1. Titleist TruFeel Matte Red
  2. Callaway Supersoft Matte Red
  3. Taylormade Soft Response Red and Project
  4. Volvik Vivid Red Matte
  5. Bridgestone E12 Contact Matte Red

My dog likes to sneak a taste of my golf balls when he is bored at night and everyone is asleep.

Yep, my Shiba Inu prefers premium balls with Urethane covers like Prov1s and Callaway chrome soft balls. Not the inexpensive golf balls, nope!

He doesn’t care about the color, but you do. So here is the lowdown on golf ball manufacturers that make red golf balls:

Companies Making Red Golf Balls for Me

Table of Contents

Red Ball Manufacturers

Which Companies Make Red Golf Balls

High visibility golf balls are desirable for golfers for two good reasons: one is that they are bold and easy to see on the tee, but also because they are the easiest colored golf ball to locate in the rough. 

Red is the opposite color of green grass, making it stand out like a beacon which makes it easy to see and easy to find golf balls. Let’s take a look at a few, high quality, bright golf ball manufacturers that create red golf balls in their lineups:


Titleist Red Golf Balls

Red Golf Ball Companies Findings and Data

Titleist is one of the few companies that prioritize soft feel more than any other feature. They’re known for making balls with superior distance, remarkable greenside control, as well as trusted consistency and quality. Titleist carefully sterilizes, cleans, sorts, and grades every golf ball to ensure they sell golf balls that meet their strict standards. 

Titleist’s latest offering, the Red TruFeel, features a state-of-the-art Sidestamp design that provides smooth alignment, thereby eliminating the need to mark a line on the golf ball. The manufacturers have also improved the aerodynamics in a bid to optimize flight for longer distances. 

The TruFlex proprietary cover design provides superb greenside control for making short shots and making your game more enjoyable. The Matte Red color from Titleist offers outstanding visibility, and maintains low ball spin while giving you more control in all your games. 


Callaway Golf Balls

Callaway has created a very popular line of golf balls since 1995. They have three golf balls that have red features in their ball cover design: the Chrome Soft Truvis ball, with the red panels on them, is one of their premium balls that Callaway offers featuring the color red.

Callaway also produces the ever-popular Supersoft Red Matte golf ball offered in red — and the Supersoft Matte golf ball is offered in a line of many, many ball colors to choose from. Finally, Callaway offers the Superhot red golf ball that also comes in red and is designed for the more budget-conscious golfer.

Callaway makes red colored balls that are attractive to all levels of golfers: beginner, intermediate and advanced.



The company of Taylormade is one of the newcomers in the golf ball manufacturing world.

They have been making golf balls for only thirty years, but have created the iconic TP5 that has many tour players sporting this ball on tour for years. Since 1999, Taylormade has had an extensive line of golf balls at all price levels.

If you are looking for balls with a solid red color, they have designed two golf balls that have a red cover: the Soft Response golf ball and also the Project line of balls. Both of these golf balls are medium-budget golf balls that have done well in our Tell Me More online reviews.

Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball

Nitro incorporates a Reactive Titanium core that stabilizes the ball flight and passes on the optimized energy from the golf club to the golf ball. Nitro Ultimate Distance golf balls have a compression of 90.

The Ultimate Distance golf ball from Nitro is crafted for players with a knack for consistent performance and longer distances. It’s available in a 15-pack. Nitro’s Ultimate Distance ball offers a responsive feel with spin consistency on every shot. 

Unfortunately, the Ultimate Distance golf balls aren’t tournament-approved. They may pass all of Nitro’s markers but they’re not legally recognized by the United States Golf association for tournaments. Regardless of this fact, the Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf balls are suitable for players of every skill level. 

Volvik Red Golf Balls

The Volvik company, from Korea, is known for its best colored golf balls. They have been making golf balls since 1980 and started selling only in Korea, but as their balls became very popular, they started selling all over the world.

This company has become synonymous with bright, fluorescent-colored golf balls. All of Volvik’s new balls, from the budget to the medium range, offer the choice of red as a color.

Their premium tour balls, the S3 and S4, however, do not come in red and have only a few colors to choose from.

As the idea of colored balls grows with the general golfing community, the idea of brightly covered ball showing up on the professional tour will also continue to grow, provided these balls perform at that level and no surprise, it turns out they do!


The Bridgestone company has been putting out excellent golf balls since 1990. In the past, Bridgestone had been manufacturing rubber cores for other golf brands, but one day decided to create golf balls under their own brand. Their popularity in the golf world has risen year by year.

Now Tiger woods play a branded Bridgestone ball, so you know it is a solid, quality name in golf balls. They have one softer golf ball that you can purchase with a red matte color – the E12. These golf balls have been reviewed on this channel and were shown to be excellent performers when compared to others in its price class.

Frequently Asked Questions: Tell Me More Golf FAQ's

Are red golf balls easy to see? 

Yes, they are the easiest golf balls to see on a green background. Red golf balls contrast amazingly well with the greens as well as the blue sky, making the balls a lot easier to spot when it makes a landing on the fairway. 

Does Titleist make red golf balls?

Yes, the TruFeel ball comes in red. The TruFeel Matte Red balls offers players remarkable greenside control via the state-of-the-art TruFlex cover construction. 

What does a red golf ball mean?

Red is the color of the cover of a golf ball. It’s among the most common colors to play on the golf course. The red color is synonymous with sharp, focused shots with minimal chances of a mishit. 

What is the easiest color golf ball to find?

Red is considered by most to be the easiest to see on a golf course. However, studies indicate that about 75% of players are more comfortable with the yellow color. They consider it more superior over other colors mostly because it covers basically any condition you’re bound to face on the course. 

Who makes pink golf balls?

Many manufacturers make the color pink mostly designed for women’s golf balls. One of these manufacturers is Callaway with their Supersoft Matte Pink Golf Balls. Another is Titleist with their 2020 Velocity Matte Pink Golf Balls.  

Why use a red golf ball?

They are easy to see and find when playing golf. Red golf balls come in handy when you’re a daytime player. The red color mixes perfectly well with the green grass and the blue sky. 

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So there you have it, five quality golf ball manufacturers that offer balls with the feature color of red. There are other red golf balls out there to purchase, but these are the best quality at the time of this article. All the balls mentioned in this article are perfectly designed to help you make the most of your swing in addition to amping up your distance.

At Tell Me More Golf, we strive to bring our patrons the finest in golf reviews, stories from the fairways, and straightforward golf instruction that will improve your game and make your play more enjoyable. We appreciate you stopping by and learning from our passionate research on the game of golf!


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