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Our review and comparison team reported that these “soft golf balls” are marketed for beginning to average golfers and also could be considered the best golf balls for seniors.

We established 4 guidelines in our review to compare these soft feel golf balls:

  1. Soft Feel (compression)
  2. Distance
  3. Feel around the green
  4. Price

Enjoy our findings.

Best soft golf balls with a feeling reviews that we use

Table of Contents

Softest Feeling Golf Balls Reviews

Best Quality
BRIDGESTONE 2021 e6 Golf Balls (One Dozen), White

The Bridgestone E6 golf ball is the best all-around golf ball in our test.  It performs at the top in all of our four soft golf ball categories:

The E6 is a soft feeling ball that our reviewers agreed was soft, but not too soft as some of its competition. These are a moderately soft feeling golf ball with moderate compression.  Distance is where this ball really shined and all agreed that this ball maintained excellent distance off irons and the driver.

The Bridgestone E6 golf ball has a delta dimpled outward pattern that helps to increase air resistance while the ball is airborne.

This feature makes its flight straighter, thereby enhancing accuracy and distance. It also helps the ball to resist pop-ups. During putts and around the greens, there’s little to no variation in performance. 

The soft feel and straight shots make it stand out from most distance balls and make the Bridgestone E6 very similar to premium balls such as the ProV1 or the B330. 

Once again, our reviewers thought the E6 ball had great feel characteristics around and on the green, definitely not one of the softest golf balls, but a very solid performing golf ball. The price of a dozen Bridgestone E6 golf balls averages around $23, a very reasonable price. Definitely a winner in our review.

The E6 ball is great for mid to high handicap golfers with swing speeds lower than 90mph. They’re worth the price, considering their similarity to sought-after tour-level balls. 


  • Great, overall feeling golf ball
  • Moderate compression for performance
  • Reasonable price


  • Expensive
Titleist TruFeel Golf Ball, White, (One Dozen)

The Titleist Tru-Feel line of golf balls is a new issue from Titleist and came in a close second in this review.  Titleist makes great golf balls and these are no exception.

The Tru-Feel golf ball is a true soft-feel golf ball that feels very soft with a low compression construction. It’s arguably the softest ball in the Titleist series. Our reviewers felt this was a soft, but not overly soft golf ball. The distance of this ball in our review was very solid. Driver distance was almost the same as the premium balls, but the distance of the irons was slightly longer than average.

The Titleist Tru-Feel golf balls feature a 376 tetrahedral dimple structure with a spherical tile. This compression-molded golf ball is poised to boost your ball speed. Ever heard the analogy by most golf ball designers that the core is the ball’s engine? Well, Tru-Feel golf balls have a relatively larger core (a diameter of about 1.6 inches) meaning that they have a higher speed potential.   

Most of our reviewers felt a slight boost in the distance of the Tru-Feel balls. The feel around the greens was a mixed bag, some felt the ball was a bit heavier around the green, while others enjoyed the control. These balls are sold at around $23 a dozen, making them a great value for your money.

The Titleist Tru-Feel golf balls are available in two primary colorways: high optic yellow and standard white. 


  • Great, soft feel overall
  • Distance off irons is excellent
  • Reasonable price


  • Wear tends to be more than others
Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls (2021 Version, White)

Callaway has been making great golf balls for years and these super soft golf balls have been a very popular ball for a long time. The Supersoft golf ball is one of the softest golf balls you can find anywhere, making it one of the softest golf balls on the market. It is primarily designed to boost control around the greens and improve distance off the tee. 

The Callaway Supersoft golf ball is one of the better performers on this list. The Supersoft is a low compression ball, but not overly soft that makes it hard to control. Our reviewers mostly agreed that the Supersoft balls performed solidly in the distance category, showing about the same distance off the driver, but a slight increase in distance off of the irons. In the Feel around the Green category, all reviewers commented this golf ball felt great with the wedges and putter on the green.

For the Supersoft golf balls, Callaway has incorporated a one-of-a-kind hybrid cover that makes up the ball’s multi-lateral and versatile construction. This feature becomes highly beneficial especially when you want to hit approach shots into the turf to create spin.

The soft compression core helps promote a low spin and high launch while also increasing ball speeds. This will mostly benefit the longer drivers in your setup, especially the hybrids and longer irons.  

This was a solid, all-around performer with our golf testers. These golf balls average around $25 a dozen, making them slightly more expensive than most on this list.


    • Good control around greens
    • Reasonable price point
    • Exceptional control mostly around the greens


  • Ball colors seemed “off” to some of our testers
TaylorMade Soft Response Golf Ball, White, Dozen , Large

The Taylormade Soft response is a popular golf ball and is definitely worth taking a look at. It is the only three-piece ball in this review and a soft cover golf ball.

The multi-layered Soft Response golf ball features a durable and soft ionomer cover with an Extended Dimple Pattern design that works to keep the golf ball airborne for extended periods, while still keeping the spin rates low. 

The Taylormade Soft Response golf ball is a low-compression golf ball that definitely has a soft feel when striking it with the driver, wedge, and putter. One reviewer described the ball as soft feeling on the strike, but not overly soft. As far as distance, these golf balls were described as average, not short and not long, but just average in shot length.

The feel around the green came in as having a good, controlled feel with the wedges and putter. The price for a dozen Taylormade Soft Response was around $25 per dozen, making it a slightly higher price than its competition. The Soft Response balls are available in three primary colorways: matte red, standard white, and high-visibility yellow. All colors have a smooth, shiny finish that are also easily trackable in the air and on the ground. 


  • Good, soft feel
  • Good control around the green
  • 3 layer ball


  • Distance was average
Srixon Soft Feel Golf, 12, White

Srixon golf ball manufacturing has really picked up its game in the last few years, improving all of their line of golf balls and the soft feel has been improved as well.

The two-piece Srixon Soft Feel golf ball, according to our reviewers, felt like a true soft golf ball and had low compression, soft feel with all golf shots. The softness is attributed to the ball’s lower compression fused with the Energetic Gradient Growth Core which has a firm exterior and a soft middle. The distance of these balls came in as very average, with one reviewer posting that he felt these balls were actually flying a bit shorter than normal. The Soft Feel golf balls are a perfect option for players who seek to hit the ball further. The feel around the green was generally very soft and easy to control.  

The feel off the putter was average for most reviewers. However, in another article, we describe the perfect balls for putting. The Srixon Soft Feel comes in at a price of around $22 a dozen, making it competitive in this review, but feeling pretty average for most of our reviewers. For the Srixon Soft Feel golf balls, you have three colorway options to choose from: white, yellow, and pink. 


  • True, soft feel on all clubs
  • Easy to control around the greens
  • Reasonable price


  • Average distance on drivers and irons

Softest Shots: Our Buyer Guide and Information for You

What We Did

Best soft golf balls for seniors with pinnacle being the best featured

For this soft golf ball review, Tell Me More Golf put together a team of three reviewers to test out the best of the soft golf balls in the marketplace. We found that all of the golf balls tested had their strengths and weaknesses, but our testers commented on the following four categories we felt were the most important for golfers: soft feel, overall distance, feel around the green, and the average price of a dozen golf balls.

Our testers all had good things to say about all of the golf balls brands, but the negatives were mostly how we ranked all of the five golf balls in this test. Our brave reviewers ranked overall the Bridgestone E6 golf ball the highest in this review. In the feel category, the E6 ball reflected comments like “soft feel that was very responsive off the irons”.

As far as the distance, the Bridgestone golf ball increased distance for the driver and irons against its competition. In the “feel around the green”, the Bridgestone E6 was the favorite in the group. Lastly, the price for the E6 averages around $23 per dozen. A great value for a great performing golf ball!


Soft cover golf balls that we cover at tellmemoregolf

What is a soft golf ball?

A soft ball is a golf ball that has a soft feel off the strike of the golf clubs and has low compression.

What is compression?

The amount that a golf ball collapses when struck by a golf club.  Low compression golf balls regain their shapes slower than high compression balls, giving the softer feeling that beginners and average golfers prefer.

What are the best soft golf balls?

According to our reviewers for this comparison, the Bridgestone E6 was rated the highest of the balls we tested.

Are soft golf balls better?

Softer balls are better for beginning golfers and intermediate golfers. They are not particularly suited to the more advanced golfers.

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Are soft golf balls better for beginners?

Yes, they would be the best golf balls for beginners. It’s recommended for newbies to use a golf ball with maximum softness and all-rounded performance while learning to make solid ball contact.

Are soft golf balls good for distance?

Yes, but beginners and intermediate golfers will benefit from the distance of soft golf balls.

Do soft golf balls go further?

For advanced golfers, no they would not go further than premium golf balls.

Conclusion: Softest Golf Shots: Comparisons by

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If you like to hit soft golf balls, a recommended purchase from our review team here at is this Bridgestone Golf Ball set. You will be utilizing the soft cover technology more and hitting your wedges better than before.

Our in-depth research provides you with the smooth operation and information to take care of your swing and hit better shots. The quality of the golf ball reviews is important to us, and we take pleasure in helping you out. In another article here we cover the new Volvik Vivid balls.

The main priority of me and my team is to create an environment that will let you find and purchase the best golf balls on account of the information we’ve gathered. Whether it be the types of golf balls or the benefits of certain premium brands, the whole team here at is here to give you and your community in-depth and informed golfing research and brand-new findings.



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