Chrome Soft vs Pro V1 — (Golf Instructor’s Advice)


As the head golf instructor at Tell Me More Golf, and in this article, I will compare two of Titleist’s and Callaway’s best golf balls: the Pro V1 and the Chrome Soft. 

These premium golf balls are among the most popular in the entire world of golf, and you’ll find many pros using one of them. But what are the key differences, and which should you get? 

Chrome Soft vs Pro V1 Compared

When looking at the construction of the golf ball, there’s a thing that immediately stands out between the Chrome Soft and Pro V1.

The Pro V1 has a three piece construction, while the Chrome Soft has a four piece construction. Some golfers say that this makes the Chrome Soft superior, as it enables a long shot off the tee and delicate shots around the greens

We’ve found that the Chrome Soft ball truly does adapt depending on when and how it’s used.

However, the Pro V1 is a great golf ball, and many golfers would say that it’s the superior ball for better golfers. 


Chrome Soft Benefits and Cons

There are many differences and similarities between the Chrome Soft and Pro V1, and here, we’ll go over the Chrome Soft’s compression and distance. 

Chrome Soft Compression

The Callaway Chrome Soft is a mid-compression golf ball. With a compression of around 75, it is noticeably softer than the Pro V1, which can be explained by the lower compression rating.

So if you’re looking for a really soft high-performing golf ball, there are few options better than the Chrome Soft. 


Chrome Soft Distance

Generally speaking, the Chrome Soft will most likely go further than the Pro V1 for amateur golfers. This is because the lower compression and softer ball suit a slower swing speed. However, for professional golfers, this might not be the case

What Handicap Should Play a Chrome Soft? 

All handicaps can play a Chrome Soft golf ball. The soft feel is something many regular golfers will enjoy, and the low compression makes the ball easy to launch and go far for slower swing speeds. Even some professionals use the Chrome Soft, but most of them play the higher compression Chrome Soft X, such as Jon Rahm. 

Swing Speeds That Suit a Chrome Soft 

Just like with the handicap, all swing speeds can use a Chrome Soft and play well. However, if you have a very high swing speed, the Chrome Soft might be too soft and feel strange to play with. That’s why most pros use the Chrome Soft X instead, which is the higher-level golfer version.  


Pro V1 Benefits and Cons

Now, we’ll cover the Pro V1’s compression and distance. It’s similar to the Chrome Soft, but as golf is very precise, the differences become significant

Pro V1 Compression

The Titleist Pro V1 is also a mid-compression golf ball around 87, but as the compression rating is higher than the Chrome Soft, it feels firmer. The Pro V1 is right in the middle of softness, and few golfers will find it too firm or too soft. Instead, it’s just right. 

Pro V1 Distance

The Pro V1 isn’t designed to be the longest-hitting golf ball, but it does go very far. For regular golfers, a softer option might go further, but for fast swing speed players, the Pro V1 is a great option. 


What Handicap Should Play a Pro V1? 

We believe that all handicaps can play well with a Pro V1, as it’s a very versatile golf ball that’s not very hard. However, golfers with slower swing speeds might not be best served by this ball, and generally speaking, a higher handicap means a slower swing speed. 

Swing Speeds That Suit a Pro V1 

Pretty much all golfers can play a Pro V1, but it’s mainly made for mid-to-low handicaps with relatively fast swing speeds. Golfers with pretty slow swing speeds, such as some beginners and seniors, might struggle with compressing the golf ball and getting a good ball flight. 

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Which Callaway ball is like the Pro V1x?

The Pro V1x is a Pro V1 made for golfers with faster swing speeds. Callaway has a similar option, which is their Chrome Soft X. This golf ball is intended for the better golfers out there who are seeking more workability and a firmer feel. 

What comparisons are the Chrome Soft vs TP5 vs Pro V1?

The Callaway Chrome Soft, TaylorMade TP5, and Titleist Pro V1 are all high-performing premium golf balls. Deciding which is best can be challenging, but here we’ve made a simplified guide.

We would say that the Chrome Soft is the easiest to hit because of its low compression and high trajectory. This is perhaps the best golf ball for slower swing speed golfers. 

The TP5 has a higher compression and firmer feel than the Chrome Soft, but it’s still a comfortable golf ball. We’ve found that the TP5 delivers excellent distance and accuracy off the tee, making it a good ball for golfers struggling with tee shots.

The Pro V1 is the most famous ball in golf, and it also has a higher compression and harder feel than the Chrome Soft. Compared to the TP5, the Pro V1 is slightly higher spinning around the 

greens and feels a little better


In this golf ball review article, we’ve compared Callaway’s Chrome Soft with Titleist’s Pro V1. Both of these golf balls are excellent, but when somewhat simplified, the Chrome Soft is better for slower swing speeds and the Pro V1 is better for faster swing speeds, due to the compression differences.


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  1. I have played the Chrome Soft & Pro V1
    I liked the Chrome soft better, but I play a yellow ball and for some reason it doesnt go as far off the T as the same ball in white in the Chrome soft.
    I dont have this same issue with the ProV1

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