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As the head golf instructor at TellMeMoreGolf, and in this article, I will share the states with most golf courses, and spoiler alert, the number one spot isn’t surprising

There are few countries in the world with a stronger golfing scene than the US, which is why it’s filled with beautiful golf courses.

Some states do have a more prevalent golfing culture than others, which can be explained by a combination of factors, such as weather. 

Top 5 States With the Most Golf Courses

There are plenty of golf courses in the US, and here, we’ve shared the top 5 states with the most golf courses. 

#1. Florida

Florida, often referred to as the “Sunshine State,” boasts an impressive 1250 golf courses. This is largely thanks to its favorable climate and diverse landscapes, where golfers can enjoy a wide range of courses, from coastal links to manicured resort layouts.

Florida also has a strong golfing culture, meaning that there’s a very high demand from its residents. 

#2. California

California offers not only stunning beaches and breathtaking scenery but also a remarkable golfing experience. With around 1000 golf courses across the state, golfers can tee off against the backdrop of picturesque mountains or along rugged coastlines. 

California is home to some of the absolutely best golf courses in the world, with Pebble Beach perhaps being the most famous. 

#3. New York

New York is a great place for golfers with its extensive collection of around 900 golf courses. From iconic courses in the Hudson Valley to hidden gems in the Adirondack Mountains, golfers can revel in a diverse golfing landscape amidst the state’s natural beauty. 

The only drawback of New York’s golf is the seasonal dependence, but hey, that’s where a trip to Florida comes in handy. 

#4. Texas

Texas is a golf haven with a whopping 900 golf courses. From the bustling metropolitan areas to the serene countryside, golfers in Texas can choose from a wide selection of courses, including championship layouts and tranquil resort destinations. 

#5. Michigan

With about 850 golf courses, Michigan earns its spot as one of the top states for golf in the United States. In Michigan, golfers can indulge in the state’s scenic beauty while enjoying the amazing sport.


Amount Golf Courses by State – A Complete List 

Here, we’ve made a complete list of the number of golf courses in every state. These numbers might change and it’s hard to keep track of the exact data, but they can give you a good general idea. All states are shown in alphabetical order, and the District of Columbia is included, making the total 51. 

  • Alabama – 256
  • Alaska – 24
  • Arizona – 323
  • Arkansas – 201
  • California – 1000
  • Colorado – 265
  • Connecticut – 178
  • Delaware – 41
  • District of Columbia – 3
  • Florida – 1,250
  • Georgia – 423
  • Hawaii – 91
  • Idaho – 113
  • Illinois – 658
  • Indiana – 460
  • Iowa – 412
  • Kansas – 254
  • Kentucky – 282
  • Louisiana – 170
  • Maine – 139
  • Maryland – 192
  • Massachusetts – 365
  • Michigan – 850
  • Minnesota – 478
  • Mississippi – 161
  • Missouri – 335
  • Montana – 100
  • Nebraska – 225
  • Nevada – 89
  • New Hampshire – 112
  • New Jersey – 311
  • New Mexico – 85
  • New York – 900
  • North Carolina – 549
  • North Dakota – 115
  • Ohio – 774
  • Oklahoma – 219
  • Oregon – 207
  • Pennsylvania – 697
  • Rhode Island – 59
  • South Carolina – 348
  • South Dakota – 122
  • Tennessee – 287
  • Texas – 900
  • Utah – 128
  • Vermont – 65
  • Virginia – 330
  • Washington – 292
  • West Virginia – 123
  • Wisconsin – 509
  • Wyoming – 57 – Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the golf capital of the world?

Where the golf capital of the world is located is subjective, but a common answer is St. Andrews in Scotland where the world’s oldest golf course is.

In the US, many call Myrtle Beach in South Carolina the golf capital, as the area has over 60 award-winning golf courses. 

How many golf courses does each state have?

It’s difficult to determine exactly how many golf courses each state has, but earlier in this article, we shared a list of the number of golf courses by state. There, all US states are available. 

How many golf courses are in Michigan?

Michigan has a strong golfing scene, and the state is home to around 850 golf courses. This makes it one of the most golf course-filled states. 


How many golf courses does Texas have?

Texas also has an extremely strong golfing scene with about 900 golf courses. Golf is an integral part of Texas’ culture, and the state offers some of the best golf in the world. 

How many golf courses are in California?

California’s beauty and good weather makes it an ideal place for golf, which might explain its very large number of golf courses at around 1000

How many golf courses are in New York?

New York is a state with plenty of golfers, and they have around 900 golf courses. New York is also home to some of the world’s best golf courses, and there is no shortage of exclusive country clubs

How many golf courses are in Florida?

The Sunshine State has the most golf courses in the US. Florida has about 1250 golf courses, which is a very large number. Golf is something many Floridians play, and the good weather accommodates year-round golf. 


The US is filled with golf courses, and you’ll find them pretty much wherever you are. However, some states are clear outliers, with warm Florida and California having the most courses. Florida has around 1250 golf courses, while California sits at about 1000. 
Golf courses are very different depending on where you play, as the scenery, grass types, and layouts differ. Some states are undoubtedly better than others if you’re a passionate golfer, mainly due to the weather differences.


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