Average Weight Of a Golf Club — (What Each Club Weighs, and More!)

average weight of a golf club and how to weight a golf club from golf experts

The weight of a golf club has a direct impact on your performance on the course. Understanding how the total weight of a club breaks down into shaft weight, head weight, and grip weight will help you get your clubs dialed in. 

Our research shows that the average weight of a golf club is 0.73 pounds or 330 grams.

The lightest part of the club is the grip and the heaviest component will be the club head.

average weight of a golf club and how to weight a golf club from golf experts

How Much Does a Golf Club Weigh?

The average weight is about 330 grams, equivalent to a driver’s overall weight. It is difficult nowadays to provide the “standard weight” of a club because there are so many options available to golfers in terms of the type of shaft, clubhead, and grip.

How much a golf club weighs depends very much on the type of club that you are holding. For example, a putter with a steel shaft typically weighs 425 grams.

A driver on the other hand will weigh somewhere around 330 grams.

This is because golfers need an overall weight that is lighter in a driver to be able to swing it faster.

Since speed is not the goal in a putter, the heavier weight provides a more consistent stroke.


The driver, like my Callaway Maverick, is going to weigh around 330 grams.

Although drivers are much longer clubs with larger clubheads, they are designed to be lighter than other golf clubs.

This is because swing speed is what golfers need in their drivers.

Depending on the individual player, this club can be made to be lighter or heavier with the different shaft, grip, and clubhead weighting options.


Woods Weight

While the driver is typically the lightest club in a set, fairway woods like the 3-wood and 5-wood average around 380 grams.

This added weight is due to their smaller, denser heads, designed for stability through the ball.

Additionally, these clubs are used from various lies on the fairway and rough, requiring a design that can effectively lift the ball into the air from these conditions. The smaller and heavier head fulfills this need perfectly.

How Much Does a Wedge Weigh?

Wedges are the heaviest club and for good reason at 470 grams. Wedges are used on several different shots in various turf conditions.

The weight of a wedge helps it remain stable through tough lies in sand or deep rough. A wedge club head and shaft are heavier than other irons. A wedge shaft is heavy and stiff to promote even more control when combined with a heavy head.

Putter Weight

A standard putter weighs about 350 grams. However, there is a category of heavy putters that weighs 450 grams, making it similar to the weight of a wedge.

The standard putter weight allows a golfer to make a smooth stroke with good control of the putter head. The heavy putters are typically used on golf courses with much slower greens as it requires more of a hit through the stroke.

How To Weigh a Golf Club

A golf club can be weighed using a standard scale if you are just looking for the overall weight. Most clubfitters can tell you the swing weight of your club(s) which is a different measurement than the overall weight.For most golfers, the overall weight is more important than the swing weight.

This is because typically beginners and avid golfers alike will not notice the difference between swing weights, but will certainly notice the difference when weight is added to the club.

Our advice is to focus on a balanced weight (not too heavy or light) weight that you can still control and swing confidently.

How Much Does a Golf Iron Weigh?

Irons are going to have a variety of swing weights and overall weights. A 3-iron weighs a little more than half of a pound or 240 grams while a sand wedge is going to be heavier weighing close to 470 grams.

Professional golfers are much more concerned with the weight of their clubs than an amateur. This is because their golf swing is so finely tuned that they can notice small differences in the weight of the club. Often they will use lead tape to add extra weight to a club that feels too light.

Through a PGA Tour golfer’s full set, there will be a weight range based on their unique golf swing. For most avid and weekend golfers, find the weight that lets you swing the club with consistency and speed.

How Much Does a 7 Iron Weigh?

A 7-iron weighs about 0.57 pounds or 258 grams. Remember though, how much clubs weigh is going to vary based on the clubhead, grip, and whether or not it is a steel or graphite shaft.

Because a 7-iron is in the middle of your golf bag from putter to driver, it is a good gauge of whether you need additional weight on your clubs.

If you swing your 7-iron and it feels too light, it may be worth asking a clubfitter or PGA professional if you need to add some weight. On the other side, if it feels very heavy, it would be worth looking into changing to a lighter grip or shaft.

TellMeMoreGolf.com – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the heaviest golf club?

At 470 grams, the sand wedge is the heaviest golf club.

Are all golf clubs the same weight?

No, all golf clubs are not the same weight. The driver is the lightest and the sand wedge is the heaviest, and in between the clubs have progressively different weighting.

Are heavier irons easier to hit?

Heavier irons are not necessarily easier to hit, however, they could make it easier to hit from a variety of lies.

Do heavier irons go further?

If the golfer swings the club at the same speed, a heavier iron will go further.

Conclusion: Research by Tellmemoregolf.com

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The average golf bag is going to have a variety of weights depending on the club. As we covered, the lightest golf club is the driver and the heaviest is the sand wedge. This has a very clear purpose to help with speed and control.

Tell Me More Golf likes to sweat the details and bring our large reader base information that will be useful so you can make informed decisions that will improve your golf game.


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