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Well, you are in the correct place: In this article, we will give you the best golf ball for putting.

Our review team has compiled data-driven guidelines to provide research for the putting ball comparisons, just for you:

  • Line (lines) on the ball
  • Feel of the golf ball
  • Color of Ball
Best golf ball for putting introduction to research with expert comparisons

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Best Golf Ball for Putting: Our Comparisons and Data-Driven Research

Best Quality
#1. Callaway ERC Triple Track - Best Type of Golf Ball for Putting

Through our comparisons and putting reviews for golf balls, we have gathered guidelines to help you discover the best golf ball for putting. Our main criteria are the printed lines on the golf ball which helps you accurately line up your putts to lower your scores. 

The Benefits:

This golf ball is ranked at the top of our best putting balls roundup because it follows every one of our guidelines: Soft feel that rolls easily off the putter, three track visual guides to easily line up your putts, and is available in both white and yellow.

The easy-to-see printed lines on the ball greatly improve the direction of the putting stroke. Perfect to use with the Callaway Triple Track putters. Using both in tandem, you will greatly increase your chances of making the putts you normally miss. Shave strokes off of your score.

For some, the multicolor lines might be a bit distracting when not putting, but this is simply not the case when putting. This ball will improve your putting and wow your friends!


  • Guide lines are bold and unmistakable
  • Soft feel
  • Dual Colors


  • Lines can be distracting to some when not putting
#2. Srixon Q-Star Tour - Easiest Ball Lines to See

In our review, this ball shined because of the length of the single target line on this product. This helps golfers sight their putts with extreme accuracy.

If you want more about golf balls, we have another article with tips on how to buy golf balls.

The Benefits:

The Srixon Q-Star Tour golf ball makes it really easy to line up your putts for success. With one of the longest track lines found anywhere, the Q-Star Tour makes it visually simple to make more putts and has a great soft feel that golfers are looking for.  Although some golfers might not have tried Srixon golf balls on the golf course, they are my personal ball of choice. These also come in yellow and white. 


  • Guide lines are long and bold
  • Soft feel
  • Dual Colors


  • A ball that many golfers have not tried, but should
#3. Taylormade Soft Response - One of the Best Golf Balls for Putting Practice

Our experts in this comparison made clear the fact that putting with soft feeling golf balls conveys a sense of control over your putts.  Soft golf balls are the best choice for making more putts during a round of golf.

The Benefits:

This amazing ball makes lining up and dropping putts easy.  The guideline for lining up your put goes almost all the way around the ball, making it very easy and simple to line up to the hole.  Has a soft feel off the putter that makes it feel very comfortable on your putts.

These golf balls have a matte finish and some players prefer shiny, but they have a unique look indeed. Comes in red, yellow, and traditional white that makes this ball easy on the eyeballs. We also recommend it for straight drives out on the course.


  • Guide lines go almost all of the way around the ball
  • Soft feel
  • Three colors to choose from


  • Matte finish may not suit all golfers
#4. Callaway Supersoft - Softest Feel

Having multiple colors to choose from as shown in our study to be a benefit to putting on the greens. The Supersoft offers many optic colors to fit any golfer’s preference for balls to be easily seen from any distance.

The Benefits:

Supersoft balls come with a sizable line-up mark on both sides to make it easy to sink more putts than ever. These golf balls have a very soft feel of the putter – almost a buttery feel for more control.  On the softness scale, they are towards the end of the spectrum and many players like that ultra feel. They also come in eight different colors to allow users the ultimate choice of invisibility.


  • Guide lines sizable and easy to see
  • Soft feel
  • Comes in eight colors


  • Ball may be too soft for some players
#5. Titleist TruFeel - Top Golf Ball Ratings

This ball has a unique yellow color that can be described as a very bright yellow and is brighter and easier to see than most. Played by amateurs and pros alike, Titleist has been making the highest quality golf balls for decades. These golf balls are the newest in their lineup and were favorites of our review team.

The Benefits:

These are just released golf balls with a short triple side-sight that really works to align your putts for greater success. They have a soft to medium-soft feel for good control and bring with them the consistency that the entire Titleist golf ball lineup brings. They come in two colors:  optic yellow and traditional white.


  • Guide lines are short triple track and very easy to see
  • Soft feel 
  • Dual Colors


  • There are other golf balls not listed that are reported to be slightly softer

Best Golf Ball for Putting: Our Buyer Guide and Information for You

Best Golf Ball for Putting

Best golf ball for putting with information and guides

Our golf putting review team came up with the top three guidelines for the best ball for putting:  lines on the ball to help you line-up your putts better, the soft feel of the golf ball for increased control of pace and direction, and lastly, the optic color of the ball for easy visual recognition of ball distance.

In our golf ball comparison list, our reviewers found that the Callaway ERC Triple Track golf balls were the best golf ball for putting. Callaway golf balls are highly recommended by our team of reviewers.


Putting Golf Balls: Our Guide

Best Golf Ball for Putting Introduction to Research with Expert Comparisons at Tell Me More Golf Today

When trying to choose the best ball for putting for you or a loved one,  we suggest that you use the carefully considered guidelines that our reviewers at Tell Me More Golf have provided for you. We suggest the number one consideration is the target lines printed on the golf ball.

Secondly, find a ball that has a soft feel that improves control and distance of your putting, and lastly, a ball that has a color that is easily seen and has colors that appeal to the golfer.


Ball Lines

Ball lines for the putting and putter with golf balls

There are many different ways that golf manufacturers have chosen to design and place their ball lines. Golf balls with putting lines are becoming more popular than ever with golfers of all ages.


Putting Ball Position

When considering a golfer putting position, it is essential to take advantage of every break you can get. Our guidelines for the best ball for putting work for golfers address their putts from any position, height or age.

Best Golf Balls for Putting Practice

Best golf balls for putting practice at tell me more golf

Whether putting on the putting green for practice or playing a round of golf with your buddies, the best golf balls for putting will stay the same. You should be practicing on a putting green with the same golf balls you play with for consistency throughout your game. Having great golf equipment is also a plus, whether it’s used balls or new.

Featured image for the best golf ball for putting with the expert professionals and comparisons

What is the best golf ball for putting?

The best golf ball for putting is the Callaway ERC Triple Track. We have answered the question: What golf ball is best for putting? And it’s also one of the coolest golf balls for your needs out on the greens.

How to line up your golf ball putting?

Golfers should line up their feet, hips, shoulders, arms, and feet at a right angle to their target. Golfers now have the option of using target lines on their golf balls to facilitate better alignment.

The golf ball bounces when putting? What do I do?!

Learn to stroke your putts with your putter head level to the ground as you strike your putts.  This will place less backspin on the ball so it hugs the ground as it moves towards the hole.

Conclusion: The Best Golf Ball for Putting: Tests and Comparisons by

Tell Me More Golf site logo with a golfer swinging in a golf ball site logo

Finding the best golf ball for putting to our readers was the goal of this review. We put together a team of reviewers that came up with the three guidelines that we felt would be most accurate in deciding the top five best balls for putting.

We looked at many of the golf balls that are out in the golf market and found the ones that match our criteria. Then we tested all that matched and came up with the best of them all.  We hope that you benefit from our research, as have our researchers here at Tell Me More Golf.  Ultimately, it’s going to come down to the golf ball that matches your style of play and putting, but these are the balls that are a must to include in your own tests.



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