Can You Golf While Pregnant? — (Golf Instructor’s Advice)

Can You Golf While Pregnant or Should You Stay at Home Our Golf Instructors Give Our Years of Experience and Advice to Mothers that Want to Golf

As the head golf instructor at Tell Me More Golf, and in this article, I will cover whether or not you can golf while pregnant, as well as some other critical aspects of ‘pregnant golf’ you need to consider. 

Disclaimer: Always talk to your primary healthcare physician if you plan to golf while pregnant. Everybody is different, and this article is only meant to serve as a general guide and FAQ from a golf instructor – and not a definite answer to whether or not pregnant golf is ‘safe’.

Can You Golf While Pregnant?

Every person is different, and you need to consult your healthcare physician before playing golf while pregnant. 

However, generally speaking, most women can play golf with very minimal risk of hurting themselves or their baby.

When simplified:

Most women who are healthy and have a healthy pregnancy can play golf, especially during the first part of the pregnancy.

If you’ve received clearance from your healthcare provider, you can play golf and enjoy its benefits.

Is It Safe to Golf While Pregnant? 

Whether or not it’s safe to golf while pregnant depends on many factors. Now, we’ll list the most important ones you should consider. 

Consult Your Healthcare Provider 

Before venturing out to the golf course when pregnant, you should always consult your healthcare provider. They can evaluate your medical history and current circumstances, enabling them to give you an answer on whether or not you’re safe to golf.

Stage of Pregnancy

Generally speaking, it can be easier to play golf in the earlier stages of pregnancy, as your body has experienced fewer changes.

However, hormones and physical changes may affect every woman very differently.

Listen to Your Body

As with all things in life, you should listen to your body when deciding on whether or not to golf while pregnant. If you feel energized and comfortable, and your healthcare physician has okayed golf, you can enjoy a few rounds without health risks. 


Pros of Golfing While Pregnant 

There are many pros of golfing while pregnant, with the most notable being physical activity and social interaction. 

Physical Activity

When you’re pregnant, it can be difficult to get in some healthy physical activity. Golf helps with this as you’re outside walking and moving your body

Social Interaction

A great way to continue with social interactions during your pregnancy is to play golf. When you’re out on the golf course, you engage with the other golfers, no matter if they’re your friends or random people. 

Cons of Golfing While Pregnant

There are also cons of golfing while pregnant, namely potential fatigue and the risks involved. 

Potential Fatigue

For some, being pregnant is very tough, and playing 18 holes of golf can cause a lot of fatigue. That’s why you need to listen to your body and don’t take on more than you can handle.

Risks Involved  

There are risks involved when golfing while pregnant. For example, you can fall, and you can hurt yourself when making a swing. To avoid this, you should consult your healthcare provider and alter your swing. 

Can I Swing While Pregnant? 

Usually, when you’re pregnant, you can still swing a golf club. However, this is very individual, and the stage of your pregnancy significantly affects things. 

For example, when you’re in the third trimester, it can be challenging to play golf due to your body’s significant changes. You should always consult your healthcare physician before making a decision, but you also need to listen to your body. 

If you want to and can play golf while you’re pregnant, it’s often helpful to stand taller, use a wider stance, and have a shorter backswing. 

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How should I adjust my swing or stance to accommodate my changing body during pregnancy?

Everyone is different, so how you need to adjust your swing during your pregnancy is very individual.

However, there are some general things you can try which are very likely to have a positive effect on your game:

  • Widen your stance to improve balance
  • Stand taller to decrease strain on the lower back
  • Shorten your swing for more control
  • Slow down your tempo to avoid hurting yourself 
  • Stand farther away from the ball

Are there any specific clothing or equipment recommendations for pregnant golfers?

What clothing or equipment changes you need to make when pregnant is very personal, but here, we’ve listed a few things that can be very helpful:

  • Loose-fitting maternity clothing that complies with golf dress codes 
  • Supportive footwear for better stability
  • Maternity belt for belly support 
  • Compression socks to improve circulation 
  • Golf equipment that suits your new swing, such as slower swing speed shafts 

What sports should be avoided during pregnancy?

There are many sports that should be avoided during pregnancy for both the mother’s and baby’s safety. Naming them all would be a very long list, but here, we’ve written the general sport types you should avoid when pregnant:

  • Contact sports
  • Activities with a high risk of falling
  • Sports with excessive joint stress
  • Scuba diving
  • Hot activities, such as hot yoga 

Are there any restrictions or modifications to consider when playing golf while pregnant?

When you’re pregnant and want to play golf, there are a few restrictions you need to follow, as well as some modifications you might need to make to your swing. 

You should avoid too much physical exertion, and it’s crucial to stay hydrated and avoid severe heat.

To accommodate your body’s changes, it’s often helpful to use a wider stance and a shorter swing when playing golf, as it puts less stress on your body and improves balance


In this article, we’ve discussed the different aspects of golfing while pregnant. Generally speaking, it’s safe to golf while pregnant, but you need to consult your healthcare provider before making a decision.


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