Best Golf Balls for the Money — The Instructor's Buying Guide

best golf balls for the money from tell me more golf with the guidelines for distance spin feel and value for researchers of golf balls

As part of the Golf Instructor team here at Tell Me More Golf, I am honored to write this buying guide to help you purchase the best golf balls for the money.

Our professional guidelines, used by our review team in order to research the most affordable best golf balls are as follows:

  • Distance
  • Spin
  • Feel
  • Value
best golf balls for the money from tell me more golf with the guidelines for distance spin feel and value for researchers of golf balls

#1. Srixon Soft Feel – Best Overall Value Ball

Best Quality
Srixon Soft Feel Golf, 12, White

While the Srixon Soft Feel features two-piece construction, it offers an excellent combination of our guidelines: feel, spin, and distance that is normally reserved for more expensive premium three piece balls. The Soft Feel has a long established reputation among golfers as the best golf ball for the money.

The Benefits:

One of the first things that jumps out to many golfers is the price of the Srixon Soft Feel. A box of 12 golf balls has a price tag of around 23 dollars – which comes out to under two dollars per ball, making it one of the best budget golf balls on the market

This golf ball offers one of the best spin profiles for average golfers, as it has less spin than others in the long game, while maintaining high spin on greenside shots. There are 338 individual dimples in Srixons patented speed dimple pattern that work to dial in the ball’s spin. 

On wedge and short iron shots, the Srixon Soft Feel has enough stopping power to hold even the firmest greens while maintaining the softer feel that many golfers crave. The greenside spin is considerable on sand wedge and lob wedge shots as well.

High handicappers will appreciate the added driver control, as less spin will help moderate fades and slices. Better players may look to a ball with a higher driver spin, as some low handicappers prefer to work and shape the ball intentionally off the tee. 

Some golfers prefer a ball with higher compression, especially those with high swing speeds. In reality, a medium compression ball like the Srixon Soft Feel is the best fit for the vast majority of golfers out there. 

At under two dollars a ball, hard swingers with high swing speeds can feel free to swing away, as one of these is less painful to lose than premium golf balls like the Titleist Pro V1x or TaylorMade TP5x.


  • Great Soft Feel 
  • Excellent Greenside Control
  • Great Distance and Value


  • Compression May Be Too Low For Some

#2. Taylormade Tour Response – Best Distance Value Ball

Most Popular
TaylorMade Unisex's TM20 Tour Response Golf Ball, White, 12

The Tour Response is Taylormade’s medium level golf ball offering that offers better value than the premium TP5, and better performance than the lower priced Distance Plus. This sweet spot between best performance and lowest price makes this one of the best values in golf.

The Benefits:

The core of this golf ball features an ultra low compression rating of 40, which gives it an excellent “squishy” feel off the face of the golf club. This low compression allows for a greater transfer of energy to the golf ball, especially for those with low swing speeds.

In addition to being soft and flying very far, the Taylormade Tour Response is outfitted with a three piece core that allows it to spin a great deal and check up when hitting greens. This is one of the most moderately priced three piece golf balls available from a major golf brand.

Some golfers are turned off by the low compression rating of 40, but with today’s golf balls the compression rating is less important than the ball’s construction. A three piece core makes the compression rating alone a bit misleading, and this ball will hold up to higher swing speeds.


  • Taylormade’s best combination of value and quality
  • Ultra low compression for distance and feel
  • Affordable three piece golf ball


  • The low compression may not be ideal for harder swingers

#3. Titleist TruFeel – Best Feeling Value Ball

Best Budget
Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls (One Dozen)

The Titleist TruFeel is one of the most affordable golf ball options offered by a major premium brand. The ball features an extra thin Tru Flex cover that gives this ball supreme feel compared to others on the market.

The Benefits:

A box of Titleist TruFeel balls runs for around $25 a dozen, and there is no better feeling golf ball on the market at this price point. The large high performance core combined with this thin outer layer allow for maximum feeling around the greens and when putting

While some golfers swear by only using three piece golf balls, the innovative two piece design of the TruFeel balances a fast and soft core with a premium thin outer cover to mimic the performance of a much more expensive premium three piece ball. 


  • Thin outer cover layer for incredible feel
  • Fast and soft inner core for ball speed and spin
  • Affordable product from a premium brand


  • Two piece core design is a deal breaker for some


#4. Kirkland Signature – Best Spinning Value Ball

Kirkland Signature Three-Piece Urethane Cover Golf Ball v2.0, 1 Dozen, 12 Count, White

The Cosco company has a long established reputation of making high quality, no frills products in-house for decades, and selling them under the Kirkland brand. When they decided to get into the golf equipment manufacturing game, it made waves across the golf industry.

The Benefits:

The Kirkland Signature golf ball has taken the golf world by storm since its release a few seasons back. It features a high quality three piece cover that mimics that of a premium golf ball for a price of under $25 per box.

This price point was previously unheard of for a golf ball with a three piece core, and many golfers have hopped on the Kirkland bandwagon. 

Most golfers are traditionalists, and many have a combination of brand loyalty and superstitions when it comes to their golf ball selections. For this reason, some golfers do not want to see the name “Kirkland” on their golf balls. 

While traditional golfers may prefer to see long established brand names like Titleist, Taylormade, or Callaway on their golf balls – golfers who only focus on performance and value are likely to carry a sleeve of Kirkland Signature golf balls with them on the course.


  • Unbeatable price on a three piece ball
  • High quality spin and distance numbers
  • Durable urethane cover


  • Traditional golfers don’t like new brands

#5. Callaway Warbird – Best Affordable Value Ball

Callaway Golf 2021 Warbird Golf Balls , White

At $18 a box, it is hard to find a better priced golf ball without sacrificing quality in a major way. Golf balls any cheaper than this are likely to be of questionable quality, and this is the best affordable golf ball on the market today.

The Benefits:

Callaway uses Hex aerodynamics in their dimple pattern design to lower drag and optimize ball flight and distance. The ionomer cover is quite durable, and allows for a unique solid feel off the clubface. 

The two piece construction of the ball’s inner core is great for newer golfers with slower swing speeds, and the reduced spin off the tee helps keep the ball in play. Better golfers may find the spin on approach shots to be insufficient however, as there are spin limitations on a two piece. 

This two piece golf ball offers plenty of greenside spin as well as workability, and has a great feeling when struck by the putter. The Warbird is a favorite among high handicappers looking to improve, as losing one is much more cost effective than slicing a Pro V1. 


  • Lowest priced quality golf ball
  • Aerodynamic dimple pattern
  • Ionomer cover for great feel and durability


  • Two piece construction may not be sufficient for professionals

How to Choose Which 3 Wood to Buy – Our Buying Guide

with us best golf balls for the money from tell me more golf with the guidelines for distance spin feel and value for researchers of golf balls

Finding Overall Value Balls

This recommendation is based on an affordable ball that checks all the boxes in terms of our data-based guidelines. The Srixon Soft Feel is an excellent combination of these guidelines according to our review team.

  • The perfect combination of feel, spin, distance and value

This mix of feel and spin is usually reserved for premium golf balls like the Srixon Q-Star and Q-Star Tour. Approach shots maintain plenty of backspin while the spin is contained off the tee. The driver spin is considerably lower than many three-piece balls like the Titleist Pro V1. 

Searching for the Best Spin for Value Golf Balls

Our recommendation for finding the best spin for affordable balls is the Kirkland Signature golf ball (usually found at Costco).

  • Best spin and greenside control

With its durable urethane cover, many golfers have compared the Kirkland Signature to golf balls around double-the-cost.

Tell Me More Golf – Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Golf Ball for the Money?

After reviewing a large sample size of all the golf balls currently on the market, the team of experts at Tell Me More Golf has determined the Srixon Soft Feel to be the best golf ball for the money. 

What Is the Best Inexpensive Golf Ball?

After a thorough review, the Callaway Warbird has been determined to be the best inexpensive golf ball on the market today. At just under 18 dollars per box, using Callaway Warbirds is a great way to save money without sacrificing golf ball quality. 

What Is the Difference Between a Two-Piece and Three-Piece Golf Ball?

The difference between a two piece and three piece golf ball is the amount of layers in the ball’s inner core. For the most part, more layers means higher quality and more ball spin. Some high end golf balls are known to contain four layers or more. 


The team of experts at Tell Me More Golf have taken a look at a wide variety of different golf balls available for purchase today, and have picked out five of the best golf balls for the money. Each golf ball selected by the team was done so for a different reason, and the main criterias used to determine quality were spin, feel, distance, and value.

While there may be cheaper golf balls on the market than those listed here, the team at Tell Me More Golf does not recommend buying the cheapest golf balls possible, as doing so will cause a major decrease in driver and iron performance.

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