to still generate high spin, such as in a greenside bunker.

  • Control

To be a great wedge player and shoot good scores around the greens, you need control. You mainly need to be able to control the height of the shot, both for shorter chips and longer approach shots. However, in most scenarios when you’re using a 60 degree, you’re looking for maximum height.

  • Feel

The golf club 60 degree should have a soft and comfortable feel that gives you confidence when chipping. The feel should also be responsive, meaning that you know how well a shot was struck in order to improve. 

  • Forgiveness

Everyone will hit poor shots on occasion, and when that happens you want forgiveness in your golf equipment. For a 60 degree wedge, this means that it should still deliver okay spin rates on off-center shots, and that longer shots should come out with consistent distance and accuracy. 

The Right 60 Degree Specs for You 

To pick the right 60 degree wedge for your technique, you need to pay attention to the sole grind and bounce. If you want the correct ones, we suggest getting a professional wedge fitting. 

  • Sole Grinds 

Wedge grinds refer to the material of the wedge’s sole. You can manipulate or remove some sole material to get the wedge to perform differently. The “C” grind is the most common, as it allows for maximum versatility for your short game. 

  • Bounce Options 

Wedge bounce is the angle between the ground and the club’s leading edge when the wedge is placed on its sole. This area that hits the ground is the one that makes contact with the turf when you’re hitting a golf ball. The most common bounce options are between 10 to 14 degrees, and what you should get depends on your chipping technique

Should You Get a 60 Degree Wedge? 

60 degree golf wedges are quite versatile and can be used for many situations, such as bunker shots, chipping, and pitches. That’s why most intermediate and seasoned golfers would benefit from having it in the bag. However, the high loft on the 60 degree makes it somewhat challenging, and for beginners we recommend using something like a sand wedge instead.

Tell Me More Golf – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best 60 degree wedge? 

After our tests, we can confidently say that we found the Titleist Vokey SM9 60 Degree Wedge to be the best all-around performing

Is a lob wedge 60 degrees? 

A 60 degree golf club is classified as a lob wedge. However, some golfers may call it something like a “60” or “60-wedge.” 

What is the best 60 degree low bounce wedge? 

The standard bounce is between 10-14 degrees. However, depending on your technique and what courses you play, a lower bounce might be better. 

In that case, we still recommend going for the Titleist Vokey SM9 60 Degree Wedge, which usually can be found in low-bounce versions. 


There are many excellent 60 degree wedges available, each with its different strengths. In this article, we’ve covered our top 5 picks, and hopefully, you now know which one would suit you the best.

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