Women's Golf Dress Code — (Rules and Proper Attire)

women s golf dress code with apparel talking about public golf courses vs private

Most golf courses we play have some level of standard for how they expect people to dress.

Often the dress codes for public golf courses versus private clubs are very different. Here we will discuss women’s dress codes and what constitutes proper golf attire at different types of venues.

women s golf dress code with apparel talking about public golf courses vs private

Women’s Dress Code For Golf – Rules

women s dress code for golf rules with golf fashion from tell me more golf private and public clubs

Women’s Golf Fashion “Rules”

Golf fashion has evolved a great deal for women. It was not that long ago that golf clubs had stricter rules. This meant that women golfers typically had to wear a collared shirt and pants or a skirt that was at least knee-length.

If you look at old pictures of golfers like Mickey Wright, you will notice that the golf outfits did not vary much from woman to woman, mainly because of the rules in place at the time.

Now that global golf is becoming more inclusive, women’s golf attire can be much more suited to an individual’s style, even down to the various colors and styles of golf gloves. Golf clothing for women at a private club today is more liberal than it used to be but most still have clear standards. Skirts and sleeveless polo shirts are common styles in the heat. This means female golfers can be comfortable and stylish while staying within the golf club’s dress code. In addition, women wear several other items of clothing that are not old-school traditional.

Private vs. Public Golf Clubs

Private clubs will limit the dress options to skorts, shorts, golf pants, and capri pants. Women’s golf shirts can be button-down, V-neck, sleeveless shirts, short-sleeves, and long sleeves, and often do not require a collar. In some cases, country clubs will allow athletic pants as part of the women’s golf apparel rules, but this is less common.

Public courses can be a different story. For decades, men would dress down when going to public courses, often wearing t-shirts (sweatshirts in colder weather) and jeans. As long as I have been golfing, I have seen it all at public courses, including men with no shirt and cutoff jean shorts.

For the most part, public courses simply have a different dress code.

Women tend to be more respectful at public courses than men. If women do dress down it is usually a tank top with or without a collar, and golf shorts or golf skirts. I have yet to see a halter top or sweatpants on the course in my thirty years of playing, but one never knows.


proper ladies golf attire outfits with the trends and experimentation with visors and tops for women

The Trends

What is “proper” ladies’ golf attire? As more women continue to pick up the game the variety of golf fashion that we will see will grow even more. This is a very positive trend as it helps grow the game and make it more inclusive. In addition, it expands the golf apparel industry because they now have a growing demographic to design clothing for.

Companies like Nike and Adidas, as well as many other lesser-known names, are leading the way in growing their choices for women golfers.

Proper ladies’ attire is often a nice sleeveless golf top, shorts, pants, or capris, no-show socks, and a visor or no hat. This is in no way all-encompassing but covers the basics of proper attire. The variety of these available choices is an exciting trend, luring more women to play the game.


Casual Golf Attire For Ladies – Clothes

Casual golf attire for ladies allows them to play golf in comfort and style. In today’s game, we are even seeing top LPGA golfers set new trends that would have been discouraged a few decades ago.

While I can say that I have never seen strapless tops make their way onto the golf course, perhaps one day they will make their way into ladies’ golf fashion.

Golf is fun, but it is usually played in hot weather for five hours or more. Casual golf attire means that women can be more comfortable and enjoy playing. This will help keep them coming back to enjoy the game.

Luxury Golf Apparel Brands For Ladies – Fashion

Like other areas of women’s fashion, golf is no different. As the demand has grown, many luxury golf clothing brands have emerged catering to female golfers.

Luxury Women’s Golf Clothing Brands

  • Gfore
  • Peter Millar
  • Lululemon
  • Kinona Sport
  • Vineyard Vines
  • Athleta

Some of these names may ring a bell, and what it shows is an encouraging trend of golf’s expansion past just playing more rounds. New businesses are opening up and current brands are growing their offerings for women. While your golf game is not dependent on your fashion, it can certainly inspire more confidence, which is always a good thing.

FAQ Section

What do women wear golfing?

For the most part, women will wear a polo shirt with or without sleeves along with golf pants, shorts, skorts, and capris. Even as the game grows, these are pretty standard apparel items you will see women wearing on the course.

How should a female golfer dress?

Female golfers should dress in whatever makes them the most comfortable while staying within the club’s rules.

Can ladies wear leggings for golf?

Yes, in many cases women can wear leggings to play golf. Women’s golf clothing companies are starting to make golf-specific leggings.

What should a woman wear to golf the first time?

The same thing that they would wear on the 10th time they play. Women should dress comfortably and stay within a club’s stated guidelines.

Are female golfers allowed to wear pants?

Yes, women can wear pants on the golf course as long as they are golf pants. While the PGA Tour requires pants during tournaments, the LPGA allows most of the items that we mentioned in the article.

Conclusion: Research by Tellmemoregolf.com

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Tell Me More Golf has experts plugged into all aspects of the game from clubs to balls to apparel. The game of golf has grown so much in the past decade that it only makes sense that more clothing companies would cater to the larger audience. With so many options and styles, women’s golf apparel is in a good place. Women can dress to their style while still adhering to a course’s dress code.


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