New Volvik Vivid Golf Ball Review and Buying Guide: Expert Findings and Comparisons

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If you want more about golf balls, we have another article with tips on the best golf ball for putting.

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Volvik vivid golf balls review featured comparisons and review team findings

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#1. Volvik Vivid Golf Ball
#1. Volvik Vivid Golf Ball

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New Volvik Vivid Golf Ball Review and Buying Guide

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#1. Volvik Vivid Golf Ball

In the last few years, a lot of colors has been added to the surface of golf balls to make the balls more visually stunning and also to entice more sales. Many of the top brands like Srixon, Bridgestone, and Callaway have added a few more colors to choose from than just the old standard white, while other ball companies have really bumped up their color palette to include many, many bright and fluorescent colors to choose from.

Volvik would be at the top of this list, offering a great selection of colors and even adding the description of “Volvik Vivid” to their golf ball offerings. Wow!  They are bright and really scream out “Look at me!” to the golf enthusiast! They even have bright, volvik vivid matte review colors that make the ball look like nothing you have ever seen! Matte golf balls vs regular golf balls say that these golf balls have caught my attention in the golf shops many times and I have probably wondered the same thing you have: do these bright Volvik golf balls perform as well as their competition? This review of volvik vivid golf balls was fun.

The first generation of Volvik Vivid golf balls performed well off the tee and with irons but lost out on the feel around the green. They felt plastic and sounded like plastic, almost like a toy around the greens. This didn’t convey confidence in our reviewers originally, but now Volvik has released the NEW Volvik Vivid golf ball and replaced the ionic cover with the more popular and common urethane cover.  Let’s see how this revised ball does with our review team: 

Our three reviewers will take the new Vivid balls out to the golf course and compare their performance to two other popular three piece balls in the same price category of about $30 a dozen: Taylormade Tour Response and the Callaway ERC Soft.

Methodology for Testing:  5 balls for each brand were struck by each of our three testers with a 7 iron and driver.  Then all the balls were tested on and around the green with wedges and putters for spin, feel, and overall control.


  • Colors look very bright and inviting
  • Iron performance is solid
  • Driver performance is solid
  • The team was really impressed with all the colors available 
  • Unique matte finish to improve visibility and reduce highlights


  • The matte finish was not popular with two members of our review team
  • Some colors are actually harder to find in tall grass than traditional ball colors

The Data: Volvik Vivid Golf Ball Comparisons

Volvik vivid golf balls with putter on green by tell me more golf we have answers

Each reviewer then commented on the following ball characteristics: 

  • Driver distance
  • Iron distance
  • Chipping feel
  • Putting feel
  • Overall greenside control

After testing out all the brands with each club, the reviewers then answered each guideline with one of the following comments:

  • Premium
  • Above Average
  • Average
  • Below Average
  • Poor

Let’s see how the comparison balls did first with our review team:

Volvik vivid comparisons data and findings tell me more golf 1 tour response

Now the New Volvik Vivid:

Volvik vivid comparisons and data reviews new vivid 2

Looking at this review between the Taylormade, Callaway, and Volvik golf balls, the Volvik has improved around the green since its first incarnation. This is likely due to placing the new urethane cover.

The Taylormade Tour Response received the marks for being the longest distance, Callaway ERC Soft had the highest reviews for the best feeling ball and the Volvik Vivid had the best comments for feel around the green. In all of the performance categories, the Volvik Vivid ball maintained a close distance to its price competition.

According to our intrepid testers, all remarked that the New Volvik balls had improved their “feel” and felt they performed very well.  Volvik outshined the competition sporting the best selection of colors of any balls on the market.  All agreed that these fluorescent balls were the most fun and entertaining to hit and test.

One of the testers even asked if she could take a few of these balls home with her to “test further” with a smile.  She couldn’t hide the fact that she loved the look of these balls and wanted to put a few in her bag!

Volvik vivid golf balls review with red ball on grass next to cup

Where are Volvik golf balls made?

These balls are designed and manufactured in South Korea.

Volvik Vivid compression? Which level:

The new Volvik ball has a medium compression of 75.

Are Volvik golf balls legal?

Yes, they are approved by the USGA and are legal in competitions.

How good are Volvik golf balls?

They are an excellent quality golf ball as you can see from our volvik golf balls review above.

What is the best Volvik golf ball?

They have great golf balls for every level of player and at every price point. 

Check them out and try a round to see what fits your game the best!

Conclusion: The Best Golf Ball for Putting: Tests and Comparisons by

Tell Me More Golf site logo with a golfer swinging in a golf ball site logo

The multiple fluorescent colors that the New Volvik Vivid golf balls come in are obviously attractive to golfers that like a golf ball that stands out from the crowd and is easy to spot in the rough. As far as iron and driver comparisons, this ball matches the flight performance of the medium price point balls out there and did well on the feel test around the green. For this volvik golf balls vivid review, we did all the data for you.

The New Volviks were very popular balls as far as our review team was concerned. The volvik vivid review turned out well! In the end, the reviewers all agreed that all-around these were good, moderately performing and moderately priced golf balls, but the bright, exciting look of these balls was what our reviewers commented on the most.  These are well-performing, bright, and fun golf balls to take out on the course!

If you are interested in checking out more of our research: Look at our article for the Best Golf Ball for Putting.


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