There are a few golf ball manufacturers that design golf balls that really make you stop, stare and comment:  “Wow, that is a really cool golf ball, where can I get one of those!”

Our expert team of golfers here at Tell Me More Golf found 5 cool golf balls that stand out from the rest of the field. Now let’s look at some unique and impressive golf balls that are sure to take your game to the next level!

cool golf balls that are novelty and where to buy them for expert information and hands on research

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Cool Looking Golf Balls

Chromax M5 Colored Golf Balls 

Most Popular
Chromax Metallic M5 Colored Mixed Golf Balls (Pack of 6), Assorted

The first on our list is the Chromax golf ball by the Chromax Golf Company. These golf balls look exactly as their name implies – chrome!  They look completely different than any other golf ball and look bright and reflective. 

These cool colored golf balls are manufactured with a clear cover with a metallic-like surface underneath that looks like a mirror. The cover is made of a durable and soft poly-resin material that they have made clear to highlight the bright and shiny chrome-like first layer underneath. This ball has 302 dimples. The pattern features few and large dimples complete with a uniquely manufactured core for optimum distance. 

Chromax M5 golf balls have three layers, the first one being a high-energy core, the outer cover made of poly-resin and a polyurethane varnish to complete the breathtaking look. The different colors available include purple, pink, blue, silver, orange, neon green, gold, and yellow.

If you want more information regarding the softness, we describe in an article which is the most ideal soft golf balls

The Chromax line of golf balls come in many shiny, bright colors, sure to have a color you will visually prefer on the golf course.

Chromax is R&A legal and USGA approved, so it’s legal for use in tournaments.  


  • Impressive finish
  • Increased performance
  • Superior force and control
  • Impressive visibility
  • Improved shots


  • Not recommended for professional tournaments

Taylormade TP5 PIX

TaylorMade 2021 TP5 Pix 2.0 Golf Balls White

The second golf ball on our Coolest Golf Ball list is the 5-piece Taylormade TP5 pix. This premium golf ball looks like it has cool artwork around the ball making it look very artistic indeed.  

It turns out that the designs have two purposes for the golfer to make it much more than just cool artwork.  The small identical designs that are placed at perfect intervals on the cover make it easier for your brain to identify the shape and the edges of the ball. 

This part of the design helps your brain identify the actual ball distance from the ends of your fingers and works especially well when the sky is dark or the sun is fading to darkness. The other purpose of the designs is to help you track the ball spin when you putt.  

If you’re a power player, you stand to gain longer shots with good distance and minimal drag. High handicappers, on the other hand, will achieve increased distance in all clubs

If you align and stroke your putt correctly towards the hole, the pictures on the ball will align and show multiple straight lines as it rolls towards the hole.  These are nice golf balls, great looking, and have lots of functionality as well!


  • Longer distance in comparison to most premium balls
  • Increased launch angles 
  • Remarkable control and soft feel on the course


  • May be slightly expensive for golfers that lose balls consistently

Kaede Fly

KAEDE Fly Golf Ball 2-Piece Mixed White Pink Colored Distance Golf Balls for Men Women (One Dozen)

The 2-piece Kaede Fly golf ball looks nothing like any other golf ball sold on the market. The Kaede Fly is designed by a French golf manufacturer and has taken dimple design to a new level. This unique yet funky design is a far cry from the typical, plain white golf ball. 

The dimple pattern mimics the pattern of a repeating flower and is advertised to create less air-flow drag on the ball and purports to fly longer in the air than a traditional dimple pattern seen on most golf balls. The flower dimples are designed to create 18% lower drag by compacting the air around them. This improves aerodynamics, thereby leading to more distance and increased ball flight. 

The Kaede Fly offers multi-colored golf balls that have a matte finish to choose from like the Volvik golf balls. This ball is approved by the R&A and the USGA for recreational and competitive play.


  • Enhanced distance
  • 12 colorway options
  • Added carry distance
  • Minimal drag
  • Improved aerodynamics


  • Doesn’t sit or spin as quickly as some other balls
  • Somewhat expensive

Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis

2020 Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls (Truvis Red/White)

The Chrome Soft golf ball by Callaway is one of their most popular choices for golfers and is a very high performing, soft feeling premium ball even without the cool graphics on the sides.  Once you add the Truvis graphics to the ball you get an amazing ball that has the advantages of the very cool graphics arranged around the golf ball.  

Much similar to the TaylorMade TP5 pix ball, the Truvis line has small identical colored designs that are placed at perfect intervals on the ball cover to make it easier for your brain to pick up and identify the shape and the edges of the ball. 

This makes it easier to help your brain identify the actual ball edges and distance from the ends of your fingertips. This feature is especially good when the sky is dark or the sun is heading into darkness. This ball also helps with the alignment of your puts and helps you track the ball spin as you putt.

Srixon Q-Star Tour Divide

Srixon Golf Q-Star Tour Divide Blue, One Size

A truly unique and attention-getting golf ball! The 3-piece Srixon Q-Star Tour Divide has an original take on the two colored golf ball design.  One side of the ball is solid blue and the other side is solid yellow. 

The idea behind this half and half color design is two-fold:  to allow the golfer to see the actual spin of the ball around and on the greens. The second concept is that this ball shows you a very easy and accurate way to line-up your putts on the green. 

The Srixon Q-Star Tour Divide golf ball features a urethane exterior that offers high-level technology that compliments moderate-swing-speed players. Most of the technologies used in the Q-Star were used in the previous model, the Z-Star series. They include Speed Dimples, the Spin Skin complete with SeRM, and FastLayer. It has a relatively softer compression of about 72 and is covered in 338 dimples to lower drag and improve flight for extra distance. 

Since this is a Q-Star Tour ball, you will get all the performance benefits that any golf gear ball features, but adds the convenience of reading ball spin and easy alignment that a two colored ball offers.


  • Next-level golf ball technology
  • Tour-level performance
  • Improved greenside spin and control
  • Moderate swing speeds
  • Fairly affordable



  • Limited availability 


Novelty Golf Balls

Nighthawk 4 Light Activated LED Light Up Golf Balls Glow in The Dark Official Size Weight Constant On

These golf balls are unlike any other as they will glow brightly for hours when needed at dusk, at dawn, or for a fun game of night golf.  You simply activate the bright LED lights inside the ball with the light on your cell phone. 

The balls definitely feel a bit stiffer than a regular ball but are playable in the dark. These balls come in a pack of four colors: white balls, red balls, blue and green and can be turned off when not in use.


Frequently Asked Questions: Novelty Balls

Chromax Metallic M5 Colored Mixed Golf Balls (Pack of 6), Assorted

Do colored golf balls make a difference? 

The simple answer is no. During our golf ball testing at TellMeMoreGolf, we have never seen any performance variations between the same golf balls with differing colors. A majority of the color variations within the golf ball marketplace are primarily crafted to boost visibility on the golf course. There are those that serve dual purposes, the second one being to improve your alignment.  

What is a good cold weather golf ball? 

The best cold weather golf balls are low compression. When it is cold outside, use a low compression ball, then when it warms up, you can switch back to a higher compression golf ball for added distance. A good example of this is the Srixon Ultisoft golf ball. It’s a perfect option for golfers who play in chilly conditions. The low compression may help to boost energy transfer upon impact for extended distance in the long game when it’s cold. 

What is the hottest golf ball? 

These are usually the newest and latest versions of golf balls coming into the market. Companies advertise hard to get you to buy the latest and greatest in their line, but they are oftentimes pretty much the same ball as last year. One of the hottest golf balls in the market today is the Vice Pro Plus golf ball. 

What color golf ball is most visible? 

During the day, the most visible color for a golf ball would be the color red. It is opposite the color green, so it stands out very well against the grass. You could alternatively use yellow, since it’s highly visible in the visual spectrum. During the night, the Nighthawk brand of golf balls is very easy to see with their lit LEDs.

Conclusion: Used Balls: Findings and Research by

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f you are looking for the coolest golf ball to set down on the tee and get your friends to double-take, these are the most eclectic golf balls available on the market. 

Many of these are premium balls that already have incredible performance standards without the awesome, cool golf ball designs that add that level of “What’s that cool ball you’re hitting?” 

At TellMeMoreGolf, we strive to bring our patrons the best golf information out there! With your really unique and cool golf balls, we hope you really shine on your next round of golf!


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