68 Degree Wedge Distance — Average Distance Chart

68 Degree Wedge Distance Chart and Showing You how Far Does the Average Person Hit a Wedge

I’m the head golf instructor at Tell Me More Golf, and in this article, I will cover the distances and more for a very unusual golf wedge: the 68 degree.

The 68 degree wedge has an incredibly high loft, which brings many pros, but also cons. 

How Far Does the Average Person Hit a 68 Degree Wedge?

It’s challenging to say how far the average person hits a 68 degree wedge, as it’s a very rare club. However, we can say that it’s in the ballpark of 50 yards for men, and around 40 yards for women

68 Degree Wedge Distance Chart 

Average WomenMale BeginnersAverage MenAdvanced MenProfessional Golfers
68 Degree Wedge Distance: 40 yards40 yards50 yards65 yards75 yards

In this distance chart, you can see how far a wide variety of golfers would probably hit a 68 degree when making a full swing


68 Degree Wedge Average Club Head Speed

For amateur male golfers, the average swing speed for a 68 degree wedge is probably around 60 mph. For professionals, it’s under 80 mph. However, because of the rare use, it’s hard to say. 

Standard 68 Degree Wedge Length

The length of a 68 degree wedge can vary, but it is usually similar to a sand wedge, around 35.5 inches.

Tips On Hitting a 68 Degree Wedge for Distance

You shouldn’t really try to maximize your distance with a 68 degree wedge, but if you want to, it’s crucial to deloft the club and hit down on the ball with solid contact


When Should I Use a 68 Degree Wedge?

A 68 degree wedge can only really be used for your short game, such as chip shots, bunker shots, and for getting out of tough situations. You can also use it from the fairway when hitting approach shots, but for the average golfer, we strongly recommend using a lower lofted club with an easier swing instead. 

68 Degree Wedge Loft Degrees

A 68 degree wedge has 68 degrees of loft. The only time when this isn’t the case is if the golfer has bent the club. 


TellMeMoreGolf.com – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 68 degree wedge equivalent to?

The 68 degree wedge has 68 degrees of loft, making it a unique golf wedge. No other clubs will have a loft this high, except for even higher lofted wedges, of course. 

What is a 68 degree wedge used for?

You can use a 68 degree wedge for many things, but in general, it’s used for situations where a very high shot is needed.

This could be for a flop shot, a short approach shot into a front pin, or a greenside bunker where you’re extremely close to the pin. The 68 degree can be great in any of these scenarios, but it’s probably too challenging for most golfers

How do you hit a 68 degree wedge?

Because the loft is so high, there is very little clubface for you to make contact with the golf ball. That’s why a proper strike is crucial, because if you slightly chunk it, the wedge will slide right under the golf ball without making good contact.

What company makes a 68 degree wedge golf club?

Most traditional golf club manufacturers such as Titleist and TaylorMade don’t offer stock 68 degree wedges. Instead, you can buy them from brands like xE1 and Calong. However, it can be possible to bend a 60 degree wedge if you want a more well-known brand. 

What club would a 68 degree wedge replace?

A 68 degree wedge’s loft is so high that it can’t really replace any other club than another lob wedge

What is a 68 degree wedge?

A 68 degree wedge is simply a golf wedge with 68 degrees of loft. This loft is extremely high, and results in golf shots with a ton of spin and a high trajectory. 

Who makes a 68 degree wedge?

Not many popular golf gear manufacturers sell 68 degree wedges. Instead, you need to opt for more off-brand choices like xE1 and Calong

Why don’t you need a 68 degree wedge?

A 68 degree wedge has, for most golfers at least, an unnecessarily high loft. Not only is a shot with that high of a trajectory rarely needed, but it’s also a very challenging golf club to hit. 

Generally speaking, we recommend golfers not to have a wedge with a higher loft than 60 degrees.



In this article, we’ve covered the distances for a 68 degree wedge, and much more. The 68 degree is one of the highest lofted wedges you can get your hands on, but the loft is for the most part excessive. For the vast majority, a 60 degree is more than sufficient. 


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