Maxfli Straightfli Golf Balls Review

maxfli straightfli golf balls review from tell me more golf expert professionals

The brand new Maxfli Straightfli is out!

Our researchers have tested these golf balls up against the best in the business, so read until the end to see how they stacked up against the heavy competition!

maxfli straightfli golf balls review from tell me more golf expert professionals

Maxfli Straightfli Review and Buying Guide

Best Quality
Maxfli StraightFli Golf Balls - Longer Straight Flight Distance (Matte Orange - 36 Balls)

The Maxfli brand has produced quality golf equipment for a long time. However, since it was purchased from TaylorMade by Dick’s Sporting Goods in 2008, the brand has moved away from the premium golf ball market and into the distance golf ball niche.

The 2022 Maxfli Straightfli ball is their newest and best model to hit the market. It is an excellent choice for any beginner golfer looking to hit longer, straighter drives with a softer feel around the greens.

The Maxfli StraightFli Golf ball provides excellent distance and straight flight. The ball features a revolutionary Find the Fairway Dimple pattern with 374 stacked and packed dimples. Lab and robot testing have proven that this unique dimple pattern reduces lift, producing a straighter ball flight than other golf balls.

The Next Generation Core gives you faster ball speeds and longer distances with every club in the bag. In addition, the Maxfli StraightFli Golf ball comes in various colors to suit your eye, including gloss white, matte green, and matte orange.

The Maxlfli Straightfli golf ball is part of the Maxfli Golf series of golf balls, including the MaxFl Tour, The Tour X, and the SoftFli. This lineup of golf balls is designed to appeal to a wide range of golfers of various skill levels. While the MaxFli brand doesn’t have the prestige of a Titleist, it is respected in the golf community for producing a quality product.     


  • Maxfli’s straightest golf ball promotes more accurate ball flight for improved overall performance
  • Laboratory and Robot testing proves StraightFli travels 20% straighter than previous Maxfli golf balls
  • Find the Fairway Dimple Pattern utilizes 374 large and small dimples in stacked and packed patterns for reduced lift
  • Soft Ionomer blend cover formulation enables excellent greenside spin for a more fantastic feel and control
  • 2-piece construction provides an optimal blend of distance and accuracy

The Maxfli Straightfli compression rating is 85, putting it into the medium compression category compared to the Maxfli Softfli, a super-soft 35.

However, it’s still much softer than the Titleist ProV1X, even if it is not the softest golf ball. There’s a reason pro golfers hit golf balls with higher compression. A softer golf ball goes slower than a firmer golf ball does. This ball is designed for golfers with swing speeds of less than 100mph.

Our three reviewers will take the new Maxfli Straightfli golf balls out to the golf course and compare them to two other popular two-piece golf balls. These balls are in the same price category of about $30 a dozen: Taylormade Distance+ and the Callaway Supersoft.

Methodology for Testing: 

Our three testers went to the driving range and hit ten balls of each brand with a driver and a seven iron to determine how the ball felt off of the clubface with their clubs and how it suited their games.  

The testers then hit ten different shots of each brand with wedges around the green, including flop, low and high pitch shots, chips, and shots out of the bunker to see how the ball performed. 

Lastly, the testers went to the practice green and hit ten putts with each brand of a golf ball from different angles and different lengths to see how the ball performed for them when putting.


  • Great distance off of the tee with the driver
  • Very straight flight with driver and irons
  • Aiming Line made lining up putts easy
  • Soft feel when chipping and putting


  • Ball felt hard to one of our testers
  • Softer ionomer cover scuffs easily

The Data: Maxfli Straightfli Golf Ball Comparisons

Each reviewer then commented on the following ball characteristics: 

  • Driver distance
  • Iron-distance
  • Chipping feel
  • Putting feel
  • Overall greenside control

After testing out all the brands with each club, the reviewers then answered each guideline with one of the following comments:

  • Premium
  • Above Average
  • Average
  • Below Average
  • Poor

Let’s see how the comparison balls did first with the Tell Me More Golf review team:

Distance+Driver DistanceIron DistanceChipping FeelPutting FeelOverall Control
Reviewer 1Above AverageAverageBelow AverageAverageAverage
Reviewer 2AverageAbove AverageAverageAverageAverage
Reviewer 3AverageAverageAverageBelow AverageAverage
SupersoftDriver DistanceIron DistanceChipping FeelPutting FeelOverall Control
Reviewer 1Below AverageAverageAverageAbove AverageAverage
Reviewer 2AverageAbove AverageBelow AverageAverageAverage
Reviewer 3AverageBelow AverageAverageAbove AverageAverage
MaxFli StraighfliDriver DistanceIron DistanceChipping FeelPutting FeelOverall Control
Reviewer 1Above AverageAverageBelow Averageabove averageAverage
Reviewer 2Above AverageBelow Averageabove averageAverageAverage
Reviewer 3Above Averageabove averageAbove AverageAbove Averageabove average

Our first tester, a scratch golfer, loved the ball flight of the MaxFli Straightfli golf ball with the driver.  He was also impressed by how straight the ball flew with the driver and the 7-iron.

He liked the ball’s firmness with its higher compression combined with the lower launch produced and said it compared favorably to premium golf balls. He wasn’t as impressed with the feel of the 7-iron and chipping around the green but did like how the ball rolled when putting. Again, he thought the ball came off the putter’s face crisply, and he liked the look of the aiming line.

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Our mid-handicapper second golfer also liked how the driver performed with MaxFli Straightfli. She was amazed at how far the driver went and how straight, even on shots that she didn’t think she hit that well. She did not like how the ball felt with the 7-iron. She didn’t feel like she was compressing the ball and preferred a ball, like the Callaway Supersoft, with a low compression rating. She liked chipping with the ball and thought it was pretty easy to get the ball to check up for her. She wasn’t blown away by how it felt with the putter, but she liked the alignment line.

The third tester, a high-handicapper who just picked up the game, loved the MaxFli Straightfli golf ball across the board! He loved how long and straight he hit both the driver and his irons. He felt like his ball flight was “penetrating” and liked the way that it didn’t balloon on him on tee shots, thanks to the low spin created by the Find the Fairway Dimple Pattern. He liked the way the ball checked for him while chipping and thought it rolled nicely and true when he was putting. He said he’d been looking for a golf ball to play this year and thought he’d found it with the MaxFli Straightfli.

The MaxFli Straightfli golf ball did well against the TaylorMade Distance+ and the Callaway Supersoft golf balls.  All three testers were impressed with how much straighter the ball flight was with the driver and their 7-iron compared to the other two balls. While it might not be the best ball for every golfer, it’s worth a look if you’re looking for new golf balls to play for the upcoming season.

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Maxfli Straightfli Compression Rating

The MaxFli Straightfli golf ball has a compression rating of 85. This rating puts it at the higher end of the medium compression level, just shy of the 90, putting it into the high compression category. It is designed for a golfer with middle to fast swing speed, looking for explosive distance and accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Straightfli golf balls good?

The MaxFli Straightfli is the newest version of their cutting-edge technology distance golf ball.  Thanks to its unique Find The Fairway Dimple Pattern, the ball flies straighter than other balls on the market. Its penetrating ball flight and soft feel around the green make it a serious contender in the mid-range golf ball market. It also has an enhanced alignment aid to help you line up your putts on the green.

What compression are MaxFli Straightfli golf balls?

The Maxfli Straightfli Compression Rating is 85 on a scale from 30 to 120 on the golf ball compression chart. The lower the compression score is, the softer the golf ball is, and the higher, the harder it is.

Are Maxfli golf balls any good?

Maxfli has been in the golf business since the 1920s. Their golf ball technology was so good that when TaylorMade sold the brand to Dick’s Sporting Goods, TaylorMade kept the patents to their higher-end golf balls.

Who makes Maxfli golf balls?

Dick’s Sporting Goods own the Maxfli brand. The golf balls are manufactured in Taiwan by Foremost.


The Maxfli Straightfli golf ball is a serious contender in the distance golf ball market. Its combination of mid-compression with a two-piece design gives it explosive distance and accuracy with the driver and irons.  

The cutting-edge Find The Fairway dimple pattern and its 374 large and small stacked and packed pattern helps the ball fly straighter with the driver and irons.   

In addition, its soft ionomer cover gives it an exceptional feel and control around the greens. It feels solid off of the putter face on the greens, and its alignment aid can help you sink more putts. You might wonder how to use MaxFli Straightfli golf balls to improve your game? Play a round with them and find out.

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