Are Wilson Golf Clubs Good from A Golf Instructors Perspective at Tell Me More Golf

Are Wilson Golf Clubs Good? — Golf Coach’s Advice

Are Wilson Golf Clubs Good from A Golf Instructors Perspective at Tell Me More Golf

As an experienced golf coach, I have seen the Wilson brand persevere through many ups and downs in the golf industry to remain one of the most important golf equipment manufacturers in the world. 

Wilson has a rich history in the world of golf, as they were the first equipment manufacturer to directly sponsor an individual golfer by making a deal with Walter Hagen in 1932. Today, Wilson still produces high performance golf equipment, though they are no longer one of the top brands when it comes to sales or sponsorship endorsements with the top golfers on the PGA tour. 

Wilson Golf Clubs Pros and Cons

Wilson makes a wide range of different golf clubs that are designed for golfers of different skill levels. Many golfers have asked about the top pros and cons when it comes to Wilson golf clubs, so I have highlighted the most important advantages and drawbacks of the brand. 


Full Line Irons, Woods, and Wedges

Wilson makes a full line of different golf clubs, making it possible to bag a full set of Wilson Staff clubs from the driver all the way down to putter.

Some golf manufacturers only focus on irons or wedges, but many golfers prefer the consistency of a one brand setup like Wilson’s clubs. 

There are also different models of both fairway woods and hybrids, allowing for full flexibility when it comes to long approach shots. Wilson Staff also produces high end lob and sand wedges with milled faces for maximum spin. 

Clubs for Different Skill Levels

Within each category of golf club, Wilson produces different models and styles that are meant to suit the needs of different golfers. Beginner golfers will benefit from Wilson Staff game improvement irons, which feature a cavity back design and a large sweet spot ideal for high handicappers. 

Wilson Staff also makes high end “players irons” that are designed with better golfers in mind. These forged irons provide much better feel and workability compared to cavity back versions, though they will punish a mishit far more severely compared to “cb irons.” 


Premium Price Point

Wilson golf clubs are high end products that perform on the same level as other premium brands like Callaway, Ping, and TaylorMade. While some people look at Wilson Staff as a “smaller” golf brand, they make premium golf gear that is priced accordingly

Limited Top-Tier Sponsored Professionals 

During the 1960s and 1970s, Wilson Staff boasted the best roster of sponsored golfers of any club manufacturer. Over 60 major championships were won by Wilson Staff golfers in the 1960s alone, but today the company’s list of top golfers is not top-tier compared to Titleist, Callaway, Ping, or Taylormade. 

Some of the most notable Wilson Staff golfers that are currently on the PGA Tour are Kevin Kisner and Padraig Harrington. Both are veterans on the professional golf scene, though they do not command the same attention as Team Taylormade with names like Tiger Woods and Scottie Scheffler.


Is Wilson A Good Golf Brand

Wilson Staff is one of the most established and highly respected brands in the golf industry. They have a good reputation for producing high quality equipment over the years, and at one point their golf balls and clubs dominated the PGA Tour. 

Today, Wilson still makes high quality golf clubs that are on par with the other top brands on the market. While their roster of professional golfers is fairly modest compared to brands like Taylormade, Titleist, and Callaway, Wilson Staff is still a high end golf manufacturer. 


Where Are Wilson Golf Clubs Made

The Wilson company uses a wide variety of different manufacturing facilities all over the world to source different parts and materials for their golf clubs. While some club parts are made overseas, the majority of Wilson Staff clubs are produced and assembled in Tullahoma, Tennessee. 

The headquarters of the Wilson is located in Chicago, and the majority of club design and research takes place in the Chicago area. This is also where their “pro shop” is located, where they build clubs to custom spec for professional golfers. 


Are Wilson Golf Clubs Good For Beginners

Wilson produces a wide range of different golf clubs, with some geared towards lower handicappers and others built for beginners. Certain Wilson Staff models like the Launch Pad series are ideal for beginners, as they offer maximum forgiveness and ball speeds on mishits. 

The Wilson launch pad series includes both irons and hybrids, and each club is designed to improve launch angle and accuracy on shots that do not hit the center of the club face. The Wilson Launch Pad irons feature a bulky head with a huge sweet spot, which is ideal for golfers who are just starting out. 


Best Wilson Irons For Mid-Handicappers

There is also a line of Wilson Staff irons that are designed for mid-handicappers, which offer the high ball speeds and forgiveness associated with a cavity back club in a much thinner head profile. This “Dynapower” line of clubs is available with both steel and graphite shaft options, and it is one of Wilson’s hottest sellers. 

These clubs also feature a slight offset, which is great for those who tend to hit the ball with a fade.

The Dynapower line of clubs is essentially an upgraded version of the popular Wilson D9 irons. The combination of beginner friendly features and a smaller head profile make the Dynapower a perfect fit for golfers with handicaps between 5 and 15. 


Best Wilson Irons Ever

With constant advancements in golf club design and manufacturing technologies, the newest clubs nearly always outperform previous models. The top tier level of Wilson irons on the market today are called the “Staff Models,” and many golfers consider the “Blade” versions to be the best irons ever made by the Wilson company

These sleek and slim precision milled blades look beautiful in the bag, and offer some of the best feel and performance of any blade style iron on the market today. The club faces feature a unique diamond groove pattern that many golfers find to offer better spin control compared to other styles. 


Are Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs Good?

The Wilson Ultra line of cubs are very affordable and come as a complete set. These clubs are designed with cost reduction in mind rather than performance, though many new golfers find that a full set of clubs for under $300 is a great way to learn the game without breaking the bank. 

These Wilson Ultra complete sets also include a stand bag and headcovers, giving gofers just about everything they need to hit the course. While the Wilson Ultras may not offer the same ball speeds or feel of better models, they are very durable and will get the job done for many rounds of golf. 

While a complete set is a great way to get into golf for those who have never taken a swing, many golfers find that they need to upgrade to better equipment after just one or two golf seasons. More premium clubs offer increased distances and better spin control that Wilson Ultra clubs can not provide. 

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Is Wilson a good brand for golf clubs?

Wilson is a trusted manufacturer of quality golf clubs that has been in the industry for over a century. Today, there are only four or five companies that sell more clubs than Wilson, and the brand has remained relevant and viable since first producing golf clubs in 1914.

Do any pros use Wilson clubs?

Wilson Staff has 12 professional golfers on their “Advisory Staff” that currently play at the top level and major tournaments. This includes names like Kevin Kisner and Padraig Harrington, and Wilson also sponsors 9 golfers on the European Tour circuit. 

Is Wilson a good golf brand for beginners?

There are two different lines of golf clubs from the Wilson company that are well suited for beginners. The Wilson Ultra line of clubs represent one of the most affordable ways to get into golf, and the Launch Pad series are some of the most forgiving clubs that Wilson has ever made. 

Which PGA players use Wilson clubs?

While there are a dozen different professional golfers that are sponsored by Wilson Staff, Kevin Kisner is the most prolific name on their roster. His most recent professional win was at the 2021 Wyndham Championship, where he finished 15 under to secure the victory. 



The Wilson brand has a deep and storied history within the golf community, and there are some veteran golfers who have been using Wilson Staff clubs for many decades. Today, Wilson is one of the top golf club manufacturers in the world, and they have a team of 12 sponsored golfers that play at the highest level. Wilson makes a full line of golf clubs from drivers all the way down to putters, and there are many different models to choose from.

The team here at Tell Me More Golf always recommends trying clubs from various manufacturers when shopping, so be sure to try out some Wilson Staff irons or woods the next time you are at a golf supply store.


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