3 Wood Distance — How Far Should You Hit a 3 Wood?

3 Wood Distance on Average from Golf Instructor Editor in Chief Patrick Corley

I’m the head golf instructor at Tell Me More Golf, and in this article I will cover how far different types of golfers hit their 3 wood. I’ll also share some tips on maximizing your distance with the club, when you should use it, and more.

How Far Does the Average Person Hit a 3 Wood?

When it comes to men, the average golfer hits a 3 wood around 210 yards. For women, that number is around 170 yards. However, as with all lower lofted golf clubs, the distance disparity is very large between skill levels

3 Wood Distance Chart

Average WomenMale BeginnersAverage MenAdvanced MenProfessional Golfers
3 Wood Distance: 170 yards170 yards210 yards235 yards270 yards

Here in this distance chart, you can see how far the average woman, male beginner, average man, advanced man, and professional golfer hits a 3 wood. These numbers are rough averages though, so don’t over-compare yourself. 


3 Wood Average Club Head Speed

For average male golfers, the average clubhead speed when hitting a 3 wood is slightly over 85 mph. However, clubhead speeds vary greatly between golfers, so it’s not strange to find significantly slower and faster speeds. For example, professionals on the PGA Tour swing a 3 wood around 110 mph on average. 

Standard 3 Wood Length

The standard 3 wood length is approximately 43 inches.

Tips on Hitting a 3 Wood for Distance

To hit your 3 wood the longest way possible, it’s crucial to have sufficient clubhead speed combined with a good strike. A 3 wood is also much easier to hit from a tee, and you will typically see at least 10 yards more distance

If you want to increase your distance with the 3 wood, the same applies as with any other golf club. Golf club distances are a result of ball speed and smash factor, so you simply, although not easily, need to increase your swing speed and hit the sweet spot more often. 


When Should I Use a 3 Wood?

Like all fairway woods, a 3 wood is often best used for tee shots on par 4s or par 5s.

Sometimes it can also be used on really long par 3s, but that’s a rare occasion for most golfers playing the correct tees.

You can also use the 3 wood for approach shots on longer holes, and for longer hitters that would typically be second shots on par 5s. 

3 Wood Loft Degrees

The typical loft for a 3 wood is between 15 and 18 degrees. This is almost down at the driver loft, but without a high tee to support your shots. The low loft is also why the 3 wood can be difficult to hit, especially from the deck on the fairway. 


TellMeMoreGolf.com – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good 3 wood distance?

For male golfers, the average 3 wood yardage is around 210 yards. Anything above that we would undoubtedly classify as good, but it’s also important to consider your age, strength, and skill. For example, senior golfers who typically hit it shorter should be very happy with a 210 yard 3 wood. 

What is a 3 wood used for?

A 3 wood is most often used for tee shots when the driver isn’t the best pick. This could be a shorter par 4 or par 5 when hitting driver is unnecessary. The 3 wood can also be used for approach shots on par 5s, but this is usually only the case for long-hitters. 

How far should you hit a 3 wood?

While there is no such thing as how far you should hit a golf club, the average distance for male golfers hitting a 3 wood is 210 yards.

Why is 3 wood hard to hit?

The reason why a 3 wood is so challenging to hit is the low loft combined with a long shaft. The hitting surface is also significantly smaller than on a driver. If you don’t have enough clubhead speed and attempt to hit a 3 wood, chances are that you won’t be able to keep the golf ball airborne, resulting in a poor shot. 

Is 3 wood good for beginners?

We would not say that a 3 wood is good for beginners, simply because it’s too challenging to hit and requires too high clubhead speed. However, amateurs who can strike the golf ball reasonably well can definitely benefit from a 3 wood, even if they’re not a fast swinger



The 3 wood is a challenging club to hit, and the low loft means that the distance disparity between golfers is very large. The average male golfer hits a 3 wood around 210 yards, while females hit it around 170 yards.


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