Best Golf Balls for Women — (Golf Coach's Advice)

Best Golf Balls for Women from Tell Me More Golf Coaches and Instructors Giving You Advice for The Green

As the head golf instructor of Tell Me More Golf, I’ve received questions about the best golf balls for women.

When choosing the best golf ball for ladies, we looked for three critical qualities to help women golfers perform their best on the course:

  • Low-Mid Compression
  • Spin Control
  • Feel

#1. Callaway SuperSoft Golf Balls -Best Golf Ball For Senior Women

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

Golf balls with low compression ratings also provide a softer feel, which instills confidence and improves control around the greens. Feel is essential on the putting green, as players require a more delicate touch and better feedback from their putter.


Discover the benefits of Callaway Golf SuperSoft Golf Balls, known for their ultra-low compression, delivering exceptional distance and accuracy for women golfers.

With Callaway’s HEX Aerodynamics technology, these golf balls reduce drag, enhance lift for longer shots, and increase hang time. In addition, their soft feel makes them perfect for players seeking control and smooth touch around the greens.

Catering to a wide range of swing speeds, the Low Drag Hex dimple pattern and Ionomer cover material ensure easy ball lift and a soft feel, making them ideal for beginners.

Available in vibrant colors like green, orange, pink, red, and white, experience the softest ball in Callaway’s lineup.


  • Optimal performance with low-compression technology
  • Versatile two-piece construction for distance and feel
  • Wallet-friendly price without compromising quality


  • The cover could be softer for an even better feel

#2. TaylorMade 2022 Kalea – Most Forgiving Golf Ball For Women

TaylorMade 2022 Kalea Dozen

A softer golf ball can provide better feedback on mis-hits, helping players identify and correct errors in their swing. Golf balls with enhanced spin control offer better control over the ball’s trajectory and help prevent excessive roll on the green.

The Benefits:

The TaylorMade 2022 Kalea golf balls are designed explicitly for women golfers and offer increased lift, extended distance, and a soft feel. In addition, the high-energy REACT core maximizes distance off the tee, and the two-layer construction adapts for optimal driver launch for moderate and slow swing speeds.

The aerodynamic 342 dimple pattern enhances the lift, reduces drag for longer carry, and increases overall distance. With a soft 60 compression, the ionomer cover and extra-large core deliver an improved feel and responsive short-game performance.

The UV-resistant matte paint on Peach and Purple models enhances visibility and adds a unique aesthetic touch.


  • High-energy REACT core for maximum distance
  • Soft Ionomer cover for an improved feel
  • UV-resistant matte paint for increased visibility and distinct style


  • Low compression may not be suitable for medium to fast swing speeds

#3. Bridgestone Lady Precept Golf Ball – Best Overall Golf Ball For Women

Bridgestone Golf 2021 Lady Precept White 12 pack

A golf ball’s feel can impact a player’s confidence, affecting their overall performance and enjoyment on the golf course. Spin control is crucial for achieving optimal distance and accuracy, particularly on approach and greenside shots.

The Benefits:

Bridgestone’s Lady Precept White golf balls deliver optimal performance for lady golfers with a softer Gradational Compression Core, ensuring a soft feel, greater control, and reduced vibration upon impact.

The unique 330-seamless dimple design generates increased lift off the clubface, resulting in a higher flight for improved trajectory and carry distance. In addition, the gradational compression further enhances performance, contributing to longer drives.

The soft ionomer cover provides an exceptional feel and increased spin control for excellent performance around the greens.

With a two-piece construction and low compression, the Lady Precept White caters to women golfers and players with slower swing speeds, ensuring an optimal match for their requirements.


  • Soft feel and enhanced control with a softer core
  • Higher flight enabled by the unique 330-seamless dimple design
  • Longer distance is achieved through gradational compression technology


  • It may not be suitable for players with faster swing speeds


#4. Volvik Vivid Golf Balls

Volvik Vivid Golf Balls, Prior Generation (One Dozen)

Low-mid compression golf balls can help golfers reduce the effect of mis-hits, resulting in more consistent ball flight and distance.

Golfers can use this golf ball brand for spin control to shape shots and control their ball flight, allowing them to navigate hazards and avoid trouble on the course.

The Benefits:

Volvik Vivid Golf Balls are designed for women golfers with driver swing speeds between 70 and 90 mph, offering exceptional performance and feel. With a unique matte finish, these golf balls enhance visibility on the course and boast a first-of-its-kind appearance.

The 3-piece golf ball features a soft, high-resilience core for explosive distance and a soft feel. Advanced aerodynamics reduce drag for a stable, accurate ball flight and superior greenside control.

Engineered for reduced driver spin and increased wedge spin, the Volvik Vivid Golf Balls have a compression rating of 75, resulting in a lower launch trajectory.


  • Low compression for optimal performance
  • Three-piece construction for enhanced feel
  • Designed for faster swing speeds


  • It may not be suitable for average women golfers with slower swing speeds

#5. Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls

Srixon Ladies Soft Feel Golf Balls

Spin control is crucial in windy conditions, as the ball’s flight path can be significantly impacted. A soft feel promotes better contact and improved control, especially on short shots that require precision and finesse.

The Benefits:

Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls offer unique features tailored for women golfers, providing exceptional distance, control, and a soft feel. Designed with a 60-compression rating and a soft, thin Ionomer cover, these golf balls generate significant spin for enhanced greenside control.

The 338 Speed Dimple pattern minimizes drag and maximizes lift for stable ball flight and increased distance, catering to moderate swing speeds.

The FastLayer Core gets gradually firmer towards the perimeter. At the same time, the Energetic Gradient Growth Core ensures a soft feel and maximizes ball speed, promoting higher launches and increased carry. 

The 338 Speed dimple pattern is particularly effective in windy conditions.


  • Excellent value for a superior golf ball
  • Exceptional control and feel
  • Low-compression design


  • Limited color selection compared to other women’s golf balls

The Best Golf Balls for Women – The Tell Me More Golf Buying Guide

As the head women’s golf instructor for Tell Me More Golf, I understand the importance of choosing the right golf ball to enhance your game.

Here are some key factors to consider when searching for the best women’s golf balls.

Low to Mid-Compression

Low to mid-compression golf balls are generally better for women golfers because they cater to female players’ typical swing characteristics and requirements. Women golfers, on average, have slower swing speeds than men, and low to mid-compression golf balls are designed to perform optimally at these swing speeds. 

Here are some reasons why low-mid compression golf balls are better suited for women golfers:

  • Easier Compression – Low to mid-compression golf balls can be compressed more easily with slower swing speeds. When the ball compresses effectively against the clubface, it maximizes energy transfer and results in a longer carry and greater overall distance.
  • Soft Feel – Golf balls with low to mid-compression typically provide a softer feel, often preferred by women golfers. A softer feel helps with control, particularly around the greens, where touch and precision are crucial for better scoring opportunities.
  • Higher Launch – Lower compression golf balls can promote a higher launch angle, which benefits women golfers with slower swing speeds. A high launch can lead to more carry, longer distance, and better overall performance on the golf course.
  • Forgiveness – Low to mid-compression golf balls are generally more forgiving on off-center hits, providing better results when not struck perfectly. This feature can benefit beginner and intermediate women golfers as they develop their skills and consistency.

Spin Control

The ability to control the spin on a golf ball can significantly impact a golfer’s ability to hit straighter shots and manage different playing conditions.

Here’s why spin control is so essential for women’s golf balls:

  • Greenside Control – Control over the spin allows women golfers to make more accurate shots around the greens. Higher greenside spin rates on short game shots, such as pitches and chips, enable the ball to stop quickly on the green, providing better control and improved scoring opportunities.
  • Shot Shaping – Spin control is crucial for shaping shots, like drawing or fading the ball. Skilled golfers can use spin control to navigate obstacles, such as trees or hazards, and position the ball more effectively on the fairway or green.
  • Optimal Trajectory – Controlling the spin on a golf ball also affects its trajectory. Low spin on long shots can help women golfers achieve a more penetrating ball flight, maximizing carry distance and overall performance. In contrast, higher spin rates can result in a higher trajectory and shorter carry distances.
  • Wind Management – The ability to control spin becomes essential when playing in windy conditions. Reducing spin can help women golfers keep the ball flight lower and minimize the impact of wind on the shot, resulting in more consistent and accurate shots.
  • Personalized Performance – Spin control allows women golfers to choose a golf ball that suits their playing style and preferences. Some players may prefer a higher-spinning ball for more control around the greens. In contrast, others might opt for a lower-spinning ball to maximize distance and minimize side spin.


The term “feel” in golf refers to the sensation a golfer experiences when striking the ball and the feedback they receive through the club, hands, and arms. 

Feel is vital during short game shots, such as chipping, pitching, and putting, where touch and control are crucial for precise shots and improved scoring opportunities.

Here are a few reasons that feel is an essential factor for selecting the best golf balls for women:

  • Confidence and Comfort – A golf ball with a softer feel can instill confidence and comfort in a player, leading to better shot-making and more enjoyment on the course. A ball that feels good off the clubface can positively impact a golfer’s swing and overall performance.
  • Control and Spin – Golf balls with a softer feel generally provide better control, particularly around the greens. A softer ball allows for more spin and greenside control, making it easier to stop the ball on the green and execute delicate shots.
  • Feedback – The feel of a golf ball can provide valuable feedback to the golfer, helping them understand how well they are striking the ball and making adjustments as needed. A softer-feeling golf ball can help players, especially beginners, fine-tune their swing mechanics and short-game techniques.
  • Adaptability – Women golfers may have varying preferences for feel based on their skill level, swing characteristics, and personal taste. Selecting a golf ball that offers the desired feel can help women golfers adapt to different shots and playing conditions more effectively.

Swing Speed

Swing speed is crucial in selecting the best golf ball for women because it directly impacts the golf ball’s compression and performance. 

When a golf ball is struck, it compresses against the clubface before rebounding and launching into the air. The more efficiently the ball compresses and rebounds, the better the energy transfer and the greater the distance.

Women golfers typically have slower swing speeds compared to men. Therefore, a golf ball with a lower compression rating is more suitable for these slower swing speeds, as it is easier to compress and requires less force to achieve optimal energy transfer. 

In addition, a lower-compression golf ball with slower swing speeds results in longer distances, better overall performance, and a softer feel.

On the other hand, using a higher compression golf ball with slower swing speeds may lead to a suboptimal energy transfer, causing the ball to lose distance and perform differently than intended. 
Therefore, matching the golf ball’s compression to the golfer’s swing speed is essential to ensure the best performance and maximize the golfer’s potential on the course. – Frequently Asked Questions

What golf balls do female pros use?

Female professional golfers on the LPGA tour often use high-performance, premium golf balls to optimize their game. Professional golfers choose these golf balls for their exceptional performance, offering a combination of distance, control, and feel.

Here is a list of golf balls used by some notable female pros:

  • Danielle Kang: Titleist Pro V1x
  • Inbee Park: Srixon Z-star
  • Minjee Lee: Srixon Z-star
  • Jin-yang Ko: Titleist Pro V1x
  • Lexi Thompson: Bridgestone Tour B XS
  • Min Jee Lee: Srixon Z-star
  • Park Sung Hyun: TaylorMade TP5
  • Jessica Korda: Titleist Pro V1

The preferences of professional golfers may sometimes conflict with the needs of amateur or beginner golfers, who typically require golf balls that cater to their swing speeds and skill levels.

Should women use women’s golf balls?

While women’s golf balls are specifically designed to cater to the average swing speeds and preferences of female golfers, it is not a strict requirement for women to use them. 

Instead, golf ball selection should be based on individual factors such as swing speed, skill level, personal preferences, and desired performance characteristics.

What’s the difference between men’s and women’s golf balls?

The primary differences between men’s and women’s golf balls lie in their compression, construction, and design features, which cater to the typical swing characteristics, preferences, and requirements of male and female golfers.

Here are the main differences between men’s and women’s golf balls:

  • Compression – Women’s golf balls generally have a lower compression rating than men’s. Lower compression balls are designed to perform better at slower swing speeds, which are more common among female golfers. Low to mid-compression golf balls (usually between 40 and 70) provide a better energy transfer at slower swing speeds, resulting in increased distance and higher launch.
  • Construction – Women’s golf balls often feature a softer construction to provide a better feel and more control around the greens. Men’s golf balls, on the other hand, may have a firmer construction to accommodate faster swing speeds and maximize distance for male golfers.
  • Cover Material – The cover material used in women’s golf balls tends to be softer to deliver a better feel and control around the greens. These golf balls often use ionomer or Surlyn covers, which provide a soft feel and increased spin control. Men’s golf balls may use urethane covers for enhanced durability and spin control. Still, they may not offer the same soft feel as women’s golf balls.
  • Color Options – Women’s golf balls are often available in a broader range of colors, including pastels and bright hues, to cater to aesthetic preferences and improve visibility on the course. Men’s golf balls are typically offered in traditional white and occasionally yellow or other high-visibility colors.

It’s important to note that golf ball selection should be based on individual factors, such as swing speed, skill level, and personal preferences, rather than strictly following gender-based marketing.

What is the compression for a lady’s golf ball?

The compression rating for a ladies’ golf ball typically falls within the low to the mid-compression range, usually between 40 and 70

These golf balls are designed to provide optimal performance for players with slower swing speeds, which are more common among female golfers. 

Low to mid-compression golf balls offer better energy transfer at slower swing speeds, resulting in increased distance, higher launch, and a softer feel.

Are soft golf balls for women?

Soft golf balls are not exclusively for women but can benefit female golfers and other players with slower swing speeds.

Soft golf balls usually have a low to mid-compression rating (between 40 and 70) and provide better energy transfer at slower swing speeds, resulting in increased distance, higher launch, and enhanced feel.


Selecting the best golf ball for women requires careful consideration of low-mid compression, spin control, and feel.

Women golfers typically benefit from low to mid-compression balls that cater to slower swing speeds, ensuring optimal energy transfer and distance.

Spin control is crucial for achieving greenside precision and shot shaping. At the same time, a soft feel enhances confidence and performance around the greens.

By experimenting with various golf balls, women can find the perfect match tailored to their unique swing characteristics and preferences, ultimately elevating their game and overall enjoyment on the golf course.


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