The Straightest Golf Ball: We Review The Best Ball to Hit Straight and Long Shots

Today I am going to give you an in-depth review of the ultimate straight golf ball for hitting straight shots.

Our review staff has put together four guidelines to compare these golf balls:

  1. Low spin
  2. Distance 
  3. Durability
  4. Price

We couldn’t find a guide that compares the straightest golf balls, so I decided to make the ultimate comparison article myself, with the help of research from our review team.

Straightest golf ball with golfing flying at a green

Table of Contents

The Best and Straightest Golf Ball Reviews: Our Comparison Data and Research

Best Quality
#1. Titleist TruFeel - The Straightest Golf Ball

Titleist has just released a new distance ball into their lineup and just like all of their balls, these are quality golf balls. Our reviewers felt the Titleist True-Feel is the best golf ball for straight flight in this review. This is a low-spinning ball that will help you control that unwanted side spin, especially if you tend to slice or hook the ball. This was clearly a straight golf ball.

We saw the distance off the driver was solid, but the longer distance off the irons was definitely noticeable. These balls carried approximately 3 to 5 yards longer than their competition, making it a true distance, low spinning golf ball.

After our testing, the TruFeel ball had a few marks on it, but they were barely noticeable. The price of a dozen Tru-Feel balls is around $23 per dozen, making it not only the highest performer on this list but also very affordable, a winner in our book!


  • Excellent distance off the irons.
  • Great feel around the green for chipping and putting.
  • Low spinning, but enough spin to stop the ball on chips.
  • Titleist all-around quality
  • Affordable


  • Average on durability test
#2. Taylormade Soft Response - Best in Golf Ball Testing

The Soft Response ball was one of the more popular golf balls with our reviewers. These have dimples designed to reduce spin that allow for a straighter shot. These low spinning golf balls will help you to hit straighter drives and stay out of the rough.

This golf ball also has a soft feel around the greens and has a low compression feel, allowing for beginners and mid handicappers to get a good feel and great distance, too.

The distance of these soft response balls was average and the wear on the over was above average after our test. Our reviewers found this the best golf ball for straight drives. The price point of a dozen of these balls is around $23, making it easy on the wallet.


  • Low spinning golf balls that fly straighter
  • Good wear
  • Affordable


  • Average distance
#3. Bridgestone E-6 Speed - Best for Golf Ball Distance

Our testers found the E-6 ball to be low spinning balls that tended to fly fairly straight.  We also determined that they had a good distance off the driver and irons, checking off the first two boxes nicely. The durability test, however, was another thing entirely.

These golf balls tended to scuff pretty easily, performing the worst in this comparison. The price point for the E-6 speed came in at around $29 per dozen, making it the second highest-priced golf ball in this test. However, the distance is worth it.


  • Great distance off irons
  • Low-spinning ball that does fly straighter
  • Reliable brand


  • Cover tends to scratch easily
#4. Callaway ERC Soft

The ERC soft golf ball did very well with ball performance. The distance and low-spin characteristics of these golf balls were impressive.

These balls are low-spin, so they really help players that tend to slice or hook the ball keep it straighter on the course. Our testers found the distance to be higher than average with the driver and irons, so that was solid.

The durability of the ERC soft balls was the area of concern. The balls showed decent wear after our testers were done with them. The price of Callaway ERC Soft is around $34, also making it the highest in this category for this review. But, a good quality ball that we recommend overall.


  • Well performing ball with all clubs
  • Soft feel that many golfer appreciate
  • Low-spinning for flight control


  • Expensive for a distance ball
#5. Srixon Q Star

The Q Star golf ball in this review came in last with our reviewers. This ball is listed as a distance ball, but we found that it had an average distance on the driver and irons. As far as low spin, they had an average spin causing a bit more rotation after the ball strike than the other balls in this review.

This may be due to the “Spin-Skin” technology advertised on the package indicating a higher ball spin. These balls were clearly not the straightest golf balls in this golf ball comparison. After the test, we took a good look at the cover and it had a few scuff marks, but reasonable wear.

The Srixon had a reasonable price at around $25 per dozen. The general consensus was that this ball performed pretty average in our test. However, a good brand of golf ball.


  • Had good feel around the green
  • Reasonable price
  • Reliable golf ball brand


  • Spun more than competitors

Straightest Golf Ball Guide: Our Buyer Guide and Information

Straight Flying Golf Balls

Straightest Golf Ball with Golfing Flying Straight at A Green for Tell Me More Golf

The golf balls that fly the straightest are the ones that spin the least.  In this review, we found 5 golf balls that are the best “distance” balls that tend to spin the least and fly the straightest.

The best golf ball to hit straight is always the lowest spin with a high distance and good durability.

We recently wrote an article surrounding Volvik Reviews,  so if you like our style of articles, it would help us alot if you check it out!

Longest Straightest Golf Ball

Straightest Golf Ball with Golfing Flying Straight at A Green for A White Ball Flying Towards the Camera

The longest golf ball that flies the straightest, in our review for golf ball testing, is going to be the best golf balls for straight shots on the golf course. 

Our reviewers found that the Titleist TruFeel was the longest and straightest golf ball of the 5 we tested.

Golf Ball Testing

We take the 5 most important guidelines in this golf balls testing and apply them to 5 of the best distance balls. 

The winner of this test is the ball that does the best in all categories. The straightest golf ball off the tee and the longest and straightest golf ball out there work best for beginning and mid handicap golfers.

If you are looking for a guide about specific types of golf balls, we have a full article on the different types of balls.

Which Golf Ball Goes the Farthest

We did golf ball distance comparisons for all of the 5 best distance balls.  We found that the longest golf ball is the Titleist TruFeel ball was the longest ball we tested and felt it improved distance on the course, especially with the irons.

What is the straightest golf ball?

Our reviewers found the Titleist TruFeel the straightest and best overall golf ball.

Which golf ball goes the straightest?

The Titleist TruFeel golf ball tested the straightest in our reviews.

What is the straightest flying golf ball?

We found the Titleist TruFeel to fly the straightest in the air.


Tell Me More Golf site logo with a golfer swinging in a golf ball site logo

Finding the best golf ball for hitting the ball straight was the goal of this review. We put together a team of professional reviewers that came up with our guidelines that will give you an accurate representation of how straight and far our tests and comparisons are taken from.

We found many of the distance golf balls that are out in the golf world and brought back the ones that match our criteria. Then, we lined them all up and compared them to find the best ball for hitting straight golf drives. We hope that you benefit from our in-depth research, as have our researchers here at Tell Me More Golf.  Ultimately, it’s going to come down to the golf ball that matches our specific guidelines on having a ball that goes straight on your drives. If you like our style of writing, check out our putting ball reviews.


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