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As the head golf coach at Tell Me More Golf, with over 50 years of coaching experience, I’m going to talk to you about golf shoes. Specifically, we’re going to look at Keen golf shoes. 

There are lots of golf equipment brands out there that manufacture golf shoes. Some make truly great, top-of-the-range golf shoes, some manufacture sturdy golf shoes that get the job done, while others put together some awful golf shoes. Let’s see where Keen golf shoes rate on this scale. 

Keen Golf Shoes

So, the first point of call here is to ask the following question: “Does Keen make gold shoes?”, to which the answer is no they do not. Right now, as a shoe manufacturer, Keen does not make shoes that are specifically designed for golf. 

For those who don’t know, Keen is an American footwear company from Portland in the state of Oregon.

The company is known for producing shoes that are great for the outdoors lifestyle, producing styles that suit many outdoor activities, such as hiking. 

Due to being made for outdoor living, Keen shoes tend to be comfortable and durable in equal measure, which is why more than a few people have turned to them as an alternative for golf shoes. Now, you certainly wouldn’t call them golf shoes, but it’s easy to see how a variety of Keen models, such as the NXIS EVO Waterproof Shoe or the Sparta 2, could be worn by the casual golfer. 


Which Keen Shoes Can Be Worn For Golf? 

Now, it’s important to remember that Keen shoes are not actually golf shoes, but they can serve as a substitute for golf shoes. The reason for this is simple; they’re made for outdoor use and outdoor activities, so many Keen shoes feature both the durability and the comfort that a round of golf demands from a pair of shoes. 

For men, the NXIS EVO Waterproof shoe is a solid alternative to traditional golf shoes, not least of all because it’s waterproof. It even looks like some of the more sneaker-type modern golf shoes. The Sparta 2 is also another good fit for male golfers. 

The shoes from Keen’s range for women that are suitable for golf would certainly be the Terradora II Waterproof.

Again, they fact that they’re waterproof if great for golf, while they too look not dissimilar to modern golf shoes. For much the same reason, the Women’s Sparta 2 is another solid option. 

Who Would Wear Keen Shoes For Golf? 

Realistically, anyone can wear Keen shoes for golf, though they are perhaps better suited to the more casual high-handicapper or the beginner. The type of player who plays most of their golf at a public course, or who hits the range more than they do the course. 

For example, if you’re a vastly experienced low-handicap player, then you’ll already have some golf-specific shoes, and when you need a new pair, you’re likely to go with the tried and tested golf shoes from a top brand such as FootJoy, Nike, Puma or Adidas, and rightly so. 

However, if you are a beginner and you’re just getting into golf, why not hit the local public course wearing a pair of Keen shoes. If you’re a fan of the outdoors, you may already have a pair.

Keen shoes typically feature a comfy insole, while many of their styles are water resistant, which is ideal for wet conditions on the golf course. 

A student of mine, a female player who had been playing golf for a while, actually used to practice in her Keen’s. She even said that she’d played out on the course in them too. She wasn’t a super serious player, plus she found them comfortable, while she liked the fact that they were spikeless. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Keen Have Golf Shoes?

Currently, Keen does not make a dedicated golf shoe. The company manufactures a variety of shoes, some of which are specifically designed for disc golf. However, in recent times, people have found that some Keen shoes make for quite reasonable golfing footwear. 

Do Any Pro Golfers Wear Keen?

There are no pro golfers that currently wear Keen’s to play golf competitively, though there are undoubtedly players who wear Keen’s outside of the golf course. After all, lots of Americans turn to this shoe brand for outdoor activities.

How Do Keen Shoes Fit?

Keen shoes reportedly fit nice and securely, without detracting from comfort by being too tight. 

What golfers are sponsored by Keen?

There are no professional golfers sponsored by Keen, but who knows, it may not be long until Keen breaks into the golf sponsorship market. Watch this space. 

What makes Keen shoes stand out from other brands?

First and foremost, Keen shoes are well known in America. The brand is tried and trusted, but besides that, it is the wider toe box that most Keen shoes feature that sets the brand apart from others. This wider toe box is to ensure that the shoes are not only comfortable but are breathable too. 


The bottom line here is that Keen doesn’t make shoes that are specifically for golf, but many of their models of shoe can be used as a viable alternative to golf shoes, especially for the beginner, who wants extra cushioning. After all, golf shoes aren’t too different from hiking shoes in that they’re largely about comfort. 

Lots of people have played golf in Keen’s shoes and the feedback has been positive, which isn’t surprising since the shoes are designed for outdoor activity, so if you’re a casual golfer, who doesn’t take the game too seriously, slip on your Keen’s and hit the course.


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