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As the leader of the Golf Instructor team here at Tell Me More Golf, I will be sharing our list of the best golf games to play on the golf course. 

Whether you are a beginner just learning the ropes or a seasoned low handicapper, our comprehensive list of golf games will offer you some alternative fun compared to a standard game of golf for groups of any size.

Golf Games For Groups

#1. Scramble

A Scramble is a classic golf game for groups that adds comradery and strategy to play. In a scramble, all players will hit their tee shot, and then the best shot is selected by the group. All players will then play their next shot from the location of the best ball. 

This is an especially fun game for beginners as everyone gets to contribute to the group’s score and success.

#2. Bingo Bango Bongo

Bingo Bango Bongo is a great game that awards points to players on each hole based on 3 criteria: Bingo, Bango, and Bongo. Bingo is awarded to the first player to reach the green, Bango is awarded to the golfer who is closest to the pin once all players reach the green, and Bongo is awarded to the first golfer to hole out. 

This is a great game for groups of any size and creates competition on every hole.

#3. Nassau

Nassau is a competitive betting game for groups in which there are three side bets per round: front nine, back nine, and overall 18 holes.

 Golfers have the option to wager on each of the three bets, with the winner being the player with the lowest score on each of the three. This offers a competitive element and keeps golfers engaged.


Team Golf Games

#1. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a team game in which players are split into two teams of two. Each golfer will hit their tee shot individually and play the hole.

At the end of each hole, the two players on the team will combine their score to make a two digit number. 

For example, if Player A shoots a 4 and Player B shoots a 6, their combined score would be 46. At the end of the round, the team with the lowest total score wins

This is a fun game which promotes teamwork and competition during the round.

#2. Round Robin

Round Robin is a team game with a unique system in which every player is paired with every other player at some point through a full round. Each golfer will pair with each other golfer in an alternating fashion, and team scores will be kept throughout the round on each hole.

 At the end of the round, the team with the lowest score wins. Round Robin promotes teamwork and allows everyone in a group to get a turn playing together, which increases the group comradery.


Golf Games For Foursomes

#1. Fourball (Best Ball)

Fourball (also known as Best Ball) is a perfect game for foursomes of any skill level

In Fourball, foursomes are split into teams of two, and each player plays their own ball through the hole.

At the end of the hole, the player with the best score on each team is the score that is taken for the team, and the team with the lowest total score at the end of the round wins. 

This is a game that fosters teamwork within the group of two and competition within the foursome.

#2. Alternate Shot (Foursomes)

In Alternate Shot, which is sometimes referred to as Foursomes, golfers are once again split into two teams of two. Within each team, players take turns hitting the same ball. For example, if Player A tees off, Player B must hit the next shot, and so on through the round. 

This is a fun game that promotes competition and strategy among the teams.

#3. Greensomes

Greensomes is a variation of Alternate Shot/Foursomes.

The main difference is that in this case, both players on a team of two hit their own tee shot, and then the group chooses which tee shot is better and alternate shots from there. 

This variation adds a layer of communication between golfers in a pair which can add to the fun (or stress) of a round.


Two Player Golf Games

#1. Match Play

Match Play is a classic and straightforward golf game in which each hole functions as its own competition between the golfers.

 Rather than playing Stroke Play, which is the standard golf scoring format, in Match Play the lowest score on each individual hole wins. Each hole is counted as its own competition, and the golfer with the most holes won at the end of the round wins rather than the lowest cumulative score. 

This keeps golfers engaged as each hole is a new challenge and chance to win.

#2. Skins

Skins is another classic game in which each hole is assigned a value, called a skin.

This could be a monetary bet or a value of any kind assigned to the skin.

 On each hole, the player who wins the hole outright wins the skin for that hole. If a hole is tied, the value of the skin moves on to the next hole. For example, if the first and second holes are each worth one skin, and the first hole is tied, the second hole is now worth two skins. This carries on until a hole is won, which can lead to exciting holes when skins carry over a few times in a row! 

At the end of the round, the golfer with the most skins, meaning the highest score, wins.

Golf Challenges On The Course

#1. Longest Drive Challenge

A Longest Drive Challenge is exactly what the name would suggest – a competition between the golfers to see who can hit the longest drive. This is usually done on long holes (par 5’s) and is a fun way to see who has the most power among the group. 

For a fun variation, you can add the caveat that the drive must hit the fairway to count – this will test power as well as accuracy.

#2. Closest to the Pin Challenge

This challenge tests which golfer can hit the shot closest to the pin when approaching and hitting the green. This can be played every hole, and the group can keep a running tally of who finishes with the most holes closest to the pin to make things even more interesting. 

This challenge also helps you practice your approach, which should result in less putts!

#3. Bunker Challenge

In a Bunker Challenge, players intentionally hit a ball into the bunker to see who can have the least number of strokes from hitting out of the bunker to holing the ball. This tests a golfer’s ability to have control when hitting out of the sand, which is great practice.


Golf Games For Eight Players

#1. Wolf

Wolf is a popular new golf game in which players individually compete to get the most points. In a classic game of Wolf, one player in a foursome would be chosen on the first tee as the Wolf. 

After the other three golfers tee off, the Wolf can decide if they would like to pair up with another of the golfers in the threesome or go it alone as a Lone Wolf.

The Wolf’s goal is to shoot better than the other players on the hole as they play a best-ball system.

If the Wolf plays the hole alone and wins, they receive 4 points. If they play with another golfer and win, the two each receive two points. However, if a Wolf adds a player to their team and they lose, all other players get 3 points. If a Lone Wolf loses, all other players get 1 point. The Wolf role then rotates to a different golfer each hole. 

This could be played with 8 players split into two foursomes, which will keep things fun for everyone.

#2. Pink Ball

Pink Ball requires someone in the group to have a uniquely colored ball (it doesn’t have to be pink!).

 In teams, one player is assigned the pink ball on each hole. For that hole, the player with the pink ball must have the best score, or a penalty decided by the group is enforced. If the golfer with the pink ball loses the ball, they must have a stricter penalty. 

For 8 players, we would recommend that this be played in teams, with the pink ball rotating between the teams each hole. This is a fun game that allows the group to be creative with their penalties!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make golf more entertaining?

If you are finding that golf isn’t entertaining enough, try mixing it up by playing one of the golf games or challenges listed above with your group.

What game can you play with 5 golfers?

There are several games on the above list that can be played with 5 golfers with slight modifications. Wolf, Scramble, Pink Ball, Match Play, Skins, and most others can be played with 5 golfers, just use your imagination!

How do you play golf and have fun?

Having fun while playing golf differs for everyone. However, keeping a positive mindset and mixing things up by attempting challenges or playing games with a group tend to make things more enjoyable for most.

What is the best golf game on the course right now?

The best golf game is subjective and is really up to the individual playing it. However, at Tell Me More Golf we like to stick with a classic Scramble or game of Alternate Shot.



For golfers of any skill level, games and challenges on the golf course are sure to keep things interesting and fun. Tell Me More Golf compiled this list of many of the best golf games and challenges to play on the course, and we hope that this will give you and your group a way to mix things up.


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