4 Hybrid Distance — How Far Should You Hit a 4 Hybrid?

I’m the head golf instructor at Tell Me More Golf, and in this article, I’ll cover how far different golfers hit their 4 hybrids. 

The 4 hybrid is one of the longer hitting clubs in the golf bag, since it has a low loft and a long shaft. Hybrid golf clubs are easier to hit than long irons, but the distances differ greatly between golfers. 

How Far Does the Average Person Hit a 4 Hybrid?

The average male golfer 4 hybrid distance is around 180 yards, and the average female hits it around 145 yards. However, the distance spectrum is very wide for this club, as the loft is relatively low.

When clubs have a lower loft, it becomes more important to have perfect contact and a high swing speed. That’s why the disparity between a new golfer and a professional golfer is so large. 

That’s why the disparity between a new golfer and a professional golfer is so large. 

4 Hybrid Distance Chart

Average WomenMale BeginnersAverage MenAdvanced MenProfessional Golfers
4 Hybrid Distance: 145 yards145 yards180 yards210 yards240 yards

In this distance chart, you can see how far the average woman, male beginner, average man, advanced man, and professional golfer hits a 4 hybrid. 

The distance you will hit a 4 hybrid is very personal, just like all other golf clubs. How strong you are and how good your technique is are the biggest factors for ball speed, and we suggest not comparing yourself too much and instead focusing on improving your own golf game. 


Average Club Head Speed

For the average male golfer, the clubhead speed with a 4 hybrid is typically just over 80 mph.

In contrast, professional golfers swing their 4 hybrids at much faster speeds, usually exceeding 100 mph.

Meanwhile, average female golfers tend to have a slightly slower clubhead speed with a 4 hybrid, typically just under 70 mph.

Standard 4 Hybrid Length

The standard 4 hybrid length is approximately 39.5 inches.

Tips On Hitting a 4 Hybrid for Distance

When it comes to maximizing your distance with a 4 hybrid, you should mainly focus on increasing your swing speed and playing this club like an iron. Good contact is always important, but if you have that part dialed in, increasing clubhead speed will have the biggest effect

To hit your 4 hybrid well, we suggest playing the golf ball a little left of center for right-handed golfers and the opposite for those who are left-handed. 


When Should I Use a 4 Hybrid?

On the golf course, there are many places where you could use a 4 hybrid. The most common situations where a 4 hybrid is great are approach shots on long par 4s or par 5s. Depending on how far you hit it, a 4 hybrid can also be used for tee shots on par 3s

4 hybrids can also be used for bump-and-run chip shots, where you want the golf ball to stay low and roll. We recommend many average golfers and high handicappers to try this, because when it comes to a hybrid vs wedge, the hybrid is much more forgiving and consistent

4 Hybrid Degrees of Loft

The 4 hybrid usually has a loft between 21-23 degrees. This makes it one of the lowest lofted golf clubs, and typically means a relatively low ball flight. The graphite shaft and hybrid design increase the ball’s apex though, making it easier to hit than a similarly lofted iron. 


TellMeMoreGolf.com – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 4 hybrid equivalent to?

A 4 hybrid has a loft of between 21-23 degrees, and it has a long shaft. This makes it a great replacement for a 3 iron or a 4 iron. 

Will a 4 hybrid go further than a 4-iron?

For the vast majority of golfers, a 4 hybrid will go significantly farther than a 4 iron. This is because the hybrid has a lower loft and is better suited to generate high ball speeds. 

Do any pros use 4 hybrids?

Professional golfers on the PGA Tour typically use long irons over hybrids. This is because they have such a high clubhead speed and want to reap the benefits of an iron’s higher spin and better workability. 

Nevertheless, some pros still use hybrids like the 4 hybrid when they need a reliable shot

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Is a 4 hybrid hard to hit?

A 4 hybrid is much easier to hit than a long iron or fairway wood. However, the loft is still low and the shaft is long, making it one of the more challenging clubs. 



4 hybrids, like all other golf clubs, go very different distances for different golfers. The average man with a golf glove according to golf hardware can expect a distance of around 180 yards, while the average woman hits it about 145 yards.


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