American Made Golf Clubs — What Golf Clubs Are Made In The USA?

american made golf clubs including the answer to what golf clubs are made in the usa and what irons were made in america

Have you been in the market for new clubs and want to know who makes their golf equipment in the USA?

Tell Me More Golf is going to break down different golf club companies and talk about where components come from and where they manufacture their clubs.

american made golf clubs including the answer to what golf clubs are made in the usa and what irons were made in america

What Golf Clubs Are Made In The USA?

what golf clubs are made in the usa and is it titleist or taylormade that manufacture in america

The answer is not as straightforward as most golfers might think. The best way to answer this question is to go through some of the major brands and explain their process of building American Made Golf Clubs.


Are Titleist golf clubs made in the US? As one of the most well-known names in golf, Titleist has a reputation for high-quality golf clubs and golf balls.

The parent company of Titleist, Acushnet, is based in Fairhaven, Massachusetts and has a golf club plant in Carlsbad, California. The irons for Titleist are forged in Japan and then sent to China to be finished. Components (heads, shaft, grips) are received in Carlsbad and assembled in the USA.


Taylormade has become another household name in the golf equipment industry, and for good reason. They are innovative with their designs and consistently remain one of the more popular brands of drivers and irons.

Taylormade is another company that outsources the manufacturing to Asia, specifically China, and ships them to its headquarters in Carlsbad, USA for quality control and final assembly.

Cobra Golf

With the rise of Bryson Dechambeau and the popularity of Rickie Fowler, Cobra is becoming a more well-known brand of clubs. However, they go through a similar process to Taylormade and Titleist. Club components are made in Asia and assembled in California.


According to research, 40% of Callaway clubs are assembled in the US and Latin America. The remaining 60% is made in Asia.

Most Callaway clubs are assembled in Carlsbad, California, USA, and distributed from Dallas. Research shows that Callaway will be moving part of its process to Mexico.


Ping Golf clubs were originally made in the USA and have been known as one of the most trusted all-American brands. However, like many golf club manufacturers, they have also moved some manufacturing to Asia, China specifically.

They still manufacture equipment in Phoenix, Arizona. The putters are built from scratch in the US.


Cleveland/Srixon is not known for being an American company. It has a global presence and, as a golf brand, has been gaining market share for several years. These high-quality clubs are becoming more popular on the PGA Tour. Srixon has Japanese roots but clubs are assembled at the Cleveland/Srixon headquarters in Huntington Beach, CA.


Parson’s Extreme Golf is a golf company that manufactures and builds in the US. While their clubs are known for having a high price tag, they do have a thorough US-based club-building process. According to research, this company is 100% made in the USA.


Wilson golf clubs have been around for as long as I can remember. I inherited my first set of clubs from my dad. They were Wilson irons, and have been known for consistent quality golf clubs for decades. Research tells us that these clubs are designed in the US and assembled in Tennessee.


Mizuno has been a favorite iron of many golfers over the years. Only recently have they made more strides in capturing some of the driver market share. Mizuno clubs are made in Japan and assembled in the US.

Tour Edge

Quickly becoming a popular brand, Tour Edge clubs are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the US. While not a household name, these clubs are often seen on the PGA Champions Tour as well as in the bags of beginners. Having tested these clubs, I can confidently say that they are underrated and will become more well known as golf continues to grow. The Tour Edge Exotics line has an amazing feel and ball speed.


For the most part, most irons are assembled and distributed in the USA. Most club brands do outsource part of the manufacturing process. Keep in mind that we are talking about the clubheads here. The majority of shafts are made in Asia.

Golf irons completely designed, manufactured, and assembled in America are those from PXG and Tour Edge.

Most iron heads are designed in California or Arizona. Having been to the Callaway and Titleist facilities in Carlsbad, while they are impressive places, they do not forge the irons there. Irons made in the USA are not necessarily better, but if you want to support American business and like the golf brands you cannot go wrong with PXG or Tour Edge.


Golf Clubs Forged In The USA

As we have discussed so far, there are not many club companies forging equipment in the US. Massive international corporations (yes even golf companies) outsource work to Asia for the manufacturing portion of club forging.

Ping, PXG, and Tour Edge are made in the US and have enjoyed success.

Keep in mind that the steel shafts are made in the US, but the grips are made overseas. Countries in Asia have far-lower costs for the labor-intensive process of forging clubs for massive multi-national corporations. In addition, golf is a global game now more than ever. Manufacturing of the clubs is no exception.

Where Are Golf Clubs Manufactured?

We should make a very clear distinction that there is a difference between a club being manufactured and assembled. All club companies, except those headquartered in Asia, like to boast that their clubs are assembled in the USA while the parts were made overseas.

Honma, for example, is a Japanese golf club company that handcrafts its clubs in Sakata, Japan. Honma is a very well-known brand with high-quality forged heads. Their prices are higher than average, but the quality is superior to other brands in that they are truly handmade clubs.

Massive international corporations (including golf equipment companies) push hard to cut the costs of designing, creating, and assembling their clubs. They push to assemble their equipment overseas (outside of the U.S.) in order to record greater and greater profit margins each year at the expense of local U.S. communities and workers looking for work.

How did this come about? Well… We can talk about the deregulation of U.S. corporations and lobbying in another article. 😉

What Golf Clubs Are Made In China?

Most of the most well-known club companies are doing at least some manufacturing in China. Titleist, Ping, and Taylormade Golf are three of the top club companies and use China for their very low-cost labor. In addition, Cobra and Callaway have part of their end-to-end process located in China.

If the clubs were all manufactured in the US, the golf equipment companies would still have very high profits, just a slightly lower profit margin than they would have if they had moved most of their jobs overseas. This is very unfortunate for US workers, communities, and golf fans.

FAQ Section

Are there any golf clubs made in America?

PXG and Tour Edge are made in America and both have different profiles. PXG golf clubs are well known for being more pricey than a typical set, but this is because they hand-make most sets in the US and invest in players and research and development.

Tour Edge is a much more reasonably priced club and is more for a golfer looking for well-designed, high-quality clubs.

Is Callaway Made in USA?

Callaway clubs are assembled in Carlsbad, California. However, the components (driver, iron, wedge, and putter heads) are manufactured in Asia.

Are there any golf clubs not made in China?

There are some golf clubs not made in China. Honma, Mizuno, and Miura golf clubs are made in Japan. Some clubs are also manufactured in Vietnam, for the same reason that clubs are made in China. Steel and graphite shafts are also typically made in China and Asia because the materials are more readily available.

Conclusion: Research by

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Regardless of where your set of golf clubs is manufactured, it is likely that they are assembled to your specifications in the US. Many golf equipment companies can have their gear made here in the US but choose not to in order to squeak out extra profits to the detriment of the US working class and local communities.

Tell Me More Golf does deep research to bring knowledge to our large base of regular subscribers. In doing so, we are able to bring you accurate, reliable data to answer all of your golf equipment-related questions.


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