Benefits Of Swinging A Weighted Golf Club — How To Use One

benefits of swinging a weighted golf club for tell me more golf with the swing trainer

Golfers are constantly on the lookout for training aids that will help them improve their golf swing to shoot lower scores. If you look in the golf bags of many professionals on the PGA tour on the range, you will often see a weighted golf club. 

Weighted clubs are a great way to warm up properly before a round of golf. They are designed specifically to target the muscles used in your golf swing. The Tell Me More golf team discusses below how training with a weighted club can get you and your golf game into better shape.  

benefits of swinging a weighted golf club for tell me more golf with the swing trainer

What Areas Of My Game Will I Notice Improvements In?

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Weighted golf clubs can help you build a better golf swing that can help all aspects of your game and every club in your bag. They are designed to teach you to swing through the ball and not at it, which results in a more powerful, balanced, flowing swing. In addition, they can help you build a more consistent swing with better mechanics through muscle memory. 

You won’t worry about swinging an iron or a hybrid, as you’ll have one swing that works with every club for every shot. The more mechanically sound your swing is, the more ball speed you can create, and you can hit longer drives out into the fairway.

Swing on the Proper Plane

A weighted club will give you instant feedback on your backswing if you do it incorrectly because the weight and the club’s momentum will pull you out of position and balance.

The additional weight lets you feel how the club should go back on the proper plane when appropriately swung.

You might start with slow-motion swings as you get used to it and build up strength working towards your full swing. When you take the club back on the proper plane, it will increase your range of motion to make a larger backswing which will help increase your swing speed. It is easier to return the club to the ball when your swing is on the correct plane.

Better Tempo

Taking the club back on the proper plane puts the club in the appropriate position to transition from the backswing to the downswing. The momentum and weight of the club will also help you make a fuller turn. And the weight is also going to help you feel the sensation of lag when you transition your swing towards the ball.

The longer swing gives you more time to turn back and through, which provides you with more time to complete the swing. A fuller turn stops you from having the rushed feeling many golfers have due to a shorter backswing. A regular club will also feel much lighter when you swing it, which will allow golfers of all ages to generate more swing speed.

A More Athletic Swing

You will have a more athletic swing when you combine swinging on the proper swing plane with a nice, smooth tempo. Because you are not hitting a golf ball when swinging a training aid, you learn to swing through the ball and not at the ball. The club’s weight will also help you build muscle memory of the correct feeling of the golf swing.

Your swing will be more mechanically sound, and you won’t worry about the clubface and positions of your golf swing. With consistent practice, you can increase both your flexibility and strength, which will allow you to hit the ball higher and farther more consistently.

benefits of swinging a weighted golf club in order to train better and become a better player

Many golfers, including many professionals, use a heavier club to help them warm up before playing a round of golf. Because it is designed to exercise and strengthen your golf muscles, it does a great job of getting your body and swing prepared to play. The stronger your golf muscles are, the more clubhead speed you can generate and the further you will be able to hit the ball.

On practice days at the driving range, you can swing a golf trainer without trying to hit a golf ball. Swinging them in slow motion can help you feel how the club was designed to move. In addition, the club’s weight is a great low-impact workout and can help you with your golf fitness.

Swing trainers are great to use in the offseason because you don’t have to hit a ball to use them. You can use it in your garage or the yard and get a good golf workout in even when you can’t get out and play. The more you use a swing trainer, the more you can build muscle memory to take out onto the course the next time you play.

A great exercise to do at home or the range is to switch your grip and swing the club from the opposite side that you usually would. Swinging the club from both sides will ensure that you’re giving the golf muscles a good workout on both sides of your body. It also helps your swing feel when you return to your normal side.


Training With Weighted Golf Irons

Weighted golf irons such as the Momentus Swing Trainer look more like a traditional golf club than other weighted clubs. Some have premade grips on the club to make sure you are gripping the golf club correctly when you swing it. Weighted golf irons have the weight distributed equally down the club’s shaft, which promotes hinging the club properly on the takeaway.

A heavy club also helps you swing the club on the correct plane. You ingrain the proper swing into your muscle memory when you swing weighted irons. You’ll know when you swing it incorrectly because the club’s weight will move you out of balance and position during the practice swing.

You don’t typically hit golf balls with a weighted club, even if some of them come with a clubface and generally are a 7-iron in length. The purpose of the clubface is so that when you are taking practice swings, you can see the face of the club open and close naturally during your swing. The clubface is a visual cue to help you consistently hit your irons.

You can also use a weighted golf iron to practice the proper chipping and pitching motion without hitting a golf ball. A fantastic drill to ingrain the proper motion with a heavy club is to put your feet together and start taking the club back and forth in a chipping motion. Then, keep letting the club’s momentum take the club back and forth further and further until you are making full swings. This drill helps with both the backswing and releasing the head of the club properly.

Frequently Asked Questions: Mechanics

Does swinging a weighted golf club help? 

Yes, swinging a weighted golf club can help you with your swing mechanics. The distribution of the weight of the clubs promotes swinging on the proper swing plane and can help out with the tempo of your swing as well. In addition, it helps strengthen and develop the fast-twitch muscles used in the golf swing.

How do you use weighted golf clubs?

Most players use weighted golf clubs to warm up before the round, much like a baseball player will put a donut on the end of his bat in the on-deck circle. The added weight helps loosen up and stretch the muscles you use in the swing. You can also take practice swings away from the course since you aren’t hitting golf balls with them. The club’s weight helps to ingrain the proper mechanics of the golf swing while building muscle memory.

Does a heavier golf club hit the ball farther?

No. A heavier golf club is not going to hit the ball further. However, practicing consistently with a weighted golf club can help strengthen your golf fitness and improve your swing mechanics to hit the ball farther. One trick to hitting the ball further is delofting the club to hit it with a lower trajectory and a more penetrating ball flight.

Where should your weight be when swinging a golf club?

As a rule of thumb, your weight should shift between the inside of your front foot and the instep of your back foot on the backswing. Your weight should then move back from the inside of the back foot to the inside of your front foot on the downswing and as you release the club. Remember, it’s a shift of weight from front to back to front, not a swaying motion of the hips.

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A weighted golf club and weighted golf irons are great training aids for building a stronger, more consistent golf swing. They can teach you how to swing the club on the correct plane, with better tempo and balance, to have a more athletic, powerful swing. In addition, they are designed to teach you to hit through the ball and not at it, which can help you hit the ball straighter and further. 

They are also a great way to help you warm up properly before a round of golf to help avoid injuries on the course. When you combine better mechanics and strength in your golf swing, you can hit the ball better and enjoy the game a lot more.


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