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Does Timberland Make Golf Shoes from Timberland Apparel Help from Golf Coaches

As the head golf instructor at Tell Me More Golf, I’ve received many questions from golfers wondering if Timberland golf shoes exist. In this article, I will answer that and many more similar questions.

Are There Timberland Golf Shoes?

Unfortunately, Timberland does not make golf shoes.

This means that they don’t have any shoe line-ups made specifically for golf. Timberland makes a wide variety of outdoor shoes, such as their famous boots, and they also make casual sneakers, some of which can be used for golf. 

Golfing in Timberland Shoes

While Timberland doesn’t offer any golf shoes, they have some sneakers you can golf in. Timberland has both men’s and women’s sneakers you can play golf in, and for men, we recommend the Maple Grove Oxford Shoe. However, it’s always better to golf in proper golf shoes


Can You Golf in Timberland Apparel? 

Timberland doesn’t have a golf clothing line-up, but they offer some stylish polos and sweaters in which you can play golf.

These designs are often traditional and sleek, making them suitable for the country club and golf course.

However, these clothes usually aren’t made for sports, meaning that they’re not the best for very warm weather or rain. 

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Does Timberland have golf shoes?

Timberland does not make golf shoes. The famous brand makes many shoes for outdoor activities, but none for golf. However, you can golf in some of their sneakers. 

If you want to do that, make sure to get a Timberland sneaker with a flat sole and plenty of stability. Otherwise, your golf swing might suffer. 

Do any golfers wear Timberland boots?

Golfers wearing Timberland boots are not often seen. This is for many reasons, but mainly that it’s usually not allowed and it’s not good for your golf swing.

Timberland boots are made for things like hiking or harsh winter conditions, where you want maximum protection and waterproofing. Hiking boots are not great for sports such as golf, as they’re quite chunky and don’t allow for athletic movements

What is the history of Timberland?

Founded in 1952 by Nathan Swartz in Massachusetts, Timberland is an American company that’s always specialized in waterproof boots for work and outdoor use. 

In 1973, the waterproof leather boot was released and was instantly a best seller, which is the same boot many recognize the brand for today. This was, and still is, made of strong and durable materials, making it great for everything outdoors. 

During the 90s, Timberland ventured out to making casual wear and casual shoes, such as sneakers and boat shoes, which they still do today. Now, the company sells apparel in almost the entire world, and the brand has become synonymous with high quality. 

There are many reasons why Timberlands have become so popular, but the two main reasons are quality and design.

Timberland shoes, and especially their boots, have very high quality and will last you a long time. The design is also timeless, meaning that they never go out of style.

Why are Timberland shoes so uncomfortable?

Timberland shoes are made to be comfortable, but just like with all shoes, they might not be a good fit for your foot. Their boots can also have a somewhat lengthy break-in period, so you should use them a couple of times before making your verdict. 

Why are Timberland shoes so expensive?

Timberland shoes are usually seen as premium products, and their higher price point mainly comes down to quality and brand. 

The quality of the materials and manufacturing processes are high, which leads to a higher cost for Timberland. After that, the famous brand also enables them to have higher prices. 

Why are Timberlands not allowed in clubs?

Country clubs often have strict dress codes, and Timberland boots are seldom allowed. This is because the boots are bulky workwear and outdoor wear, while country clubs want you to wear clean and sleek shoes. You can get away with wearing many stylish Timberland sneakers though. 



To summarize, Timberland doesn’t make golf shoes or any other golf-specific apparel. However, some of their sneakers can be used for golf and are also acceptable in many country clubs. 
Timberland’s high-quality design and famous brand give them a premium price point, but we think that’s justified considering the durability and comfort. Their boots are primarily good as work boots and hiking boots.


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