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As a golf professional and private swing coach, I frequently find myself in one of my local Topgolf hitting bays on the weekends and during “half price Mondays,” and have witnessed first hand some problematic wardrobe issues

Topgolf is growing in popularity every single year, and one of the biggest questions that “first timers” have is what to wear for a night out at Topgolf. 

While there is no specific dress code; as with country clubs or regular golf courses, there are some guidelines that should always be followed to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time. 

What To Wear To Top Golf

Golfers who are accustomed to high end or private golf courses and country clubs are likely familiar with how strict the dress codes can be.

A collared polo shirt is almost always required at these facilities, and each course can enforce different dress code rules. 

Fortunately, no such dress code exists at any of the topgolf locations, as they are designed to be a casual meeting place for fun with friends and family. While playing golf in a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers may feel foreign to some golfers, there are others who enjoy the laid back feel of playing topgolf compared to real golf. 

A pair of comfortable shoes and a polo shirt is a common combination across the top golf hitting bays, as many golfers like to sport their favorite golf shirts for a night out. While some people choose to bring their own clubs into topgolf, this is not recommended as the specialty golf balls can cause damage to thinner club faces.

When in doubt, golf attire is always a safe bet to wear into Topgolf. During the day, Polarized sunglasses and sunscreen are also good ideas, especially at locations where the hitting bays face the same direction that the sun sets. 


Top Golf Girl’s Dress Code

One of the best bets when it comes to choosing an outfit for topgolf is to stick with athletic wear like leggings or athletic pants. Athletic dresses like golf dresses are also great options, as well as tank tops and tennis shoes. 

Tennis skirts also make great options for topgolf dates and nights out, and the most important thing is to choose a comfortable outfit that will not become uncomfortable after swinging the golf club a few times. 

Hats and ponytails are also commonly seen across topgolf locations, as it is always a good idea to keep long hair up and secure when swinging a golf club. The same principle goes for loose necklaces and other jewelry, which should be avoided to help avoid accidents. 

While many ladies prefer to wear dedicated golf clothing into topgolf, tennis, yoga, and other athletic wear are all great options as well. Shoes with a flat bottom and good grip are also important, as the hitting mats can sometimes become slippery after it rains. 


Top Golf Dress Code: Shoes

The only rule that first time topgolf goers should always keep in mind is to wear closed toed shoes with a flat bottom. While flip flops and heels are technically allowed, both are fairly dangerous and can easily lead to foot and ankle injuries.

It is important to wear closed-toed shoes, as they protect the entire foot from shanked balls which are very common at Topgolf. The average skill level of topgolf patrons mixed with the fact that alcohol is generally consumed while playing make mishits off the heel and toe of the golf club very common. 

Along with foot protection from errant balls, wearing a shoe with adequate grip and ankle support is also important. Slip and falls are also a significant concern at topgolf, and it can be easy to accidentally roll an ankle with a hard swing toward the end of the night. 

Some people prefer to wear their spikeless golf shoes into topgolf, as it gives them extra grip and comfort on the hitting mats. While some golf shoes are fine for topgolf, those with hard spikes are a poor choice, and can easily lead to slipping on the hard concrete floors. 


What To Wear To Topgolf In The Winter

The hitting bays at all topgolf locations come equipped with heaters, which makes getting ready for a round of topgolf in the winter months much easier to prepare for compared to a regular 18 hole round of golf. 

Unless weather conditions are abnormally cold and winds, a light jacket and a pair of jeans is usually an adequate topgolf outfit in the winter. Beanies and gloves are not necessary, and the jackets and sweatshirt usually come off after a bit of “warming up” with golf swings under the heaters. 

What To Wear To Topgolf In The Summer

During the summer months, topgolf is a great place to relax and hit golf balls in a climate controlled area. Driving ranges that feature air conditioning are few and far between, making topgolf one of the best date night spots during those warmer months. 

Everything from tank tops and crop tops to sun dresses and comfortable shorts are acceptable at topgolf, as there is no enforced dress code. Athletic wear is always a great option for topgolf, as it offers a fantastic balance of comfort, style, and functionality. 

All topgolf locations also feature a significant selection of stylish merchandise featuring everything from polos and tank tops to golf hats and gloves. In a pinch, it is always worth checking the lobby area for an outfit change or addition! 

Things To Not Wear!

While it is true that there is no “enforced dress code” at topgolf, there are a handful of clothing items that should be avoided. All of them involve footwear, and these common mistakes can quickly turn a fun night out with friends into an embarrassing or painful situation. 

One of the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to topgolf outfits is selecting inadequate footwear. High heels and open-toe shoes both open up unnecessary risk when hitting golf balls at topgolf, and should be avoided if possible. 

Hard golf spikes are also a “no no” when it comes to topgolf facilities. While many other driving ranges with artificial turf mats are suitable for regular golf shoe use, the floors at topgolf are all slick and generally made out of cement. Wearing regular golf shoes with hard spikes makes it very easy to slip and fall at topgolf, though soft siked versions are generally fine. 

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Is Top Golf Fun For A Date?

Topgolf is a great “date night” location, as it provides a fun and interactive experience to share without being too serious. Each hitting bay has a dedicated server, and there are plenty of food and drink options for a fun and exciting lunch or dinner date. 

Does Topgolf have a dress code?

While there is a dress code for employees at topgolf, there is no enforced dress code for customers. It is important to wear closed toed shoes with adequate ankle support if possible, and athletic wear is always recommended for comfort. 

What is the girl’s golf attire dress code?

At many country clubs and private golf courses across the world, the ladies dress code is fairly similar. Collared shirts are generally preferred, and sleeveless shirts are acceptable provided that they have a collar. Golf skirts and shorts are nearly always allowed, except for stricter courses that require pants for all players. 

Does Topgolf allow colored hair?

As a customer, you can walk into topgolf with your hair dyed any color you can think of. While there is no specific rule or guideline when it comes to hair color for topgolf employees, it is generally up to the individual manager’s discretion when it comes to dress code issues. 

Can you wear sandals to topgolf?

While there is no rule against wearing a pair of sandals to topgolf, it is never a good idea. The motion of swinging a golf club causes great amounts of force and pressure to move through the body, and it is easy to slip or hurt an ankle without adequate footwear. 

Does Topgolf allow tattoos?

There is no widespread rule forbidding topgolf employees from having tattoos, though individual managers can enforce different dress codes at different locations. Some topgolf managers prefer that employees cover up any visible tattoos, while others do not mind provided that none of the tattoos are offensive to customers. 



Topgolf is one of the best places for a fun and active date night, and many people are confused about the proper attire to wear before their first topgolf outing. There is no dress code enforced at topgolf locations, and customers are free to dress however they please. It is always a good idea to wear comfortable clothing for taking golf swings, and closed toed shoes with proper ankle support are always the best footwear options. The most important thing is to be comfortable and safe, ensuring that you have a great time out at your local topgolf!


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