Examples of Beginner Golf Courses — Golf Coach’s Tips

Examples of Beginner Golf Courses and What to Look for In a Course

I, the head golf instructor at Tell Me More Golf, have put together this article to cover what type of golf course beginners should play, examples of easy courses, and much more. 

I know many beginner golfers wonder where the best place is to get some practice on an actual golf course. Enjoy!

What Makes a Golf Course for Beginners

When you’re a beginner picking what golf course to play, there are a few things we believe can benefit you significantly. 

Shorter Holes

Beginners tend to struggle with hitting the ball long distances, so shorter holes can make the game more enjoyable and less frustrating. A beginner-friendly course might have many shorter par 3 holes, which can be completed in just a few shots and without any difficult clubs.

Wide Fairways 

Wide fairways give beginners more room to hit their shots. This can help build confidence and make the game more enjoyable. Wide fairways also make it easier for beginners to recover from a bad shot and keep the ball in play, which is crucial for having fun. 

Few Hazards 

Hazards such as water, sand traps, and trees can be intimidating for beginners. A beginner-friendly course should have fewer hazards or at least less penalizing hazards to allow beginners to learn and experiment without losing too many balls.

This helps you build confidence and develop your skills without feeling overwhelmed.

Practice Facilities 

Practice facilities can be a great asset for beginners who are just starting out. A driving range allows you to practice your swing and work on hitting the ball well.

A putting green can help you develop putting skills and get a feel for the speed of the greens. 

A chipping area also helps you work on your short game and develop touch around the greens. Having access to these practice facilities can help you improve faster and feel more comfortable on the course.

Friendly Staff 

For beginners, friendly and helpful staff can make a big difference. Staff members who are knowledgeable about the game and can offer advice and encouragement can help beginners feel more comfortable and confident on the course

Staff members who are patient and understanding can also help beginners feel at ease, especially when they are struggling with a particular aspect of the game. A friendly and welcoming atmosphere can make a golf course feel more inviting and less intimidating.


Examples of Easy Golf Courses – Styles Suitable for Beginners 

Par 3 Course at a Public Club

Short par 3 courses are great for beginners just learning golf basics. Each hole is a par 3, meaning that you don’t need to hit driver to put up a good score.

The courses are often flat, and there are few hazards and bunkers.

Executive Course

An executive course is another excellent option for beginners. These courses are shorter than traditional courses and have smaller greens, making them easier to play.

They also tend to be flatter and have fewer hazards, such as water or bunkers.

Pitch and Putt Course 

A pitch and putt course is a miniature version of a full-sized course, designed especially for beginners. These courses are usually short, with holes ranging from 50 to 100 yards. The greens are often flat, and there are few hazards to stay away from, making it easy to have a good time.

These courses are usually located in public parks, and many of them are free to play, making them an affordable option for those who want to learn the game without breaking the bank.


Best Premium (Expensive) Beginner Golf Courses

In this article, we’ve mentioned that it might not be the best idea for beginners to play very exclusive golf courses. However, a high handicap should not stop you from experiencing fantastic golf, which is why we’ve made a short list of excellent golf courses that beginners can still enjoy. 

Pebble Beach Golf Course

Located in California, Pebble Beach is perhaps the most famous golf course in the world, and also one of the most expensive ones with green fees costing around $600. It’s undoubtedly very challenging, but thanks to the excellent caddies, a beginner can still play a decent round of golf with the help of their expertise. 

Pinehurst Resort 

Pinehurst is another very famous golf resort with multiple championship golf courses. These are, as expected, pretty challenging, but with one of their fantastic caddies, you can still have a good time on a tour-level golf course. Pinehurst also features easier courses, such as their par 3 Cradle Course. The easy ones are great for beginners, and still deliver exceptional quality.

Kiawah Island Golf Resort

Kiawah Island Golf Resort features many championship golf courses, with the most notable one being the Ocean course, which has been the host to many majors. The Ocean course is difficult, and complete beginners should probably stay away from it, as long as they’re not feeling bold. 

There is, however, also a course there called Cougar Point, which offers fantastic quality and beautiful scenery. On this course, the fairways are wider than normal, and there are fewer hazards, making it great for beginners


TellMeMoreGolf.com – Frequently Asked Questions

What are some cheap and easy golf courses?

  • Mather Golf Course in Sacramento, California
  • Sunset Golf Course in Gulfport, Mississippi
  • Green Valley Golf Course in Greenville, South Carolina
  • Little Nine at Shelby Golf Course in Nashville, Tennessee

Here, you can see some examples of affordable beginner-friendly golf courses in the US.

The availability of cheap and easy golf courses can vary significantly depending on your location. However, here are a few general tips for finding affordable golf courses that suit beginners:

  • Find municipal courses: Many cities and towns have municipal golf courses open to the public and that offer lower rates than private clubs.
  • Check out executive courses: Executive courses typically have shorter holes and can be less expensive than full-length courses. They also often have an easier layout. 
  • Look for twilight rates: Many courses offer discounted rates later in the day with fewer players. Playing during these hours can also be more stress-free, as you often won’t have to keep a high pace of play.
  • Consider par 3 courses: These options can be less expensive and offer a chance to work on your skills without the pressure of a full-length course. Many par 3 courses don’t even require you to book in advance, and you can usually take your time. 

What clubs should a beginner learn first?

When you’re first starting out, we recommend using wedges like the gap wedge or sand wedge. These clubs have a very high loft and a short shaft, which makes them forgiving and easy to hit. 

Golf clubs with a lower loft, such as mid irons, require a relatively high clubhead speed to produce a decent shot, which is something many beginners find difficult.

Once you’re able to chip and hit some wedge shots, we recommend moving onto the short irons like the 9 iron. Then when you’re comfortable with those, you can keep moving down to lower lofts. It’s very possible to play a decent round of golf with only a 9 iron, so don’t rush with hitting clubs like the driver. 

Can a beginner play on a golf course?

While a beginner can play on a golf course, it’s not always ideal. If you’re a complete beginner and can’t really swing a golf club, we don’t recommend heading out to the course. On most courses, there will be other golfers. This means that a beginner struggling will cause a slow pace of play, and frustrated people as a result.

However, beginners can head out to the course once they have learned the basics. It’s totally acceptable to play golf with a really high handicap, as long as you maintain a high pace of play. For example, don’t stay on the tee and slice three drives into the woods. Instead, hit a shot you’re confident will be okay and keep moving. 

Can beginners play on expensive golf courses?

Depending on the course, it may or may not be suitable for beginners. Some of the best courses in the world also have some of the best players, which could get stressful for a beginner. Many expensive courses are private, meaning you need a membership to play there.

You can play at extravagant private clubs if a member invites you, but at these places golf etiquette and maintaining pace of play is more important than ever. Better golfers usually means a faster pace of play, which can be hard to maintain if you’re struggling. 

However, generally speaking, we don’t think being a beginner should stop you from experiencing the best of what golf has to offer. 



There comes the point in every beginner golfer’s journey when they have to take their game onto a real golf course. This can be scary, but if you take note of what we’ve talked about in this article, you can have a great time. 

There are many awesome beginner-friendly and affordable golf courses, and there are just as many very expensive ones that are usually meant for lower handicaps. However, pricey and difficult courses can still deliver a fun and memorable experience.  


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