Best 2 Iron — (The Golf Instructor’s Buying Guide [Expert Info])

best 2 iron the golf instructor s buying guide expert info from tell me more golf

As the leader of the Golf Instructor team here at Tell Me More Golf, my goal is to help you make a more informed buying decision; while showing you our pick for the Best 2 Iron!

Our expert review guidelines are used by Tell Me More Golf’s review team:

  • Distance
  • Forgiveness
  • Feel
  • Looks
best 2 iron the golf instructor s buying guide expert info from tell me more golf

#1. TaylorMade Golf P790 UDI Utility Club – Best All-Arounder

Best Quality
TaylorMade 2021 P790 UDI Iron 2

The Benefits:

Everyone knows that TaylorMade makes awesome golf gear, and we think they’ve certainly done it again with their P790 driving iron. At 17 degrees of loft, this 2 iron is perfect for achieving shots with a low piercing trajectory. The P790 has a forged carbon steel construction which is both very forgiving and long-hitting. 

It also features a muscle-back that gives it a great feel while remaining one of the most forgiving 2 irons out there. The looks are stunning as always with TaylorMade, and all in all the P790 is one of the best choices out there. We found the P790 to be a better choice than the Titleist 2 irons because of the overall performance and slightly better quality.

High-level golfers may find the P790 less workable than its brother, the P770, but the added forgiveness makes this club the better choice for most golfers.


  • Great distance and forgiveness
  • Terrific feel with its muscle-back design
  • Stunning looks


  • Less workable than the P770

#2. Srixon Golf ZX Utility Iron – Longest Distance

Most Popular
SRX ZX UTI #2 18 S RH (10307500)

One of the most crucial aspects of a 2 iron is its distance, which is one of our main criteria. To find the 2 iron with the longest distance, our review team hit several shots on a golf simulator and averaged out the results.

The Benefits:

The first thing that strikes you with the Srixon ZX Utility Iron is its fantastic looks. This driving iron is also the one we and many others have found to be the longest hitting, which makes it great for long tee or travel shots. 

The ZX Utility Iron comes with 18 degrees of loft and a multi-material design that makes launching the golf ball surprisingly easy. The stock recoil shaft also has a great feel to it. 

The ZX comes with a thinner sole and less offset than its predecessor, the ZX5. This makes the club more workable, but some may find it less confidence-giving. 


  • Longest hitting driving iron 
  • Easy to launch
  • Clean and traditional looks


  • Thin sole can decrease confidence

#3. TaylorMade Stealth DHY Golf Club – Most Forgiving

Best Budget
TaylorMade Stealth DHY #3, Right Hand, Regular Flex

Another key component of a good 2 iron is its forgiveness. When we look at forgiveness, the most important part is the overall dispersion rate, including mis-hits.

The Benefits:

What really differentiates this utility iron is that it bridges between a hybrid and iron with a very thick sole. This is done to make it much more forgiving and easier to play with for lower-speed golfers. In other words, it’s great for the mid and high handicappers. 

The Stealth DHY features a very low center of gravity, which launches the ball higher and gives it better stopping power on the greens. Just like all of the Stealth clubs, it also delivers impressive distances and has a great feel to it.

Because of the thick sole and overall chunky design, some golfers may find it somewhat unappealing. However, it does give you confidence when standing over the ball.


  • Most forgiving driving iron out there
  • Low CG makes it easy to launch the golf ball
  • Long distances, even on off-center hits


  • Somewhat clunky design can be unappealing


#4. Wilson Staff Model Driving Iron

WILSON Staff Model Golf Utility Iron, Right Hand, Stiff Flex, Graphite, 18 Degree - 2 Iron

Our review team looked for a club that looks great in the bag and on the turf before you’re about to hit a shot, as well as adding some distance to your game.

The Benefits

The Wilson Staff Model Driving Iron comes with 18 degrees of loft at a very fair price. The design is sleek, and it’s noticeable that they’ve tried to keep an old-school look. Targeted for low and mid-handicap golfers, this driving iron has 7 grams of weight added to the clubhead’s rear end to improve launch and maximize distance.

The robust steel face combined with the stock KBS Tour Hybrid Shaft gives a lovely feel, even on mis-hits. 

Because of the thin and almost blade-like design, the Model Driving Iron is slightly less forgiving than some competitors. But considering the affordable price and high performance, this 2 iron is still a great choice. 


  • Sleek and old-school look
  • Weight is distributed to make launching the golf ball easier
  • Solid and rewarding feel


  • Could be more forgiving on off-center hits

#5. Callaway X-Forged UT Iron  

Callaway 2020 X-Forged Utility Iron (Right , Steel, Stiff, 18 3-iron) , Chrome

For the higher-level player, the feel is important to let you know where the shot was struck on the face. When it comes to feel, we’re looking for a soft and responsive impact feeling and a nice sound at impact.

The Benefits:

At 18 degrees of loft, the Callaway X-Forged UT Iron targets low handicap golfers. It offers a very minimal yet stylish design and has a soft and satisfactory feel. This Callaway 2 iron is forged and has special tungsten weighting to add control and launch.

The X-Forged UT Iron hits the ball a long way on good hits and has plenty of workability, which makes it an excellent choice for the golfer seeking no compromise on performance. Another noteworthy thing is the high-pitched crack sound which we found exceptionally pleasing. 

However, some golfers may not enjoy the loud impact sound as it’s entirely up to preference. But if you like to know when you’ve hit a good shot, there really isn’t a club better than this. 


  • Sleek and traditional design
  • Very workable
  • Lets you know when you’ve hit a good shot


  • The distinctive sound might not be to everyone’s liking

How to Pick a 2 Iron – 2 Irons Buying Guide 

Figuring Out Which 2 Iron to Buy

When it comes to figuring out which 2 iron to buy, it all depends on your skill level and preferences. All 2 irons are reasonably tricky to hit, but they deliver impressive distances and trajectories. 

If you want a 2 iron that is easy to hit but still has excellent performance, we strongly recommend the TaylorMade Stealth DHY Golf Iron. If you’re a low to mid handicap golfer seeking no compromise on performance, and are looking for those piercing low shots, we suggest investing in the TaylorMade P790, which we found to be the best driving iron overall. 

What Are the Most Important Aspects of a Good 2 Iron?

The most important aspects of a good 2 iron are the same as the guidelines of our comparison: distance, forgiveness, feel, and looks. Distance gets you into a good position off the tee, forgiveness is necessary for such a challenging golf club, good feel lets you know when you’ve hit a great shot, and looks give you the confidence required to go out and shoot low scores. 

Why a Driving Iron Can Change Your Golf Game 

The driving iron is one of the most useful golf clubs in the bag if used properly. Many golfers struggle with hitting straight or consistent shots with their driver, which is why a tight fairway on a par 4 or 5 can be scary.
An iron driver golf club takes care of this and allows you to hit golf shots that are both straight and far – making it an excellent addition to your golf bag.

Tell Me More Golf – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a driving iron? 

A driving iron is a very low lofted iron that also has a long shaft. This enables you to hit long shots with a very low trajectory, which can be crucial in windy conditions. You typically use a driving iron off the tee instead of a driver, or on very long travel shots. 

What is the best 2 iron for high handicappers?

In this article, we’ve shown some of the best driving irons available. If you’re a high handicap golfer, we suggest getting a 2 iron with much forgiveness. That’s why we recommend the TaylorMade Stealth DHY Iron, which is a forgiving crossover club with a big sweet spot. 

What is the best 2 iron for mid handicappers? 

Mid handicappers also need a lot of forgiveness, but they also want a little more workability and low trajectory shots in windy conditions. The 2 iron we believe is perfect for that is the TaylorMade P790 UDI, which is also the number one on this list. 

What is the best 2 iron for low handicappers? 

Lower handicappers need workability and distance but still sufficient forgiveness on poor shots. The Srixon ZX Utility Iron has tons of versatility and is the longest hitting out of the bunch. 

Are there any alternatives to driving irons? 

Driving irons are the longest out of the long irons and are used to hit the golf ball a long way with a low ball flight. However, if you have a slow swing speed and ball speed, 2 irons can be very challenging to hit. That’s why we recommend fairway woods for golfers with slow swing speeds. They have a high launch, are more forgiving, and have a wider sole. 


2 irons are very versatile golf clubs that can transform your golf game. In this article, we’ve gone over 5 excellent choices for different skill levels and preferences. Hopefully, you now know which club suits you the best. Thank you for reading this article from – your favorite golf comparison and findings site.

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