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Pro V1 vs Pro V1x from Tell Me More Golf Instructors Including the Pros and Cons

As the head golf coach at Tell Me More Golf, I have over 50 years experience of golf coaching, and I’m here to share my insight on the differences between the Pro V1 vs Pro V1x.

This article focuses on two specific golf balls, both of which are made by the brand that is arguably the best when it comes to golf ball manufacturing. 

The brand is Titleist and the golf balls in question are the legendary Pro V1 and the newer Pro V1x. We’re going to look at the differences between the two, as well as show you which ball may be better for your needs. 

Main Differences

Both golf balls in question are made by Titleist, and both are very similar in name too, so is there much difference? The simple answer is no, not massively, though there are some subtle differences. 

A standard amateur golfer could hit a hit shot with a Pro V1 and then hit a shot with a Pro V1x and they may not see much difference, but the contrast is there:

Titleist Pro V1

For starters, if you pay attention, a slightly different feel is not difficult to notice. The Titleist Pro V1 feels softer to hit, especially with perfect strikes, while the ball flight is more penetrating too. 

Titleist Pro V1x

The Pro V1x doesn’t really provide as much of a soft feel.

The V1x has a firmer feel to it, for sure, and it is also higher launching. This high launch promotes greater spin, especially when struck well with longer iron. 


Pros And Cons

There are certain pros and cons to both golf balls. These are as follows: 

Pro V1 Benefits

One of the pros of the Pro V1 is the penetrating trajectory or ball flight. This means that the Pro V1 ball doesn’t go quite as high as other balls, so it’s perfect if you think that you’re hitting your longer irons too high. 

The soft feel to the Pro V1 is definitely a pro as it can make a good golf shot feel that little bit better. 

The final real pro of the Pro V1 is the lack of spin that it generates.

However, some low handicappers players struggle with their wedges because they create too much spin.

Playing with a Pro V1 ball can help in this area. 

Pro V1 Cons

Realistically, there are few cons to the Pro V1, which is why it has long been one of the most popular golf balls on the planet. 

They are expensive, which is a bit of a downside, while they may not be ideal for a beginner or high handicapper, as such players may want a ball that promotes spin. 

Pro V1x Benefits

The benefits of the Pro V1x are somewhat opposite to the benefits of the Pro V1. Firstly, the great thing about the Pro V1x is the fact that it’s high launching.

This higher flight helps high-handicappers to get more height on their shots. 

The Pro V1 x can also help high handicap players achieve higher spin. This new Titleist golf ball will really aid such players out on the golf course because of the extra short game spin that it promotes. 

Lots of players struggle to get spin on the ball. The Pro V1x, with its slightly firmer feel, can really help. Again, this is great for beginners or mid-to-high handicappers. 

Pro V1x Cons

Price would be a con. These are price golf balls because they’re premium golf balls. Another slight con would be that the Pro V1x probably isn’t the best option for low handicappers. 


Pro V1 Vs Pro V1x Compression

Another between these two popular golf balls comes in the form of compression. The Pro V1, which remains the most popular golf ball there is, has a compression rating 87-90. 

In contrast, the Pro V1x has a compression rating of 97-100. What does this mean? Well, the compression rating basically measures how hard or soft the ball is. The lower the number, the softer the ball is. We can thus see that the Pro V1 is a good bit softer than the Pro V1x. 

The lower the compression rating of a golf ball, the lower the compression. This means that the golf ball is likely to generate less spin. The higher the compression rating, the higher the compression, which means greater spin. 

If you have a higher swing speed, you’re likely to be a longer hitter, and thus the Pro V1x is probably the best ball for you. Conversely, if your swing speed isn’t that fast, then of the two golf ball options, the Pro V1 is probably the best option for you. 


Pro V1 Vs Pro V1x Distance

In terms of distance, there is not a great deal between the Pro V1 and Pro V1x. If you’re a strong hitter of the ball and you hit both balls perfectly in the fairway, then you may find that the Pro V1x travels slightly further, though this depends on how well you hit your longer clubs, and to be honest, the extra distance is expected to be minimal. 

There are some quite noticeable differences between these two Titleist, but distance isn’t really one of them. 


Pro V1 Or Pro V1x For Slower Swing Speeds

If your swing speed is on the slower side of things, then the lower compression ball, which is thus the lower spin ball, is likely to be the best option for you. 

As mentioned above, if we’re comparing the Pro V1 to the Pro V1x, then the lower compression ball is the Pro V1. Therefore, the Pro V1 is the best golf ball for slower swing speeds. 

Now, this is not to say that the Pro V1 is perfect for all slower swing speeds. If your swing speed is very slow, then there’s likely to be a more ideal golf ball out there, but if the choice is between the Pro V1 and the Pro V1x, the player with a slow swing speed would be more suited to the Pro V1. 


Pro V1 vs Pro V1x For Mid Handicap Or High Handicap

The differences between these two balls are noticeable, but it’s not like one is perfect for mid-to-high handicap players and the other is a disaster. 

However, of the two Titleist golf balls, the Pro V1x is better suited to the mid/high handicapper. 

The reason why the Pro V1x is the preference is mainly because it is a high launching golf ball that promotes greater spin, especially greenside. These are things that lots of golfers playing off a mid-to-high handicap struggle with, so it can be very useful to have a ball that helps. 


Pro V1 vs Pro V1x vs AVX

If you want a ball that promotes much lower ball flight, then the AVX is the ball for you. It has a lower ball flight than both the Pro V1 and the Pro V1x. 

The AVX also has the softest feel out of the three. Therefore, if you preferred the Pro V1 to the Pro V1x but still found that the ball spins too much at times, or didn’t feel as soft as you’d ideally like, then the AVX is likely to be what you’re looking for. 

It’s important to note that these differences are slight, though for low handicap players, they are noticeable. 

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What’s the difference between Pro V1x and Pro V1x?

Titleist states that the Pro V1 has a softer feel to it. They also say that the ball promotes less iron spin, providing a more penetrating ball flight. 

In contrast, the Pro V1x launches higher off the club face, providing a less soft feel but generating greater spin. 

Should a mid handicapper use a Pro V1x?

Mid handicappers can use the Pro V1x and be rewarded. According to Titleist, mid-handicap golfers will benefit in terms of distance, as the Pro V1x is designed to travel that bit further off the tee. 

Do more pros use Pro V1 or Pro V1x?

As mentioned in previous articles, Titleist golf balls are incredibly popular among professional golfers. On the PGA Tour, the most popular Titleist ball is the standard Pro V1. The Pro V1x is still highly used, though it is reported that there’s around a 10% difference in favor of the Pro V1. 

What swing speed is needed for the Pro V1x?

Players with varying swing speeds can use the Titleist Pro V1x and feel the benefits. However, for maximum effect, Pro V1x requires a swing speed of at least 105 MPH. Titleist says that with a swing speed of at least 105 MPH, players can properly compress the ball, achieving the desired ball speed, the perfect height and greater distance.


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