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This is a brand that I used for over five years of tournament play

As the Lead Tester here at TellMeMoreGolf, I am excited to talk to you about New Balance golf shoes. 

The comfort and quality were the reasons I initially started wearing them, and the durability in all conditions is what kept me wearing them.

New Balance extended its product line to include golf shoes that combine performance, style, and comfort. With a focus on delivering innovative technologies with a more modern look and feel, New Balance has gained recognition in the golfing community for its reliable and high-quality golf shoe offerings. 

The New Balance Fresh Foam technology can compete against the likes of Footjoy or Adidas in terms of quality and playability. I can verify that through my decades of tournament golf experience, I would rather play 36 holes in the heat in a pair of New Balance than virtually any other shoe.

New Balance Golf Shoes

New Balance golf shoes are designed to meet golf’s unique demands, giving golfers the necessary stability, traction, and support on the course. These shoes often incorporate features such as waterproofing technology to keep players’ feet dry in wet conditions and durable outsoles that offer excellent grip on various terrains.

Additionally, New Balance golf shoes boast a sleek and modern look, appealing to golfers who value both functionality and style.

Whether you’re an avid golfer or a weekend warrior, New Balance offers a diverse range of golf shoes to suit different preferences and playing styles. Models like the Fresh Foam Contend Golf Shoes are a great option if you like to walk and need performance from your shoes.

The Defender Golf Shoes offer a raised insole for a responsive feel in lightweight and waterproof shoes.

From spiked models that deliver exceptional traction to spikeless options that provide versatility for on and off-course wear, New Balance strives to cater to the needs of all golfers. With its commitment to performance, quality, and innovation, New Balance has established itself as a reputable brand in the realm of golf footwear. Consider making this brand part of your golf equipment.


New Balance versus Nike Golf Shoes

New Balance golf shoes offer a unique blend of comfort and style with their innovative design and advanced cushioning technology, providing golfers with a supportive and responsive feel on the course. With a focus on stability and traction, New Balance golf shoes are designed to provide excellent grip on various terrains, ensuring a confident swing. On the other hand, Nike golf shoes are known for their sleek and sporty aesthetics, combining modern design elements with cutting-edge performance features.

Nike golf shoes often incorporate lightweight materials and flexible construction, offering golfers enhanced mobility and agility during their game.

New Balance Golf Shoes Pros and Cons


  • Comfortable Fit: New Balance is known for its focus on comfort, and their golf shoes are no exception. They often incorporate cushioning technologies and supportive features to provide a comfortable fit throughout the round. Many reviews compare their shoes to stable running shoes in terms of comfort.
  • Excellent Stability: Many New Balance golf shoes feature advanced stability features, such as innovative outsole designs. These help golfers maintain a stable base and improve balance during swings on the tees or from the fairway.
  • Versatility: New Balance offers a variety of golf shoe styles to suit different preferences and playing conditions. They have many options for spikeless shoes however, they do not make spiked golf shoes.


  • Limited Style Options: While New Balance offers a range of functional golf shoes, some golfers may find their style options more limited than other brands. This can be subjective, as style preferences vary from person to person.

Does New Balance Have Golf Shoes?

Yes, New Balance offers a range of golf shoes designed for players of all levels, combining performance, comfort, and style. Their golf shoe collection features innovative technologies like fresh foam and materials to enhance traction, stability, and swing support on the course.

They offer both men’s and women’s golf shoes.

Do Any Pro Golfers Wear New Balance?

No prominent or well-known golfers are known to wear New Balance golf shoes.

How Do New Balance Golf Shoes Fit?

New Balance golf shoes typically fit true to size, providing a comfortable and secure fit for most golfers. However, it is recommended to consult the specific size chart provided by New Balance and read customer reviews to ensure an accurate fit based on personal preferences and foot shape.


What golfers are sponsored by new balance?

We are unable to confirm that any PGA Tour golfers are sponsored by New Balance.

What makes New Balance golf shoes stand out from other brands?

New Balance golf shoes stand out from other brands due to their combination of innovative technology and comfort, providing golfers with excellent performance on the course. Additionally, New Balance’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures durability and style that sets them apart in the golf footwear market.

Are New Balance golf shoes comfortable for long hours on the course?

As someone who has spent 36 holes in New Balance Golf Shoes, it is my professional opinion that these are some of the most underrated quality shoes on the market in terms of comfort.

How is the traction and stability of New Balance golf shoes?

This is dependent on the model of the shoes and how big the soft cleats are on them. Those models with larger soft spikes have a little more traction and stability than those that protrude less.

Are New Balance golf shoes waterproof or suitable for wet conditions?

Yes, New Balance offers a range of golf shoes that are designed to be waterproof, providing protection and suitability for wet conditions on the golf course. This is according to the statistics from Clarkes



Although New Balance is not the first name that we think of in men’s golf shoes (or women’s) that does not mean that it is for lack of quality. These shoes bring comfort, durability, and the quality that you can expect from a name-brand shoe like New Balance.

They are some of the highest-quality spikeless golf shoes on the market. Some have laces and some offer the BOA fit system. That coupled with the Fresh Foam X in many models and you will understand why I wore New Balance Men’s Golf Shoes for so long.


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