Golf Hat Styles — (The Different Types of Golf Hats)


Hats on the golf course serve three main purposes: sun protection, fashion apparel, and covering up messy hair (typically for men). In my thirty-plus years on the course, I have always worn a hat for these three reasons.

Although my choice has always been the baseball or trucker style hat, there are other types to suit your style and provide UV protection. Stay with us here at Tell Me More Golf to hear what our experts can tell you about the various types of hats, and help you choose what is best for you.


Main Types Of Golf Hats


Baseball Style Golf Hat

this is the most popular type of headwear for professional golfers and recreational golfers. Whether you are sporting a Nike or Adidas hat, or your favorite professional sports team, it is all appropriate to wear on a golf course. I find the snapback and custom stretch-fit hats to be the most comfortable.

Because you are going to be in the heat on the course for five hours per round, you may want to consider a baseball-style hat with a sweatband or moisture-wicking technology to make your day more pleasant and keep the sweat out of your eyes and off of your neck.

Golf Bucket Hat

Although not typically known as a fashion statement, the bucket hat serves a clear purpose.

It blocks your head and neck from the sun very well.

The bucket hat is also a popular option in the rain to keep the drops from beading down your neck. Titleist and Under Armour, both make quality options.

The Golf Visor

The golf visor has been a popular choice for golfers for decades. With the top of this hat open, it is a good choice if you like to showcase your hair or keep your head cool. While these will help protect your eyes and face from the sun, they do not protect your scalp.

Driving Cap or Ivy Cap

Most golfers would recognize this type of hat with the Puma logo.

We are talking about Bryson Dechambeau. In honor of the late Ben Hogan, Bryson sports this style hat in major championships. This does not provide much in the way of sun protection, but can be stylish in moderation.

Straw Hat

Made famous by The Shark, Greg Norman, the straw hat is a fashion statement with good protection from the sun.

The wide brim blocks your eyes and face from the sun.

This is often a favorite among older golfers and seniors who are typically more conscientious about how much sun exposure they get.

Those are the 5(five) main types of golf hats. We talked about these 5 different types of golf hats to help you choose based on some of the benefits that they offer.


The traditional golf cap has changed over the last several decades.

While the era of Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer saw the ivy cap style lead in popularity, fashion has changed.

Nowadays the traditional golf cap is a baseball-style hat. While all of the major brands say they have the best golf hats, the technology and performance features are relatively similar.

Golf apparel has grown so much as the game has grown as well. It is important to have a couple of go-to golf hats with some PGA tour performance-level technology. These are baseball caps with moisture-wicking fabric that will stand up to a lot of sweat, rain, sand, and dirt that you will pick up after a few rounds of golf. Tiger Woods made famous the simple Nike hat with the swoosh at the center.


Men’s Golf Hat Styles

Men’s and women’s golf hat styles can vary quite a bit. However, the traditional styles have been bucked by recent trends in golf fashion. The most popular hat style that you will find at any course is the baseball cap style. Men prefer the baseball hat style because it can be worn off the course as well. Taylormade has done a great job in creating a great blend of golf branding with the performance of moisture-wicking technology and durable, light fabrics.

While there are many different types of the popular baseball cap style, men’s hats extend beyond. If you follow golf on Instagram, it won’t take long to see several different styles.

The flat cap or Hogan-style hat is a unique option that never really took off. Visors are also functional but many golfers still attribute this style to an older generation. Whatever your style, golf clothing, and fashion are becoming as important as the golf balls you play. There is even a small part of the golf world that likes to play golf in a fedora.

Golf Bucket Hat

The bucket style is a hat with a narrow, downward-sloping brim. Typically, the hat is made from heavy-duty fabric such as polyester or canvas, sometimes with metal eyelets placed on the crown of the hat for ventilation.

The bucket hat is a great style to have even if you just pull it out for rain days. Under Armour and Titleist have great options as I mentioned. First-hand I can tell you that both are comfortable to wear and do an excellent job of keeping out the rain or protecting your neck from 36 holes in the sun.

FAQ Section

Do All Pro Golfers Wear Hats?

Most but not all professional golfers wear hats. Professionals can wear a company logo on a hat and receive several thousand dollars or more to do so. So they enjoy the performance benefits while getting paid.

What are the golf hats called?

Golf hats come in several styles! They are usually called baseball caps, bucket hats, visors, or flat caps. All of these hats have golf-specific styles as well.

What hats do golf pros wear?

Pros favor the baseball cap style. PGA Tour professionals wear the leading golf brands like Nike, Taylormade, Ping, Titleist, and Srixon. In addition, pro golfers add sponsors to their hats.

What is a flat golf hat called?

They are typically called an Ivy Cap. Bryson Dechambeau is known for wearing an Ivy Cap style with the Puma logo.

Why do people wear Titleist hats?

Titleist is arguably the most well-known name in golf. People equate Titleist to the best. Their hats are also very comfortable, stylish, and last longer than others.

Conclusion: Research by

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With so many options available, there is a style for you. If you are loyal to one brand, you will likely be able to find the golf apparel that you are looking for.

Golf hats are an important part of your wardrobe because they are both stylish and functional. My preference is a Titleist hat with a bucket hat in my golf bag for the elements. Tell Me More Golf brings you this article to help you choose the type(s) of golf hat that works with your style.


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