Best Luxury Golf Apparel Brands – For Women and Men!

Luxury Golf Apparel Brands Like Golf Companies for Women and Men and The Trendiest and Expensive Golf Shirts

As a long time golf course employee who has worked in a handful of different clubhouses, I have seen quite a few golf brands rise and fall in terms of popularity and reputation over the years. In this article, we will highlight some of the best golf clothing brands on the market today that fall into the “luxury” category for both men and women, as well as some of the most expensive and trendy options from around the golf world. 

When it comes to golf clothing, there is a fairly wide cavern in terms of quality between the most affordable golf wardrobe and the more high-end golf wear. 

Luxury golf apparel brands are getting very popular now, as more golfers are looking for fashionable golf wear that is made using performance fabrics. 

Luxury Brands: Golf Clothes For Men

With so many different brands and offerings to choose from at pro shops and golf supply stores today, many people find it tough to distinguish the best gear from the rest. We have highlighted three of the top brands when it comes to luxury golf clothing that is great for seasoned rounders and casual golfers alike

Peter Milar

Peter Milar is one of the most popular high end luxury golf brands on the market today, and they have become extremely popular among male golfers. Their sweatshirts and performance polos are particularly strong sellers, and many consider this brand to strike the best balance between style and performance

Peter Milar is known for its classic and sophisticated style, which sets it apart from other modern golf clothing brands that tend to focus on more “trendy” or “flashy” designs.

The brand’s apparel is generally characterized by clean lines, classic colors, and clean subtle patterns.

While Peter Milar’s style is classic, the brand is also not afraid to innovate when it comes to performance features. For example, they have developed proprietary technologies like the “Crown Soft” fabric, which is a blend of performance fabrics and natural fibers that provide a unique combination of moisture-wicking capability and breathability.

Travis Mathew

Travis Mathew is a unique luxury golf brand that has gained massive popularity over the past decade. They have established themselves as a favorite among many younger golfers by balancing features like four way stretch performance fabrics with trendy and modern designs

One of the reasons that the Travis Mathew brand has been so successful is the fact that they balance clean and modern designs with “flashier” offerings geared towards those that enjoy more casual golf and “party” rounds.


Lacoste is one of the most iconic brands in all of fashion, and while they started as a tennis brand in the 1930s, the French company has expanded into a number of different categories, including golf. 

Lacoste produces high end golf gear including jogger style selections as well as more traditional golf pants. They also have weatherproof outerwear and golf polos that all showcase the iconic Lacoste alligator while providing high-end features like moisture wicking technology


Luxury Apparel Brands For Women

While many of the top luxury brands on the market today have expanded into the “golf wear” space, there are few who focus extensively on their women’s golf lines. We have hand selected three of the most popular and trusted brands on the market when it comes to luxury women’s golf apparel. 


RLX is the name of the famous Ralph Lauren brand’s golf collection, and their women’s polo shirts have made waves within the golf community due to their mixture of performance, durability, and comfort. 

There are a number of different fits and fabrics to choose from, and there are also different cuts of golf polo shirts including polo dresses, quarter zips, and sleeveless offerings. There are also many stylish prints and colors to choose from, and many golfers find the RLX line of polos to be the best looking options in many country clubs and pro shops. 

Tory Burch 

Tory Burch is a New York City based fashion brand that specializes in flashy, modern designs and high end women’s luxury goods. They roll out a new golf collection for each fashion season, and some of their most iconic designs include the pleated collar short sleeve polo and ruffled “skort” style of skirt/short hybrid. 

While every item in the Tory Burch women’s collection is very high end and fashionable, they are generally less durable when compared to brands like RLX, Adidas Golf, and Under Armour.

This is because Tory Burch prioritizes fashion over performance in some regards when it comes to golf clothes, which is a sacrifice many make gladly to look extra sharp on the golf course. 

Abacus Sportswear

Abacus Sportswear is a modern fashion brand that showcases one of the most extensive lines of women’s golf clothing on the market. Their general design aesthetic can be described as “classically sporty,” as all of their designs fit right in at just about any golf club in the world. 

Abacus produces everything from, breathable polo shirts to weatherproof sweaters and stylish vests, and all of their products feature premium fabrics at a significant discount compared to other high end luxury brands. 


Most Expensive Golf Shirts

While a $530 golf polo from fashion icon Ferragamo may not help you strike the back of the ball more cleanly, it may help your confidence walking into the clubhouse. These types of shirts place a much higher emphasis on fashion over function, so if you are planning on playing in harsh weather or for more than 18 holes, a simple Nike “dri fit” polo may be a better option. 

While brands like Travis Mathew, Peter Milar, and Tory Burch have great reputations for producing some of the best luxury performance golf wear on the market today, there are some golfers who prefer to stand out from the crowd when it comes to fashion and brand names. 

Similarly, the fashion giant Prada makes a very high priced golf polo that is catered to “high roller” golfers rather than “weekend warriors.” Their “Piqué” line of traditionally cut golf polos is available in three different colors, and retails for just over $900. 


Trendiest Golf Brands

There are many different brands on the market today that are producing unique and trendy styles of golf wear that are intended for the stylish weekend golfer rather than PGA tour players. These fashion forward golf brands produce everything from hoodies and golf jackets to golf gloves, golf shoes, and putter head covers. 

Malbon Golf is one of the first brands that comes to mind for many young golfers when it comes to style on and off the golf course. They feature a classic cursive “M” shaped logo, and their “buckets” golf ball logo with eyes has become very popular at golf courses all over the United States. 

Eastside golf is another young and exciting golf brand that is helping people change the way they think about golf wear. All of their designs are clean, modern, and stylish, and it is one of the fastest growing small golf brands on the market today. 

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Who makes the best golf attire?

While there are dozens of different golf brands to choose from, some of the best golf attire on the market is produced by upscale brands like Peter Milar and Travis Mathew. Additionally, RLX and Abacus Sportswear have developed a very good reputation when it comes to high quality women’s golf gear. 

Where can I find Abacus golf clothing reviews?

There are many different ways to take a look at what other golfers have thought about their Abacus golf purchases, including reviews on the company website as well as Amazon. There are also many golf blogs and influencers who regularly review clothing items from high end brands like Abacus Sportswear. 

Is Peter Millar a luxury brand?

Peter Milar is one of the best examples of a classic American luxury golf brand. While they have only been around for two decades, they have already established themselves as one of the best and most trusted brands in the market when it comes to upscale golf performance clothing. 

What stars have a luxury golf apparel company?

Bill Murray is by far the most popular and recognizable celebrity in the world to own a luxury golf brand. Famous golfers like Greg Norman have also started golf brands, though these are generally considered to be “economical” golf brands rather than luxury offerings. 



There is a growing demand for high end performance luxury golf wear within the industry today, as more golfers are prioritizing fashion and function over price when it comes to golf attire. There are a handful of brands that have established themselves within the luxury golf space for consistently delivering on fashionable golf gear that holds up well over time and stands up to the elements.

The team here at Tell Me More Golf always recommends sticking with trusted and established brands when it comes to luxury golf gear, though it is also important to keep a reasonable budget in mind!


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