Is A 70 Degree Wedge Legal? — (and What is It Used For?)

is a 70 degree wedge legal and the legality of 70 degree wedges

Every golfer wishes he had the hands and the short game of Phil Mickelson. He’s a master at opening the clubface to add loft and hit crazy high flop shots that land softly.

However, when you open the clubface to add degrees of loft, you don’t get the same results. What if there was a lob wedge with 70 degrees of loft? Is a 70 degree wedge even legal? 

The pros at Tell Me More Golf are going to tell you all you need to know about 70 degree wedges, if they are legal, and if they can help your game.

is a 70 degree wedge legal and the legality of 70 degree wedges

The Legality of 70 Degree Wedges

the legality of 70 degree wedges and do pros use a 70 degree wedge

70 Degree Wedges are legal, according to the USGA Equipment Rules:

“The club must not be substantially different from the traditional and customary form and make. The club must be composed of a shaft and a head and it may also have material added to the shaft to enable thze player to obtain a firm hold (see Section 3 below). All parts of the club must be fixed so that the club is one unit, and it must have no external attachments.”

There’s no specific mention of too much loft on a golf club.

However, the USGA encourages manufacturers to submit clubs to the USGA for testing.

This makes sure that they are within the established parameters and can they list compliant clubs in the USGA Club database.

70 degree wedges are gaining in popularity with high-handicappers because they can be much easier to hit and more forgiving than wedges with less loft. Especially on tricky golf shots around the green where the player would normally have to manipulate the clubface.


A 70 degree wedge is a lob wedge with a high loft that is used for chipping and hitting high shots that need to get up in the air quickly and land softly, with backspin.

Flop Shots

The 70 degree wedge is the perfect club for hitting a flop shot. Someone typically hits flop shots when around the green and they need to hit the ball into the air quickly over a hazard like a bunker, or water.

Bunker Shots

Getting the ball out of a sand trap and onto the green can be difficult for high handicappers. A 70 degree wedge lets a golfer take a full swing, without having to open the fave to get additional loft on the clubface.

A 70 degree wedge is a versatile piece of golf equipment that, because of its built-in high loft, allows golfers to hit tricky shots such as bunker and flop shots more easily. The bounce of the club makes hitting chip shots and shots from tight lies easier than with a pitching wedge.


Is The Hummingbird Wedge Legal

According to the USGA Equipment Database, the Hummingbird wedge, in the 58 degree gap wedge, the 64 degree pitching wedge, and the 70 degree lob wedge are all legal to use in regular play and in tournaments.

The higher degrees of loft on Hummingbird Wedges allows golfers to take a normal swing to get the ball up into the air quickly.

Even though the Hummingbird Wedge is legal, 70 degree wedges are not popular with touring professionals.

They can hit challenging shots like flop shots, shots out of sand traps, and off of tight lies by opening the clubhead or the lie angle by adjusting the handle of the club.If you are a golfer who struggles with hitting tough golf shots around the green, a 70 degree wedge might be a good fit in your golf bag because the design of the club promotes taking a full swing, normal swing.

Conclusion: Research by

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USGA rules state that a 70 degree wedge is legal and the Hummingbird Wedge is also in the USGA equipment database as a legal and conforming club. For high handicappers, having a 70 degree wedge will allow them to hit tricky shots on the golf course, like flop shots and bunker shots, while taking a normal swing.

Taking a normal swing with a 70 degree wedge is a lot easier for most golfers than trying to open the clubface to hit shots. Wedges are scoring clubs and the closer you can pitch, chip, or flop shots nearer to the pin, the more putts you’ll make during your round and the better you’ll score.


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