Apex Pro vs P770 Irons Comparison — (Golf Coach’s Tips)

Apex Pro vs P770 Irons Comparison with The Design Price Feel Shaft and Spin Tested

I’m the head golf instructor at Tell Me More Golf, and in this article, I will cover the biggest differences and similarities between the TaylorMade P770 irons and the Callaway Apex Pro irons. 

Apex Pro Vs P770 Irons Compared

The Apex Pros and P770s have many similarities, but at first glance, there are a few things that stand out when you compare them. 

Design Compared 

Both of these irons are relatively slim by modern standards, and they try to replicate a traditional blade-like design. The Apex Pros are slightly larger than the P770s though, making them look more forgiving. The Apex Pros also have a greater offset, which makes them easier to hit for many amateurs, but high-level golfers might not like it. 

Target Golfer Compared 

There’s a difference in what type of golfers the Apex Pros and the P770s are made for. They’re both targeted at the better golfers out there, but many mid-to-low handicaps can use them

If you enjoy a slim and responsive design that allows you to shape your shots on demand, the P770s are probably better. On the other hand, if you want maximum distance and forgiveness with a relatively wide sole, the Apex Pros are better. 


Forgiveness Compared – Are there any Major Differences? 

For the majority of everyday amateur golfers, forgiveness is perhaps the most important thing in a good set of golf clubs. When comparing the Apex Pros and the P770s on their forgiveness, the Apex Pros win the prize of being the most forgiving. 

This is because the design is more focused on forgiveness rather than precision and workability, which can be seen in the size of the clubhead as well as the offset. 

However, it’s important to note that neither of these irons is the most forgiving out there, and if you’re a golfer seeking maximum forgiveness, you should maybe look elsewhere

Apex Pro Benefits and Cons

Now, we’ll cover the benefits and cons regarding the Callaway Apex Pro’s price, feel, shaft, and spin. We’ve chosen these factors as we believe them to be among the most important when buying a new set of irons. 

Apex Pro’s Price

Both the Apex Pros and P770s are high-end players irons that come with a premium price tag. The Apex Pros are slightly more expensive though, as they’re made from more expensive materials and have more features. The exact price will differ significantly between stores and whether they’re available or not. 


Apex Pro’s Feel

The Apex Pro irons have a great feel which comes from the high-quality materials. However, the featured stainless steel is slightly firmer than the P770’s carbon steel. On the bright side, stainless steel is much more durable

Apex Pro’s Shaft

Callaway’s Apex Pros come with stock True Temper Elevate Ets 115 steel shafts. These are high-quality shafts that offer mid-spin and mid-trajectory performance. In other words, they’re very balanced, and suit a golfer looking to hit the golf ball a long way while also sticking the green. 

Apex Pro’s Spin

The Apex Pro irons feature a higher spin rate than a game-improvement counterpart. This is great for good golfers looking to increase their greens-in-regulation. However, we wouldn’t go as far as saying that they’re high-spin irons. 


P770 Benefits and Cons

Here, we’ll go over the benefits and cons when it comes to the TaylorMade P770’s price, feel, shaft, and spin. 

P770’s Price

The TaylorMade P770 irons are high-end irons, making them pretty expensive. However, they’re slightly cheaper than the Apex Pros, and they’re competitively priced for premium irons from an excellent manufacturer. 

P770’s Feel

The P770s have a fantastic feel that’s very soft and responsive. This comes from the carbon steel material and slim blade-like design. If you’re looking for irons with a soft and responsive feel, there are very few options better than the P770s. 


P770’s Shaft

The stock shaft on the P770 irons is the Tour Steel from KBS. This shaft is very similar to the one on the Apex Pros, as it’s also mid-spin and mid-trajectory. 

P770’s Spin

Just like the Apex Pros, the P770 irons feature a higher spin rate than, for example, the TaylorMade Stealths. This is because they’re not game-improvement irons. The higher spin is great for hitting into greens, but it also makes it easier to miss shots to the left or right. 


TellMeMoreGolf.com – Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the differences between the Apex Pro Vs P770 Irons?

We found that the biggest difference between the Apex Pros and the P770s is the overall design, with the P770 irons featuring a more blade-like look. 

The Apex Pros have a noticeable wider sole with more offset, giving them a more forgiving and inviting look. However, the P770s offer better workability, making them good for some high-level golfers. 

There are many other differences, such as the Apex Pro irons being made of stainless steel, while the P770s are made of carbon steel, but they are also very similar.  

What are the similarities between the Apex Pro Vs P770 Irons?

Both the Apex Pros and P770s are forged cavity-back irons that resemble the look of a blade by their sleek and traditional design. However, the P770s are noticeably slimmer, making them look more blade-like. 

Other than that, these irons have very similar spin rates and trajectories, as the shafts resemble each other closely. They’re also both premium irons with a high price tag.

In general, if you’re a good golfer, you can play well with any of these irons, and it just comes down to personal preference. 


In this irons review article, we’ve discussed the key differences and similarities between Callaway’s Apex Pro irons and TaylorMade’s P770 irons. Overall, these irons are fairly similar, and they both suit higher-level golfers
However, the Apex Pros are slightly more forgiving and deliver longer distances, while the P770s are more workable and precise with a better feel.


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